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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - July 21, 2018

Hello, up there! Well, although not fully recovered from my illness, I am certainly on the mend and very much ready to have a chat with you. So, I am interested to see whether or not my energies are conducive to doing so. Are they?

Let us begin by saying ‘Welcome back into the land of the living’ as you say in your world. Ailments of varied kinds are ‘hitting’ the physical body at a rate of knots and many are finding it difficult to get back on track. Energies pouring in are, of course, Enlightening the Planet! Yet, they are also stirring up the lesser Energies that must go … and these Energies are grasping onto anything they can, as they know their days are numbered. Be vigilant, Dearest Ones. Be thoughtful towards your well-being and remain guarded. The Light is your protector from all that does not serve in these matters and therefore, allow this Light … your Light … to shine Brighter than ever before, as you move on through to these great changes that are occurring upon your Earth plane.

It seems indeed, much is happening. There is talk of much being disclosed before the year is out and certainly our ‘skies’ are behaving in ways that have not been seen before.  All of which you have spoken of. Where to from here … regarding what ‘we’ can do in order to serve the Highest Good during these times?

For ever and always the Highest service, as you know … is to KNOW LOVE.

To KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVE and to COME FROM LOVE in all that you think, say and do.  So many desire to find their purpose …



To BE a clear example of LOVE. So that others are drawn to you and are awoken from their deepest sleep BECAUSE of the Love that you emit.

Dearest souls, these coming times … these times that you are in … NOW … are the beginning of a new chapter. In fact we would go as far as to say … a new book. That which is crawling out of the woodwork will shock you to the core. This we have said many times. Yet, it is necessary for us to repeat, so that as all is disclosed, you can say ‘Ah yes. We were made aware that this would be happening’ … and you will be in your strength because you have prepared for it.

It would be handy if we could have some hints about what these things would be?

Yet, you know, Dearest Blossom, this is not our position to tell of such things. Yet, it IS our position, and this is why we come … to prepare you.

For the worst?

For what may appear to be the worst as it is initially revealed, initially uncovered. Yet, the outcome when ‘all is said and done’ is certainly for the betterment of mankind. Without question.

We ask you to be aware … and this too, we have said many times before in the past … there will be those who are trying to cover their steps. Those who will be so afraid of what will happen to them once ‘all things are let out’ … that many ‘untruths’ will be presented.

THIS is when you will recognise your INNER KNOWING. For, it will be that, and only that, to which you can turn to for a time. There shall be a lot of confusion and one will be unsure of who or what to believe.

So we say …



Go within and listen to what you are saying … to you!

Your world is about to turn upside down … and we will state here, that we do not mean as within a pole shift … for some would think they are reading between the lines and this is what we are meaning. No … we mean it in the sense of MOST of what you have been brought up upon /within will turn out to be nothing more than propaganda and lies. Dearest Souls, you have been living within the shadow of the dark lost souls whose agenda was definitely not one of service … to the soul/to The Whole. They took away your freedom in many ways. Yet, to you, because of the little ‘prisons’ you have been caged within … you cannot see this … because the masquerade … was/is/has been … so cleverly designed. To the point that even the most highly intelligent souls … were also/are also/have also … been fooled.

Yet, you always say we have free will?

Free will within your soul. This is different from the ‘freedom’ we are expressing here. Your soul will always be free. Yet, it is so, that you have also had certain ‘parts’ of you shut down, so that you have not been able to ‘fly’ … so to speak.

There is a revolution/resolution to come that is to change all this. Yet, all in Divine timing. There are many layers that must be unwrapped before the prize is presented and received.

As these days and changes unfold before your very eyes … you will feel as if the pieces of the jigsaw are rapidly falling into place. Although, much will ‘blow your mind’  … on another level, it will all begin to make sense, as you see and feel how the changes and the end result may possibly come about.

Keep your wits about you. There are some who shall pretend to be standing up for the Light and yet, in Truth they are not. They will merely be doing so in order to escape from their fate.

Which is?

Not a happy ending! Yet, it is not for any judgment to be put upon these souls. They played their role in this game, the same as you are playing yours. This may be hard for some to swallow, considering that which they have done and the way in which they have behaved. There are indeed, no words to describe this. Yet, can you then say that you are awakened enough to sit with these souls in your mind and shower them with LOVE? It will indeed, take a wise, Enlightened Being to do so and yet, this is what we are asking of you. This kind of Forgiveness … of all /to all/for all … is what will take you into the New World at a pace that you wish to see.


Yet, we stress … this will not be the easiest of tasks to accomplish. This will be when you must ‘tune in’ to the Higher part of your Being and connect strongly with it. For you may surprize yourself at the thoughts that are stirred up within you, when you hear of the Truths that you have been ‘hidden under’.  Thoughts that you no longer believed were part of you may arise from the depths within.

Yet, we say … this will be what we would term ‘The final purging’ ... before the New Dawn.

Far out! One’s mind can conjure up … well, I don’t know what, really! Because we do not know what is to come and you cannot tell us.

This is why we ask you to prepare. To build your ‘spiritual strength’. To ask for guidance. To Bless every part of your BEING in Light. This is your requirement. This is the way that you shall lead so many into the Light. For there shall be so much unsettled dust after the storm, that many shall not be able to see which way they are to walk. Yet you … you … the Enlightened ones … the ones that have been waiting for so long to do what you came to do … shall be there to hold their hands and lead them through. Lead them over the bridge … and then ... come back for more. Then take more hands and take them across. Across to the other side where there lies Peace.

And from this place … the New World is formed.

Can I clarify something? Your book is called ‘The Bridge’ and is about this very thing. Yet, am I understanding correctly, in that … we aren’t actually going anywhere? I don’t want readers to get confused … because there are some channels that say we are going to ‘another place’.

No. In ‘our truth’  … when we say ‘Over the bridge’ … we mean that once all is cleared,  you will be moving into a Higher Dimension, yet, of the same Earth. For it is SHE that you came to assist to move into this Higher Dimension.

Ok. Yet, if it’s of the same place … and we are just moving into a Higher Dimension … this is difficult to put into words … where are the Enlightened ones bringing the unenlightened ones from and taking them too … if we are still on the same Earth plane?

We will use the analogy of your Elemental Kingdom. They are … on/of … your Earth plane, yet, they exist … on/in … another Dimension. So therefore, mostly go unseen, undetected. Yet, without question they are there … within your same space.

This will be the same scenario regarding ‘The Bridge’. The same space, yet … moving through into a Higher Dimension. This is already in place and occurring. Some of you may feel they have one foot in each. Words are inadequate. Yet, when it is ‘taking place’ … this transition … you will know it and feel it and recognise it to be that which it is … the very reason that you are here.

I would imagine though, this is very much further down the track?

Again … we cannot and do not wish to put a … time frame/limit … on such delicate matters. It cannot be about time. For there is none. It will take place when the phase to do so is in alignment with that which has to take place before its occurrence. Do not look upon ‘all of this’ in a time frame, Dearest Ones. Look upon all this as building blocks. As each one is placed upon another, one is closer to getting to the heart of matter. One step at a time … with no time … yet, many steps.

I am not sure whether this is going to encourage or discourage, to be honest.

Oh, Dearest souls of planet Earth … Be of great courage! For each step that is walked and presented, is one that leads you further along your pathway home. Earlier, we said that you will KNOW all that takes place is ‘what you have been expecting’ … or words to that effect and so … as the veils are lifted upon so much … you will feel the TRUTH within ... and THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

The strength that is revealed to you … the Light that is opened up … to you/through you … will give you hope … because you will KNOW you are on your way.

You have waited so long … you have waited for ever … you shall wait no more.

There shall be no stone left unturned … and under each one, shall be that which needs to come to Light.

BE OF LOVE. BE IN LIGHT. The tables are about to turn.

Thanks so much. It is indeed good to be back in touch after three weeks of ailing. Clearing all the muck out. So many of us are clearing all the muck out! So, I say ‘Cheer Ho’ for now … having gained much strength from all that you have brought through today. I know I speak for many when I say ‘WE LOVE YOU . THANK YOU!’

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