Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation Of Light - October 20, 2015
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Blossom Goodchild - October 20, 2015

Hello there my friends on High! The more that is being revealed through whistle blowers etc. … the more one could despair … and yet … LOVE conquers all … and we MUST KNOW that … at our core level … wouldn’t you say?

We would say ‘Very much so’ Dearest Blossom. Good morning to you. We would very much appreciate the turning on of your recording equipment.

All set up and ready to rock and roll. (And what a lovely surprize to have White Cloud present himself for the session, which of course was ‘honoured’ by The Federation Of Light.)


A very warm welcome to Each One of you, as you walk this time upon life’s journey. And how well Each One of you is taking and making every step along the way.

My Dearest Friends upon the Earth plane … how those of us who do not reside within the density of your Planet … How we applaud you … How we honour you ... How we thank you for playing your part … which we understand is not always an easy pathway.

And yet, on and on you keep. Do you not? Because, inside of your soul you KNOW … you understand more and more … that this is what you came to do. To lift the Vibration of yourselves and indeed, the Planet … if you call it that … Herself.

Blossom mentioned … and she has been thinking … that the more she hears of Truths that are being revealed … the more one’s mind is blown apart. Because, that which she is coming into the understanding of … is so very, very far removed from that which she was taught in her schooling years.

Sometimes, like many, she thinks that life was far more simple the less she knew. Yet, she KNOWS also, that the growth … the expansion … within her heart place … is beyond that which she would recognise from before … because of all these learnings and understandings about herself and about ALL THAT IS. It is the same for Each One of you, is it not my friends? And I come through this day … which was a nice surprize for Blossom, she is saying … Because I too, like to come through and share my wisdom and add a little Light activity to the plan … if you like.

The more you understand … the more you realise there is more and more and more to understand … and my friends … this will never cease. For the little part of your Universe that you reside in, is indeed, vast to you … and all the understandings you are coming across … and yet, of course, it is no more than a pin prick in the Grand scheme of things. And yet, that little pin prick is as important as every other little pin prick that makes ALL AND EVERYTHING THAT WHICH IT IS.

We speak on and on of Love, because that is our purpose. The Federation Of Light and indeed, myself … that come through Blossom in this way … have no other agenda my friends, than to assist you in the understanding of who you are.

Many get frustrated because we do not answer questions that pop into one’s mind regarding a certain message we may have brought through. But, do you see my friends?  Do you not see that we do not need to come through with all the answers to the questions you have? How would that benefit you?

 ‘Very much’ Blossom is saying. And yet, we say … we merely offer words that are important.


The simplicity of that which we bring through is all that is necessary, as far as we are concerned. We do not desire to answer universal inquiries into this and that.  What benefit would that do … in all honesty, other than confuse? And please understand … there is only a certain level of understanding that your minds can accept at this time … because of the resonance in which you reside.

The more Blossom is hearing of things … the more it is blowing her mind … as she would say. And yet, I now choose to say … that she has come  to a place within her Being … where she has finally ‘Got it’ … In the sense  … that to focus on all these New Truths that are coming out … is not necessarily a beneficial thing to do. Be aware indeed, but can one change these things? Not to a certain degree … for what is past is past. But, she KNOWS now … as you do, my friends … that what she can change is her Vibration. She is learning … as you are … how to lift it Higher and Higher …




In the KNOWING that by doing so … she is lifting the Vibration of the Planet … and I choose to say at the end of that sentence … ‘All by herself’.

Blossom is choosing to raise the Vibration of the Planet all by herself!

In the same way … Each One of you … by remaining in your Purest Highest Energy of LightLove are CHOOSING to raise the Vibration of the Planet … all by yourself.



Do you KNOW these days … Do you FEEL … the LightLove that you are? The LightLove that is emanating from the deepest place within your Being … out into the Planet … just by Being you?

Just by living your Truth … The Truth of who you are AND enjoying yourself.

I have often spoken regarding matters that do not serve and yet, still one may choose to focus on those matters. It is through the practising … through the acknowledging that these things do not serve the self and the whole. And by learning to quickly switch thoughts of negativity into thoughts of positivity …  defines the character you are becoming.

Do not succumb to the negative Energies that are placed upon you.




As these Higher Energies are literally pouring into your Planet and you allow yourselves to meet and greet them … can you now FEEL, my friends … the difference in yourselves?  When you allow yourselves to FEEL that difference ... That KNOWING that you KNOW so well. That KNOWING that you don’t KNOW what the KNOWING is … yet, you KNOW it so well. Is it not now stronger than ever and yet, you are unable to put it into words?

It is the FEELING. The FEELING of that KNOWING.  And now perhaps, you can understand a little more, why it is so difficult sometimes, for those of us that reside upon … would we say, with all respect … a Higher Vibration … find it so difficult to put things into words sometimes. Because they simply are not appropriate … or, they do not give across the exact meaning of what we FEEL … and what we desire YOU to FEEL.

You can only tell that your Vibration has lifted and lifted and lifted … not by words at all … but by how you FEEL. And the more your Vibration lifts the better you FEEL. And the better you FEEL the more your Vibration lifts … and the more your Vibration lifts … the better the PLANET and Everything upon it FEELS.

Do you see now? That is why it is of importance … would I say … for you to enjoy your life. So that you FEEL Good … because in FEELING Good … you allow Everything to FEEL part of that which you are FEELING … because YOU ARE ALL ONE.

Yet, should you be having a down day … do not beat yourself up. When you are having a down day my friends, perhaps just breathe deeply and tune in to another that may be having an exceptionally Good day … and receive in Love that FEELING that another has that day … that you do not.

Swings and roundabouts, my friends … swings and roundabouts. And Blossom is saying to me as I say this  ... ‘But why does it have to be this way? Why is it that the down days can affect one so badly at times? Why is it that there are some that suffer so deeply? It seems such an imbalance sometimes. It seems a little unfair sometimes, that one should be swimming in such joy, when another is swimming in their own tears’ … and we say that these are things that from your position you cannot understand … you cannot see the Greater perspective of things. And others may argue ‘But why? Because if we could, it would help so much’ … And we say … My Friends, there are some things that you must accept. You accepted the ‘terms’ of this reality you reside in before you came into it. It was as if it has a little box … like on your computer … that says ‘Tick this to accept the terms.’ It was as if you did so before you came. Because you understood. You had read the contract … if you like.

Yet, that KNOWING inside … gives you TRUST. Trusting in yourself that you came here to BE LOVE. To enjoy your life … and bring into your life Everything that is of Greatness and Goodness for ALL.

Many of you choose to look around at the devastation and the despair and the greed and the hatred and the sadness. I would say to you … It is good to be aware of these things and yet, it is for you to focus on all that is of Love. You are not forgetting about … or pushing aside … those that are homeless … those that are hungry etc.  You are not pushing them aside and saying ‘That is nothing to do with me’. Yet, by Being in the KNOWING of your learning … of your KNOWLEDGE … of your WISDOM … and attracting to yourself ALL that is of the Highest, Purest Energy of Love … you are serving them. You are assisting them.

There is coming into your lives a different type of living. The type of living that you view in fantasy stories. One where there is LOVE beaming from Each Heart. Where water is Pure. Crystal-clear pure water, running from mountain sides. Where children Laugh and play.  Birds fly in the air freely … because the air is free from all pollutions etc. Hold on to the visions you have, Dearest Ones … of the world you desire to live in … and MAKE IT HAPPEN.





Do this as you agreed to do when you signed the contract … the ‘Be happy and shine your Light’ contract … In brackets (no matter what!)

We in other realms are right next to you … to assist you and to serve you … as you serve others.

Be uplifted Dearest Souls … for ALL IS WELL.



We give Thanks to the Divine Oneness … for allowing these messages to come through. We ask always, that we may remain humble … in order to serve and to receive … and that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and the Love. In Love and Thanks. Adieu, my friends … Adieu.

End of session.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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