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Blossom Goodchild - September 15, 2015

Hello Everyone.

Please enjoy 'A chat and a channel. 3' ... with White Cloud and The Federation Of Light Direct Voice channelling. They speak of the Pillars of Light and the New Wave Energy that is coming. Enjoy.

(33.33 mins)

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Hold on to your hats.

Many thanks to all for sharing the journey.

Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays

Blossom G.

Transcription of Video Chat and Channel 3.


A very warm welcome to each one of you that is watching this little tele-communication that Blossom and I bring through to you. I am aware of the way many of you have been feeling … as Blossom has also expressed. And yet, I say to you my friends … allow this feeling to work its way through you. It is alright to feel flat. It is not a rule that you must feel full of life and joy and Energy. It is just nicer when you can do so is it not? But do not beat yourselves up for feeling a little low ... A little uninspired. Because I say to you … There is a Light of Love that carries with it all the Joy that one could possibly contain within their Being. And, it is there for each one to accept ... To acknowledge ... To Understand.

This LoveLight … this Wave of Energy will help you to understand who you are. Love …of course.

Yet, it will bring through a deeper level of understanding of who you are … of Love. As it filters into your atmosphere … and therefore, absorbed by your Being … you shall experience the nearest … would I say … possible feeling of Bliss that can be encountered … within the level of Energy that is coming. Of course, there are Higher and Higher levels of this Bliss … and yet, it cannot come through on that level … on the Highest of levels, because you would explode with Bliss … and that would not be a pretty sight!

Breathe … as we say to you many times. Breathe … Breathe in that Energy. Absorb it throughout your Being … and then let it out. Let it mingle with the breath of each one … with the life Energy of the trees and the flowers and the water. The air that you breathe shall be filled with a Higher Energy of Love and it is there for you to freely inhale … In and Out … In and Out ... and as you become more aware of this wonder … this breath that is life … you shall find yourself feeling the connection that you feel is missing for many of you.

In … and Out … In … and Out. And it is now, that I shall step aside and leave room for my colleagues known to you as The Federation of Light … Many thanks.


We are so grateful for this opportunity to speak with you via this lady, Blossom. Yet, in a more profound sense … in that, it is not just our voice … our Sound Vibration we are able to offer you. Yet, by the visual contact … we are able to offer our Love to you on a much deeper level. As you look into our eyes … we consider that you are able to connect your heart with the Higher level of Love that we offer you.

Dearest souls of Earth … The time is now upon you … that your souls have been waiting for since you arrived on this planet Earth. It is NOW Dearest Ones, that an Energy shall filter through … filling your souls with the Higher level of Love as our colleague White Cloud … as he is known to you … spoke of also.

Be of excited heart ... Excited mind. Remember when one was a child and it was the eve of a birth celebration day? That excitement … when one found it difficult to lay one’s head to rest and close the eyes. For they knew, you knew … that when waking in the morning, so many gifts would be offered you.

So, therefore we call it the Birthday of this New Energy ... that will fill your Beings with gifts that many of you have never even considered. You shall find yourselves Manifesting … Creating … Laughing … Giving of self … Giving to self … Sharing who you are … with each other. You look into one another’s eyes and you see Only Love … Only Love.

We have been speaking of Pillars of Light … Dearest ones, these Pillars are now able to be visible by you … because of the Energy level … as a whole … that you have lifted yourselves into. And, as this Energy pours though into your Planet … and your Vibration lifts Higher and Higher … then, more and more of these Pillars of Light … these Pillars of Energy that shall eventually present themselves to you as Rainbow Light … as we have said … shall fill you … shall connect with you. Your beating of your heart … shall resonate with the beating that is deep within these Pillars.

We have spoken also, of the knowledge … the information … that these Pillars contain. Bit by bit … so very gradually … shall they emit information that is requited … for individuals who have agreed beforehand to accept this information … in this way.

Your time of downheartedness is to be over. Your souls … from the deepest place within … shall Lighten … Brighten … exude this Higher Energy of Love … which then, can be released through the breath … to those who have not yet received the Higher Energy … for their Being is not able to do so until their Energy rises to a certain level … in order to absorb the HIgher Energy.

Each one at their own pace Dearest Souls. The pathway that you walk is at your own pace. There is no race … There so no rush. For … is it not that which you involve yourself with … that is of greater value than the actual reaching of your destination? Be aware of yourselves and who you are. We shall speak again … when the moment is appropriate.


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