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Blossom Goodchild - March 17, 2016

Hello! I’ve been a bit busy, so I missed our chat last week. Are you good?

We are exceptionally Joyous in our continuing communication with you, Dear Blossom.

We have identified the issue regarding surmountable progress and hence, decided that the way forward is to negotiate on a more delicate combination of thought patterns, therefore, enabling non-encumbrance of the senses.

Lordy Lordy! That was a mouthful … coming through word by word … and I have no idea if it makes any sense. Let me read it back. Mmm ... Shall we try that in Swahili? Meaning what exactly?

Meaning … that the general/overall circumference of the stars is now in alignment to assist in making that which is bountiful to become even more so.

Meaning … that for so long the wait has dragged and yet, NOW … there is much that is ready to switch on the ‘BOOSTER’ and allow things that have been ‘lying’ in wait … to become (out) ‘standing’.

Great! Such as?

Such as the ever present ‘negativity’ upon your Planet is about to take a turn that will set itself off course … and therefore, allow the ever present ‘positivity’ of your Planet to take control.

Again Great! Yet, in what fashion?  What should we expect and indeed … WHEN?

You should expect NOW, to REALLY experience the CHANGE in yourselves. You have walked many a mile and you have ‘improved’ your senses. You have Heightened the ‘self’ into a more amenable position and NOW you are completely in agreeance with ALL THAT IS … it is TIME NOW to … as we say … BOOST … PROJECT … One’s KNOWINGNESS forward in A GIANT LEAP.

Great! Great! Let me keep trying … as no offence to you … it is all very well stating such things … yet, it is also very encouraging to KNOW what ‘said’ things are!

Dearest, Dearest of soul’s … who has continually questioned in the name of Truth … we say to you … we vow … that there are things to be presented that shall blow you away.

Wait … wait! WHAT shall be presented? WHY can you not be more specific?

Because there are not words to fully compliment that which we are speaking of.

Are you speaking of THE EVENT mentioned many times in the past? If so … this is completely out of the blue.

We are NOT speaking of such. Yet, we ARE speaking of … would we say … the ‘Warm up band’. In the sense that ‘Spectacles of Grandeur’ shall reward and ‘stupefy’.

I just had to Google that word ‘Stupefy’ … as it seemed wrong and concerned me a little. Yet, once again, you are perfect in your usage of the English language. STUPEFY:To amaze; astonish …to be unable to think clearly or be sensitive to the surroundings; daze.

What kind of ‘Spectacles’? Please try and be more specific if you can. It’s just that, folk are a bit fed up of hearing such things and then nothing happening.  Some even suggest that you talk in riddles.

Do YOU think so, Blossom?

No. I’m just speaking for some who don’t get this opportunity, as I do. I don’t particularly need to know, really. Maybe, it will spoil the surprise. Yet, my concern would be of you … once again … bringing up this delicate matter  … everyone getting super excited … only for it to be thwarted by you not mentioning it again, for a while. Or even worse …it doesn't happen in most of our lifetimes! You know I’m not being rude, don’t you? I am just making a point.

We are Thankful for your honesty. We would expect nothing else from you. We are very much aware of current forecasts not manifesting in a time frame thought about. This has … has it not … been an Achilles Heel many times in our communications?

Blossom … and all who have chosen to ‘walk along side with us’ … we have stated many times …

We do not come to play games.

We do not speak with you to waste valued time.

We come to you in this way to OFFER words and knowledge.

We come to assist you.

We come to give you messages concerning the journey in which you find yourself undertaking.

We would not say that now and then we have made mistakes or got it wrong … for we have not.

Yet, we would encourage you to be open in your understanding of THE BIG PICTURE … as seen from our position … not yours.

So run by me what this picture looks like to you … in terms of ‘The warm up band’. Have we seen/heard them before?


Is it that it will be a FEELING inside of us? An uplifting of the senses? A shift in Vibration?


Because of ‘A Happening?’


Because of Star/Planetary Alignment … Portal Openings … And I say Light-Heartedly … ‘The Usual!

All such things are on the cards. Yet, we would say that it is time now for the four Aces to be served on a plate.

So … it is more than just ‘The Usual’? More than just that feeling of been thrown in a washing machine … spin cycle on and then being hung out to dry ... wondering what the …? Ah yes! Shift happens!’

It is! MUCH more!

WHAT?????????????? Dearie Me! I LOVE you guys … but it’s like getting blood out of a stone sometimes! And ... I have to smile, as I feel we have been down this long and winding road many times before.

Would you say then, Blossom … that you do not believe us?

Hey chaps … come on! Unfair question!


In that … if I didn’t believe in YOUR TRUTH, I would have stopped these chats many moons ago.

Then, may we ask … What is your hesitancy?

May I throw that back at you and say … what do YOU think? For surely you must know?

We KNOW that those upon your Planet are waiting for CHANGE.

We KNOW that you are ALL tired of waiting for evidence of THIS CHANGE … for all that is presented is the opposite of that which you long for.

We KNOW too, that Each One of you has the strength to KEEP ON KEEPING ON because that is why you were chosen.

What we DON’T KNOW is … why you doubt? When you KNOW inside … THE TRUTH.

WE KNOW THE TRUTH … because we see the Bigger Picture … when the jigsaw puzzle is complete.

Right … Hold it there! What does that completed jigsaw look like?

It is not JUST a matter of what it looks like, Blossom … it is more what it FEELS like.

Gimme both!

It looks like a Rose Garden … as the sun shines down upon the dew drops on its velvet petals.

It looks like a Sunset and a Sunrise combined in hues of colours yet unseen.

It looks like a mountain of the deepest green grass … with the clearest blue sky spreading across unknown space … that has been revealed at last.

It looks like everything that the deepest Joy in your heart could ‘picture’ and therefore, CREATE. As you … as the artists … CREATE that which IS you … and bring it into life!

And it FEELS like?

LOVE as you DESIRE it to be.

LOVE in its PUREST form.

LOVE in the TRUTH of itself.

LOVE that is YOU.

LOVE that is ALL.

Have we all felt this Love before? Somewhere else within ourselves?

Of course. For IT IS … YOU!

You FEEL shadowed by the mists that have overcome you.

You FEEL as though you do not really KNOW that which is TRUTH OF LOVE ITSELF.

Well, I feel so Loving/ Loved, at times. Yet, I KNOW that the FEELING goes far beyond my experience of it, in this physicality.

And Each One shall come to recognize it … once again. As the layers are removed Dearest One’s … you greet that which is so familiar.

The unfamiliar that has become familiar … shall fall away and you shall laugh from the soul as you encounter yourselves. You … the Higher part of You.

In flesh?

Yes. Because you are moving upwards IN FLESH … IN THE PHYSICAL REALMS. For when we say ... you meet your Higher selves … they are already within you … waiting for you to greet them.

And still, I am not really any the wiser of the picture YOU see. Perhaps, because I am not yet of the Vibration to be able too?

And still, we say … that it is ‘on its way’. It is to be presented in a time/at a time when least expected.

Well SOON then! As we have all given up on that little puppy! Yet, how far we have travelled and continue to do so ... Letting go of outcomes ... and that ... has become the beauty of the ride.

Blossom Goodchild …

Gulp! Eh … Yes?



I’ll await the … ‘GO’ … with no expectation at all … then there is no disappointment … and should it be that we have this same conversation at the beginning of next year … then so be it. Yet, if it be so, that at some point during THIS year, I drop to my knees in miraculous awe when ‘The warm up band’ arrive … then my hat goes off to you … and me … and all of us. We’ll throw them in the air and may they never come down! Many thanks. No idea how long we’ve been chatting today … yet. I think we are done.

We are … for today.

You just showed me an image of balloons … I’ll leave that there. Cheer-ho. In Love and thanks my friends.


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