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Blossom Goodchild - August 18, 2017

Welcome once again to my mind, my friends!

And we too welcome you into our thoughts. Together, this makes for a conversation that is most sought after by many.

Yes. That always amazes me that so many are interested in a conversation I have in my mind … (That is what it feels like) without any proof at all of whom I’m speaking with. Yet, I have to accept it is with Very High Beings … from Very High Places. That’s the bit that amazes me.

It is well and fitting that you consider it to be as you do … it makes it easy for both parties ... without any concern for hierarchy getting in the way.

I agree. Maybe, if you were sitting in front of me, I might be a bit more ‘in awe’ and not able to be myself. Me and ‘you’ just talking in my mind, feels fine! Onwards!

I’d like to put a question to you that someone asked, if I may? What happens when a plan between souls (in one or in different bodies) does not come together on earth as designed? A group of souls incarnated may have found their purpose/plan to benefit the whole. They are living a well-flowing, fulfilling and colourful life full of synchronicities while carrying out their plan for the whole, but perhaps something goes "wrong" and they are divided. Perhaps it is all part of the plan and everything is as should be, but if things do not go as planned, is there a Plan B? What happens in this case?

This again, is a question that could take quite a while to answer in full. We shall do our best! There are many ‘plans’ made by souls before ‘arrival’ that are unable to be played out once upon the Earth. This is due to all sorts of conditions that simply do not allow that which was brought together ‘elsewhere’ to come to fruition in practice. Mainly, this is due to FREE WILL … OF ALL. For that which one chooses to enact, in turn, affects another, which in turn, affects another and another and so on.

If, for instance, it is agreed for a soul to come into someone’s life in order to Awaken them, via a sentence they say, or by a deep and meaningful relationship for many years … and that cannot be played out due to that soul veering onto another path, because of yet another’s choosing to play out something … then a way will ‘generally’ be found for a different soul to do the Awakening. One that is able to be ‘magnetised’ to the soul in need of Awakening … and one that can be quite simply, able to connect with them.

In their inner knowing, dreams, or meditative state … or when sleeping, the new ‘bringer of Awakening’ would be asked if they could do so … and if agreed … yes, the plan goes into plan B. There can be a plan C D E F etc. … depending on one’s individual choice … which we say, affects The Whole. The soul who is now taking over the role, is not, necessarily/obviously aware that anything in ‘their’ plan has changed… for it also, has to be compatible and in keeping with ‘their’ plan of life, also.

Are you able to follow?

I am …yet, not having read this back, as I don’t want to break the flow … I am not sure if it makes sense when reading.

 We shall continue on.

 I am amazed at how everything works’ … how everything comes together … synchronicities that allow your dreams to fall in place and when looking back, one can sometimes see how these plans were ‘seeded’ many years ago, in order to be ready for the correct time and when all is in alignment for something to take place.

It is not just many years … as you say, in many cases these plans are seeded and put in structure before one comes to Earth. It is wonderful when it all falls into place …

But how does it all happen? How does it all work?

Basically … the foundation of a plan happening between souls and synchronicities is due to ENERGY. For …

That is all there is … an ENERGY of LOVE.

Correct! Therefore, we take this further, by explaining that what allows for certain matters to blend and merge and ‘make happen’ … is the Vibration of these Energies.

If, for instance … as with your new house, Blossom … one desired to manifest the ‘perfect place’ for themselves’  to live in … Or, they wished to start a business, or, they wanted to move to the other side of the world and become a ballerina! It matters not. What is required in manifesting anything … is the VIBRATIONAL ENERGY necessary, to KNOW THAT IT IS THERE FOR YOU.

This is the reason many give up on their desires … they do not HOLD THE VIBRATIONAL ENERGY of that something … long enough for it to make its way to you.

The Universe in which you reside IS/HAS an intelligence beyond that which you are presently able to comprehend …



Does it understand our words?

Not in so far as language, be it Swedish, English, Russian etc. It understands your VIBRATIONAL FEELING as you SAY YOUR WORDS. When you ‘ask’ for something, you think about it and you visualise a picture of it in your mind. Telepathy works this way. The picture can then be interpreted because of the FEELING that goes with it.

In the case of your desires for your house … i.e. near water, a view etc. … the Universe will then find the ‘match’ for you and then bring you toward that Vibrational match that you have asked for.

So, for those looking for the ideal partner, the Universe is a bit like your Ultimate dating agency!

Correct. Where/why one falls short  ... is by bringing in the doubts and the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘I’m not good enough’s’ and the ‘I don’t deserve it’ mentality.

Immediately the Universe will respond to your thought/feelings that you put out to it. So, once it picks up on the Vibrational Energy of ‘I am not good enough’ etc … it will serve you as you have asked it to, and how it has understood you … by not bringing these desired things to you, because you told it, that’s how it was.

ANYTHING YOU WANT … ANYTHING YOU DESIRE … and we will add ‘if it serves your soul’ … can be given unto you.

Who decides whether or not it serves your soul?


I thought that would be your answer. Let’s jump right in down that rabbit hole shall we? I’m confused! I thought, someone may want something, say a particular job, and they don’t get it … and they get upset because they thought it would be ideal in many aspects for their soul. Yet, further down the track, something better presents itself and they get THAT and they THEN realise why they didn’t get the other job. Yet, that’s THEN. How could THEY have decided that the original job would not serve their soul, when they didn’t know that at the time? If you get me?

We do. Because, Blossom … there is also in place … along with a million trillion other aspects and workings in just one individual life span … a ‘flow’ … that allows the desired dreams to keep on track.

We would show it like a running stream of your life … along that stream one may come across a large rock that has ‘dropped’ in … not only does this/can this block the flow … it can also divide the flow into two streams for a while.

The Higher self knows which is the best way around the rock in order to get one back in the original flow as soon as possible … and one’s gut feeling/intuition will allow them to see this through.

Yet, that doesn’t make sense as to the ‘wanting of that job’ at the time and feeling it would have served well.

Yes, it does, because the Higher intuition is taking over. The lower ego-self ... ‘thinking’ it knows best … is the one that is feeling forlorn, and yet, by TRUSTING that THE HIGHER SELF knows best … one soon realises that this is indeed so … and ‘LIFE’ will lead you onto something better.

So, does the Universe not have a say in ones decisions? Is it ONLY our Higher self?

We must interrupt there. We would, with respect, correct you on ‘ONLY our Higher self' ... for it would seem that was not enough, when put like that.

I get that … for I was imagining The Universe was in conjunction with all our lives and what happens within them.

The Universe … WITHOUT QUESTION … is in place to serve you. Whatever you ask for … it will give you. It responds to YOU … to your feelings and to your VIBRATIONAL ENERGY.

It does not judge … it does not question your desires or that which you ‘think’ you may need … it simply reacts to your Vibration.

If you are feeling low … and allow that Vibration to be with you and around you for a while … the Universe will provide you with that which matches your feelings.

If you are as High as a kite on Life and exuding Joy … The Universe will give you more of the same to thrive on. It dances alongside you … no matter what the request. This is how it is in design.

It is impeccably accurate.

One is so quick to blame one’s particular feelings on another’s behaviour etc … and yet ONLY YOU … are in control of your feelings. Only YOU decide how you are going to choose to feel at any given time.

I do understand this … and yet, with respect … there are times and indeed situations where upon something takes place for a soul and it may be devastating. How are they expected to laugh it off, in order to keep their Vibration High and not fall off the mountain?

Because it is about INNER KNOWING, Blossom. We are not suggesting for one moment that if one was to, for instance, lose a partner suddenly, or a child, or be confronted with a separation of souls in some form … or, be in great financial difficulty, due to what seems to be no fault of their own … we are not suggesting that one should be able to just laugh it off and carry on as normal.

One’s soul has requested … on/from a Higher level … the need to experience a particular something, that will allow them to ‘understand/grow/evolve/become more compassionate/more patient  etc. They do not ask to lose a partner. They do not ask for the ‘how’ that should come about. That is where the Universe will also serve. It will sort out the HIGHEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE for the betterment of the soul … to come to it and present scenarios that will allow the soul to become any/all of the things we have just mentioned.

Yet, isn’t that then letting the Universe decide what is best to serve a soul? When earlier you said the soul decides for itself. I’m confused again.

So are we!


Beloved Blossom … We jest with you!

Phew! I was about to do a runner! Can you unconfuse me?

We would reiterate the part that there are many aspects to this. When your Higher soul KNOWS that the Universe is serving you with all your needs … it will accept that which is presented in certain situations , even though it does not fully understand the why’s of it happening.  It is a different ‘case’ than that of say ... not getting a particular job.

The aspect of self that resides within the vessel of the physicality is such a small piece of The Whole. As you know, we encourage you always to take time to connect with your TRUTH. This helps so much in letting yourself know AND letting the Universe know, that which is best for the Highest Good of self and the Highest Good of All.

Add into that mix … TRUST IN THAT KNOWING ... and one will find their life to run so much more smoothly.

We need to return to addressing the Vibration of when one has something ‘tragic’ occur etc ... and not being able to remain in/on/of a High Vibration.

This goes into the UNDERSTANDING of accepting that which is taking place at the time … and appreciating that whatever is occurring is for the soul’s benefit. We are not suggesting that one should even try to brush off the feelings of loneliness or emptiness etc. We are gently suggesting that the KNOWING from deep within … the KNOWING that LOVE is what/who you are and to be grateful for all else that IS in your life … will help one in moving through those times.

One’s life unfolds as it should for the Greater Good of that soul. As one moves through ALL the different stages of soul development, and as ‘times’ evolve also, into a better understanding of Vibration … then there is less and less need for such things to be presented to bring the soul down.

The soul KNOWS of itself like no other. It will tend to its needs, no matter what is taking place for it … or where!

Such a vast topic! We hope we have given a little insight into the question presented?

Eh … what was the question again? Hah! Thank you so much. We weave and wind through these conversations. One thing so quickly leads on to another. Yet, in this way, we get so much food for thought. I shall read back over this and see where it leaves MY thoughts. In Love and thanks.

We are so happy to be with you during these discourses. Be of great upliftment Dearest Souls. We Love you. Feel the Joy within and around you … It is there … it is here … NOW.  


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