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January 17, 2010

Hello up there … it’s me down here … are we set for another session?

We indeed, like you are of excitement this day. We can recall that there have been times in your past communications when all that we chose to express was far from that which you desired us to express. In this we mean that what was comprehensible to us, was not of the same calibre of that which those of you on earth were expecting to hear.

Is there anything in particular you are referring to?

Much. As is now beginning to be understood, we resonate on an entirely different vibration from those on earth. If you were to imagine the daily life of … shall we say ‘an ant’? What takes place on a regular basis for the ant is naturally very different from that of a human being such as yourself. We then ask you to consider the fact that WE are not human beings, in the same way that you are not an ant. Therefore what is expected from our daily existence far surpasses that of which may derive from your earthly vibration. An ant may know of you …. of your energy …  yet it cannot possibly be expected to know all your thoughts and reasons for applying these thoughts to your everyday activity. Do you see then how it is, that what we chose to bring forth in knowledge to you at this time is what we consider to be useful to you. And yet we stress, we are not of you … of your frequency. We gauge what we feel of important use of information by …  for instance … the colours that we see. The speed in which they vibrate. This we try to interpret into ‘our language’ … and yet in TRUTH we have none. Not in the way that is spoken. For we are in need only of telepathical communion.

Like this? The way we work?

A little. Yet it is not quite of the same. For we are using words to communicate with you in order for our intentions to be understood. Where we reside there is no need for word …  for the ‘feeling’ of the intention is picked up by another …being of the same frequency …  that is finely tuned to one another, it is easily understood that which is wishing to be expressed. Sometimes in your world you are capable of picking up another’s frequency to the degree of knowing exactly what they are about to say. It is the same thing …. And yet … not. Again … differences in frequency do not allow us to express in great detail our point, for it simply cannot be accepted. In the same way, an ant would no more understand how to turn on a computer and use its system, and therefore there would be little point in trying to begin to explain. Please know we are not of condescending attitude. It simply is the way it is.

So, when you say you work with us depending on what colours we may be giving off at this time … do you mean as a whole or have I, as the channeller got a lot to do with this?

Dear lady, we cannot and would not communicate with you when/if your defences are down. It would not be of service to your health and to the Truth of our communication. Therefore, as you rightly assumed when you were of recent ailment, it would have been indeed inappropriate to even consider connection between our worlds.  You are aware when you are of a vibration /mood high enough to make contact, and we ‘hear’ of the desire and generate the required ‘know how’ in order to allow it to take place.

 Do you have to stop what you are doing so to speak? (I think I have asked this before … memory failure … sorry!) I know in the past you have spoken of Edwina, your substitute for me… is it that those involved have to get to their position in a certain chamber for this to take place?

You are picking up on our thoughts before you have finished asking the question. The best way for us to describe to you is that of a chamber, which can contain your energetic thought pattern as we communicate back and forth. And yet it is not so much of a chamber as you know it. More like a ‘syphon’.

Is that the world you meant ... ‘syphon? ... had a bit of trouble picking it up.

It is a better description. You are seeing a glasslike thin tube and getting the feeling as if all that is taking place between us is filtered back and forth through this tube. Again the best way we know how to describe the process. For as you know, there is no limit to the energy space of life itself. Therefore we could not just allow yours and our thoughts to be sent out in the hope that with a bit of luck and well intent they would get to the place they were directed to. They have to be encapsulated in order to keep them on course so to speak.

 Yes I see that. And yet, it seems so simple from my point of view ... I just listen for the next word in my head, (although I can’t actually hear you) and write it down. Is it the same for you? Are you just picking up on what it is I am writing down and thinking to you?

That is all it is. Communication by telepathic wave bands. In your world you have all sorts of gadgets in order to assist in talking to one another. We have no need of such things.

 And no bills! So, I know many would like me to ask, why is it that I am able to connect up with you and others aren’t? I know for sure there are many on a far Higher vibration than me, so what makes it so easy for me to do?

 Because you do not know who you are. If you did you would not even question.

Now then ……… the thing is …. Perhaps someone else, or someone reading this would say … well go on then who am I? But do you know what? I really have no desire to know. If I did, it would change who I am … down here on this vibration. I just feel it inappropriate for me to know. At the same time knowing that on some other level, I have to know. It would be impossible not to.

Dear friends of earth. Many of you continue in your regular everyday activities … may we say with all respect … oblivious to the TRUTH of who you really are. We try to tell you this in every way we can. You accept it on a certain level of yourselves and yet, like Blossom has just done, you brush it aside.

No, I wasn’t brushing it aside …. But I feel I am here as an earthling with an earthly purpose. Whoever I am as a spiritual body is of an understanding that cannot be understood down here, so therefore … I feel … not necessarily appropriate to know.


Because … what difference would/should it make? It shouldn’t matter.

Exactly. It does not mean anything other than recognising the magnificence of yourselves!! For you simply do not! … and we would so desire that you begin to understand the importance of this recognition. For it will allow you to bring forth the wonders that lie within. You all sit about wondering when all this ‘’miraculous stuff’ will start happening …  when you will really see the beginnings of the New World. Dear Ones, as we have said to you in days afore …


 That is precisely why we ask you to connect with your Higher self in order to KNOW HOW to bring these miraculous aspects of yourselves  INTO your human form in order to bring about this MIRACULOUS NEW WORLD. Do you see? Do you get it? IT IS UP TO YOU!! And yet, you still deny yourselves your God given rights. To be of the purest LOVE. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.

We are aware that many feel that channellings in these days are repeating the same things over and over. And yet … in a class room situation there would be little point in teaching one a higher grade of mathematical conundrums if the basic system of addition and subtraction etc had not been understood. One simply would be out of their depth. The very same applies with the spiritual understandings of yourselves.

There are universal laws that cannot under any circumstance be tampered with. There is free will upon your planet within the form of the human expression. This is a Divine Gift. And may we say, it is not always appreciated in the manner that it was presented for you. But that cannot be altered … for that was a law of your world when it was created. We have already given voice to this in our beginning communications with you. So we wish to continue in saying that …. There are laws in place throughout this universe of yours and that of all universes. These laws are of Divine essence and nothing would consider overriding these laws. At this point that is all we wish to offer on this matter for we cannot take you in to ‘university’ before you have studied at school. Yet we say … yes, you are of human form and therefore of human nature, but your design, your destiny … if we may have it explained this way … is to … as ‘new human beings’ bring your spiritual essence in to a balance with your human perspective. To be able to use your spiritual gifts (of which there is no end) into play within the human form.

You world speak of days of Atlantis, or Lemura … of worlds of advanced civilisations … and yet we say to you …… through YOUR CHOICE … you are here to bring about NOW a NEW WORLD that takes you beyond the glory of these past worlds that have been brought to your notice. For many of you here now …  experienced these worlds then … and learned of things that are accepted not to be repeated. Your growth as a soul knows of downfalls/pitfalls brought about through greed and lack of full spirit . In other words as the soul separates from its TRUTH for selfish want, one has learned of the demise that such efforts bring about. This NEW WORLD as we have said is beyond imagination.

Sorry to interrupt the flow, but if it is beyond the imagination … how can we create it, if we cannot imagine it? …. I am getting my answers before I finish the question …. Cute!!

Indeed. We are bonding in these recent communications on a  level deeper than before. This is why it is of much ease.
The answer you knew of is … and we are suspecting that many know of it also before we express it  ... for many have lifted in their souls vibration also …

The more you allow yourselves to connect with your Higher self … THAT TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE … the more you are able to adjust to the Higher frequencies … which contain imaginings that you have not yet imagined . The Higher you allow your vibration to rise the more information can be brought through from THE KNOWING of your Higher selves. It really is that simple.

 And perhaps some would say …. But I try to raise my vibration but I think the dial is stuck!!!

And perhaps we would say … then unstick it! We cannot do this for you. You yourselves can free yourselves from your old ways. We only come to assist you in finding ways to understand the level  of LOVE that you Truly are. Yet we cannot and would not do it for you. We cannot interfere in this way.

YOU ARE LOVE. The more you behave in the fullness of LOVE ITSELF the Higher your vibration becomes. The Higher your vibration becomes the more OF PURE LOVE you understand and become. The more you become PURE LOVE the Higher you rise. The Higher you rise the more LOVE you are … becoming ultimately the TRUTH OF YOURSELF.

BE OF LOVE DEAR ONES.  ONLY OF LOVE. THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF LOVE THAT YOU CAN BE FROM WHERE YOU ARE AT ANY GiVEN MOMENT OF YOUR EXSITENCE. For then and only then shall you recognise the Truth of which we speak. For could we be as bold as to say …. Your hearts know we speak of the TRUTH.

Yes  ... well mine does … I can’t speak for anyone else. But the deepest part of my Being FEELS what you are saying and resonates with it more than any other teachings that have been offered to me throughout my life. I know we must all follow the path that suits us best ... and I find yours to be such an easy way to walk. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I just LOVE being back in this space again with you. It fills my heart with song!♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪Oh what a beautiful morning♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ as my dad would sing in the shower!!!

Blessings of Love to All from the ALL.

Again I want to put Adieu. I don’t know if it’s my mind reverting back to when White Cloud finished his communications … or if at some point in the future White Clouds TRUE identity shall be revealed … which I have been told will happen one day … in its own good time … Mmm  … The plot thickens!!

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