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Blossom Goodchild - June 20, 2015

From my souls essence … I say ‘hello’ to you once again. There is quite a buzz in our world regarding the many diverse changes that are being spoken of … And I mean DIVERSE! Would you be happy to speak of this from your perspective?

Warmest of greetings to Each One. We envelop the hearts of all those who choose to be drawn to our knowledge and understanding … in the knowing that the connection between us all ... is that of LOVE … and through this wondrous outlet we are able to shine our Light … which then merges with your Light … and together we radiate to ALL ... in the expression of Pure Love that we are.

A question that some readers have is that, when you said we shall ‘take flight’ … does that mean that we shall have to leave the physical body in order to do so?

Not at all. For this is the experiment that we are engaging in to play ... for the first time …

I feel like you would like to speak once again … The floor is yours, my friends.

Many thanks.

Here is the audio with the transcript below. They say it is always good to listen in order to FEEL the Vibrational Energy they bring through to uplift.

The Transcript.

Greetings to you this day. We are appreciative of this opportunity once again … to use this vessel Blossom … in order to bring forth that which we choose to speak of via Vibrational Sound … which carries with it an Energy that is of a greater resonance for the soul-self to absorb … rather than that of the electronic version … where one must read and FEEL.

If you were to close your eyes as we speak … and take your focus to your Heart place/space ... you will FEEL the LOVE and the Energy of that LOVE … that we bring forth … to intermingle with the Energy of Love Vibration that you, yourself … as an individual … are residing within.

For many, with eyes closed … you perhaps, may perceive a visionary perception of who we are. Yet, do not be concerned if you merely see colours … or indeed, if you see nothing at all. This does not mean that we are not with you … or you are not as evolved as another that may see us.

Simply open your Hearts to the Freedom that LOVE brings.

There have been questionings and concerns regarding that which is to take place. We choose to remain on the ‘sunny side of the street’ regarding these changes.

Blossom is expressing to us that there is much information of ‘gloom and doom’ regarding this time frame ahead … and although she has not eaten into it … she has not fed her mind with it … none the less, she says … there is little that speaks of Joy and Happiness regarding this time frame we speak of.


What is it that you shall choose to FEEL in this very moment as you listen to our words?

Do you choose to FEEL LOVE … or do you choose to feel fear?

Do our words bring your Being into a place of Peace and Hope and Knowing? This Knowing … that lies within you. This FEELING of Knowing … that is part of you … can only mean that you KNOW LOVE.

As we have expressed many times … if there is something you come upon that immediately changes the stirring in your heart to a lower Vibration … There is your answer. There is your Knowing … that this … that you have come across perhaps … is not for you.

Why choose to take yourself downwards when you have the opportunity at hand … all ways … all time … to lift yourselves into a HIgher frequency of yourselves … where Joy … Pleasure … Happiness … Energy … fills your Being? Where Peace resides without understanding of all things … Yet, acceptance of the Knowing that ALL is working toward a system … a rejuvenation … an intellect … a Higher Energy … FOR ALL /THROUGH ALL /AS ALL /OF ALL/ … LOVE.

You shall hear much in the days to come … that may unsettle the Vibration in which you have chosen to reside.

CHOICE CHOICE CHOICE! … As to how you receive different information that is brought forth.

There may be shock value … There maybe things brought out into the open that ‘shock’ … There is no other word and yet, what will you choose?

Will you choose things that are allowed to be revealed to bring you down, down, down, or, KNOWING THE GREATNESS OF WHO YOU ARE … would it not be better … more advisable … to KNOW that whatever is taking place … whatever is announced … your understanding of these experiences is that you knew they were to come.

Therefore, the excitement of all that is taking place … in the Knowing that the world in which you live is moving forward now into … we would say … a Garden of Roses … A Higher place in which you choose to Live.


And we say, there shall be exasperation. Yet, will you choose to remain exasperated? Or, will you choose to accept that YOU ARE ABOVE ALL CHAOS … ALL MISUNDERSTANDING.

Your Higher purpose on the Earth plane at this time … is to remain in the Highest Vibration you can BE. The Vibration you naturally are … as a Divine Human Being … that has come to this planet to assist. To pour your Love self into the Earthly Vibrations … and in doing so … automatically you are serving The Whole.


YOU ARE DOING WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO … by simply remaining in thought … in mind … in heart … in LOVE.

The strength that can be brought forth from within you does not falter … does not weaken …. does not lessen or runout. There is an endless supply of strength for you to draw from … from yourselves. Recharge batteries … as we have often suggested. This is imperative to your well-being.


Why choose that which does not make you FEEL that way?

Why choose to FEEL down … when if you tap into your Truth … your Goodness … your Happiness … you not only enjoy your every moment of living … Yet, as we have expressed … you serve Everything upon the planet by doing so … to a much greater degree than you could ever realise at this juncture. Yet, Dearest Ones you KNOW it to be so.

And then multiply and multiply and multiply that KNOWING within yourself … so that there is no questions. There is no need for questioning … for you … yourself … as you are … are the answers to all your inquiries.


LOVE … In the guise of a human Being … Here to change history … Here to move yourselves … your Planet and Everything upon and within it … to a new home.

Dearest Friends … Dearest Souls … we ask you to realise the difference you are making within this Divine plan. You … You alone … AS ONE … are accomplishing that which you set out to do.


You are not failing! You may look around and wonder what difference you can … or are … making. Your human eyes see differently from ours. You are shovel fed negativity … by the bucket full!

Therefore, change that negativity with a simple thought of Goodness and Love. Teach others by example to BE the same. Do not be downhearted … for now is the time to rise into the fuller Light of yourself.

And as you gather together in strength during these times ahead ... the bond you shall FEEL through the ethers … through the ‘Heart to Heart - AS ONE’ connection … shall keep you strong.

We speak over and over of this time that is coming to you … where the world in which you now reside … shall be but a faint memory … of an existence you once beheld.

Onwards … Dearest Souls … March onwards … in LOVE.

Take a breath … in and out … in and out … and FEEL our LOVE for you.

In honour of the choices you made to be on Earth now … to fulfil this Divine Plan.

To see it through … To move it through … IN LOVE … to a Higher positioning … OF LOVE.

As the Vibration rises … how spectacular shall meetings and greetings be … between us all?

Take a few moments in silence with us … to FEEL that which we bring to you … LOVE.

Until our next communication with Blossom … we bid you farewell …


End of session.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.


Many thanks.

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