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Blossom Goodchild - April 18, 2015

Hello! I am wondering what today’s wisdom has to offer us? Whatever it is I am sure it shall be Divinely given and uplift and inspire all. Many thanks.

The warmest of greetings to you also. We intend always, to interact in such a way that does this very thing! Regarding choice material for this communication today … we are aware that you are always seeking for the Highest Good of all … and to bring forth that which assists in the growth of One’s knowledge.

More and more are realising the responsibility of self. More and more are understanding that should their desire be to find total fulfilment … it is only glimpsed when the awareness of soulself activity allows the Truth that lies within … to display itself outwardly.

What would you say exactly IS soulself activity?

It is when the intention for self is ALWAYS for One’s Highest Good. When One learns to FEEL WHO THEY ARE, instead of trying to discover it! When One follows FEELINGS, it cannot be so … that the path they tread veers off on a tangent that does not benefit.

To activate the soul self … it is a matter of continual awareness of these FEELINGS. To remain in a state of Being that serves the self … and therefore, in turn serves The Whole. As more and more find the courage to walk boldly in their Light … the easier it becomes for the rest to follow on. For by setting the example of Living in One’s Truth … it can be that the rippling effect of this emanates outwardly … for others to acknowledge and do the same.

I get this … I really am beginning to understand this in more depth. Yet … is this it? Is this what we do … on order for the great change to take place?

Indeed. As we have explained … the Lighter the presence of those upon Earth … the sooner communications can be outwardly displayed between your world and ours. You see more and more evidence in your skies … breaking through the mists and preparing souls for what is to come.

Which is?

Excitement. Joy. Wonderment. Peace … Movement!

I feel there is a sort of underground movement taking place which is coming to the surface now … Yet, our patience is still challenged. Many feel that perhaps you do not comprehend ALL that is taking place and how difficult it can be to break through the ‘illusion’ … and KNOW for sure that all we are trying to accomplish is actually making any difference at all.

Yet, the difference is phenomenal. To cast One’s thoughts back to even just fifty or so years ago … LOOK HOW FAR YOUR WORLD HAS PROGRESSED.

I guess that would depend on where you choose to look!

We are speaking in terms of LIGHT ENERGY. If we were to display photographs of this Light Energy oozing from your planet … the picture difference between now and then would seem to you like two different places.

Remember YOU KNEW this would be no flash in the pan playground. YOU KNEW when volunteering to come and CHANGE IT ALL that the going would get tough at times.

YOU KNEW also that your mission would succeed … and can you not say that were One to investigate … so much is CHANGING for the better? As you say … it depends on where you choose to look.

If you choose to focus on the downtreading … if you choose to focus on the ‘heavy stuff’ … you immediately enter into a different Vibration within yourself … you can FEEL it instantly!

When you focus on these things that depress and leave your heart and mind in despair and desperation … you ‘almost’ enter into the very Vibration that these negatives are designed to attract.

Become aware that you no longer CHOOSE to feed into these things.

Yes … YOU KNOW there is the side of the street that is nowhere near as sunny … yet, you do not need to cross the road and walk within it.

Your intelligent choice is to remain on the side where the sun shines … where there are people who smile and acknowledge THE SUNSHINE.

It is through/by these choices that you are ‘DOING WHAT YOU CAME TO DO’.

You can FEEL when you are ‘on track’ and when not.

It is your choice to adapt your thoughts to that which benefit.

It is your choice to adapt your attitude to one which serves YOU.

It is within this UNDERSTANDING … this KNOWING … that 'THIS IS HOW IT WORKS' … that so much difference TO THE WHOLE is made. By/through EACH individual ... SERVING AS ONE FEELING OF UTTER AND COMPLETE LOVE … FOR EACH OTHER.

I find it interesting how … even though I accept we are ALL LOVE and ALL ONE … how, I am rather discerning as to who I say ‘I LOVE YOU' to.  I KNOW WE ARE ONE … and therefore, WE ARE LOVE … yet, someone may write in and say ‘I LOVE YOU BLOSSOM’ … and I am unable to write back saying I LOVE YOU TOO … because I have never met them. Why is that? Surely the way to go is to be able to LOVE EVERYONE … By default!

This is a fascinating debate. We would reply that you are merely being ‘thoughtful’ and not branding insincerities around.

Yet, I ‘should’ LOVE everyone. I can do this from a HIGHER level … sending it out to all … yet, as you say … I want to remain sincere … though the more I am talking about this … the more I am realising how ‘far behind’ I am … in not being able to say to personally unknown folk that I LOVE them. Mmm!  I still have such a long way to go.

Not really. You simply have your next step. That is the only distance necessary. You cannot possibly KNOW what lies ahead … yet, you can form the pathway. You dictate to the self how to travel. You become aware of ‘where you are’ and whether or not it is pleasurable. It serves not to focus on how far there is to go … This is non ending. Learn to enjoy where you are … in that moment … instead of always seeking a better ‘something’ that would make you happy.

BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE … It is up to you … Your creation of yourself in Each moment. Where you will be from a morning to an evening can be ‘life changing’ depending on given circumstances. Let go of worry and anxiety of ‘what if’s’ … become in tune with self … with Joy … with contentment for the FACT that you are perfect as you are … in that moment.

I guess one is always striving to improve … or is it that we are striving for more? We seem to be seeking pleasure in what is to come often …. rather than in the pleasure of that which is. I thought to myself the other day … If I was given a week to remain on this planet … what would I do with it? It seemed I wanted to ‘share’ that time with those that mean so much to me … and there are plenty of those. We should live this way … accepting and acknowledging and BEING part of that which is so precious to us … yet, we allow mundane everyday necessities to get in the way.

The fact of the matter is … you are easing yourself towards a place of understanding within you … where these FEELINGS for others …become a conglomerate FEELING. By this we mean … you think and FEEL for those who are so dear to you … in ONE BIG GENERAL THOUGHT.

With this automatically comes Gratitude. For that FEELING of KNOWING LOVE … for others … for self … brings with it this immensely important gift … to be Grateful for where you are ... who you are … what you are … what blessings are yours … what blessings are others.

Gratitude … Sincere Gratitude … not simply the word … yet, the emotion of … can lift your Vibration instantly … a remarkably quick fix for the lowest of moods.

So, are you beyond moods?


Are you beyond most human displays of emotion?

We are beyond certain idiosyncrasies …for WE ARE IN TUNE WITH EACH OTHER.

Like … who is ‘each other’ ? Who are you guys?

We are a conscious group whose desire is to bring about the CHANGE upon Earth and lift it into a place that its residence enjoys!

Best get rid of a whole lot of people causing the disruption then!

This is changing also. As the Vibration of your planet heightens and anchors itself firmly within … it brings about subtle nuances that MAKE A VAST DIFFERENCE.

One cannot reside comfortably in a Vibration that is too HIGH for them ... in the same way ... One cannot reside comfortably in a Vibration that is too low for them …

Therefore, as your Vibration rises Higher and HIgher … lifting the Energy of the planet also … it shall bring about a transformational existence IN GENERAL.

The more that are waking up … the more Higher Energy anchors itself … leaving those who do not desire to BE OF LOVE … in the most uncertain disposition.

EACH SOUL manages their journey …

There is the choice to change or the choice to remain the same.

There is the choice to Love or the choice to hate.

There is choice in all things … yet, as we said … THAT WHICH YOU FEED ... GROWS.

Choose to feed the GOOD FEELINGS.

Choose to feed all that makes you smile.

Choose to feed your soul … your mind … your very heart with LOVE ... only LOVE.

For do you not see? IF EVERY SINGLE ONE on your planet did so …


Such a long time before that happens!

Do you know that for sure?

No … Just looking at the state of affairs, as it is.

Then don’t look! Visualise THE NEW WORLD ... inside your heart. That is where One looks!

Feed your heart with Loving, tender choices for self.

If you do not enjoy Brussel sprouts you do not eat them. You do not enjoy the taste in your mouth. Yet, many, so many … still choose to feed themselves with that which they do not like!

Eat the fruit! Feed your souls with Goodness … and nothing else … and watch … FEEL yourself THRIVE.

You alone are in charge of your destiny … so make sure you ‘take charge’.

Design your days …

In golden Rays!!

You took the words out of our mouths.

And put them on paper! In LOVE and so much Gratitude,

The pleasure is heightened by the Joy received by those who benefit from them.

Until next time …

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