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Blossom Goodchild - August 15, 2014

Hello there. I’m still here in England … hoping to be home soon! So, I was wondering if you could talk to us about Universal Laws? You have mentioned them a few times and thought it might be a good topic to cover. Is that ok?

Firstly we greet you in/as /through Love. We are ecstatic that so much in your world is taking place for the better.

Really? Where? In what way?

In the ways of your people. There has been a certain increase in awakenings of late … due to much soul searching by many. They are looking for reasoning behind all that ‘appears’ to be negative … and in doing so … they are finding within themselves the Truth of their souls. This is indeed very heartening.

Indeed. Most uplifting news. I have to say … the LIGHT is shining all around when one tends to focus on it.

Then with that said … we shall speak to you of that which you have asked. Although, we would say that there are probably not as many as you may have imagined.

The principles of Universal Law speak very much for themselves.  

The upmost Law being that there is only ever LOVE. When this is known, it matters not to what degree one chooses to express this … for that is within one’s choice. Yet, it is necessary for one’s soul to accumulate merit within this Law in order for one’s soul to ‘move up the scale’. That sounds a rather basic way of putting it … yet, it is so.

The Law is to live in Love. We have discussed that there are many different levels of Love … and in TRUTH … one cannot live in anything else … only different vibrations of it … through choice. Either before or during an Earthly existence … one chooses aptly, to suit their desires for growth expansion. Each life time has a main purpose to progress and perhaps rectify that which was ‘acted out’ in a previous life time.

So … those who are causing much pain and harm to the planet and those upon it … who seem to be ‘acting out’ their lives on a very low vibration … is there ‘reprimand’ for them? You said not long ago … The Universal Laws CANNOT be broken … and if they are … then there are deep repercussions".

First of all ... we would say that one does not … as one may think … set ‘any sentence’ or ‘dish out punishment’.  Indeed, this is not our way. Yet, the soul that has carried out such low level actions on the Earth plane …. maybe many times … when finding themselves no longer of the flesh … has no choice but to ‘view’ ALL that they have offered to another … be it of Light or lesser Light.

That which they have given in the Highest Love they shall FEEL over and above the FEELING that was received by the one in Gratitude … and indeed it is most pleasing to the soul. More than one can express.

Yet, in the same way … that which one has offered to another that was of a much lower vibration and done with the intent of harm … one shall also FEEL the pain inflicted … Be it of mind body or soul. This … when considered, it shall return a thousand fold … is more than enough ‘understanding’ of that which they have done. There can be no deeper pain than the understanding ‘amplified’ of that which they have caused another. This takes place on both large and small scales of actions.

That’s quite intense really. So, are we talking even a thought of judgement, not necessarily even verbalised?

Of course. It is thoughts that often transpire into action.

Yet, if they don’t get that far … if one thinks them … becomes aware of the thought and disperses it … is it then removed from having to receive it for the self at some later date?

Naturally. For when a soul is aware of its thought process and is assessing Lighter progressions of mind … to recognise and ‘let go off’ … and forgiving the self for that thought … allows the natural removal of it.

Little by little, bit by bit … you are all moving into your Higher selves. At which rate one does so … is entirely up to the individual and no judgement is made of that pace … ALL IN GOOD TIME.

So, when you say there are deep repercussions … this is what you mean?

Yes. It does not serve one or another … to inflict punishment onto a soul.

Yet, what of someone who has murdered another? Down here, we lock them away for what they have done.

We are not here to make judgment of ‘your laws’. That is not our business. We are just saying to you that we would not do that.

Again, this brings up the bigger picture.

How do you know that a particular ‘murderer’ was not asked by the soul they ‘removed’ … to do so … before they came? Therefore, in a sense … as hard as some of you may find this … asking them to do so as a favour. Enabling the one who was ‘removed’  to experience for him/herself that … which in another life time … they afflicted upon another.

That is one big ask!

Yet, a Highly Enlightened soul would accept … for it is through Love they would do it. As we are sure many of you understand … this then goes into much ‘deeper water’ …  as the soul who accepted the task … must then ‘lose’ much of ‘who they are’ … in order to ‘act this out’. Yet, such a BEING would do so without hesitation … if it meant that much learning and Enlightenment would be accomplished from the asker of such a question.

What would be another Law?

To respect ALL LIFE.

Am I assuming the same principles apply regarding ‘getting back’ what one ‘gives out’?

Very much so. Keeping in mind that YOU ARE ALL ONE … how could it be that you would not FEEL that which has either hurt or overjoyed another. For as it is said … that which you do unto another … you do unto yourself.

Do these Universal Laws act Universally? Seems a stupid question … yet, do different planets that are perhaps more Enlightened than us … have the same ‘simple’ Laws … or are others in place for them?

Look up the word ‘Universal’ please.

Ok … ‘of, pertaining to, or characteristic of all or the whole: applicable everywhere or in all cases; general; used or understood by all.’ Guess that answers my question then!

Let us move on to the Law of ‘Free Will.’

One shall not interfere in the Free Will of another soul. Freedom of choice upon your planet has taken it to the extremes many times around. It is the ‘Collective Consciousness’ of each individual combined … that produces that which is before you.

One can say that they would not dream of manifesting that which is taking place upon your planet in these days … that which abhors and saddens … yet …
 IT IS THROUGH FREE WILL of the people that this has occurred.

Can you go into this a bit more?

A vibrational thought when pondered upon long enough … will then … if desired … turn into a vibrational action FROM that thought. When you consider … throughout your history … that which ‘man’ has thought … and acted upon … there indeed would be the non-judgemental … yet, obvious statement … that ‘man’ … at times… has sunk very low on the vibrational scale.

It is only NOW that so many Enlightened BEINGS are descending upon your planet in order to make the great change necessary.

You say that you see much war taking place at this time …

There is!!!

Yet, souls of Earth are ‘re-acting’ differently. These ‘views’ that one sees on your electrical screens … are informed images to the brain … that re-act accordingly with the heart … which are then interpreted as ‘not wanted’.

The soul KNOWS that this has to end. More and more people of Earth are allowing themselves to understand that:




More and more of you have come to the understanding of a better way … AS INDIVIDUALS  … which in turn, therefore … melts into the 'Collective Consciousness.'

This has been ‘altering’ for many centuries now … yet, one can assume that these changes do not occur over night.

As you KNOW … there is more Light being sent to your planet NOW than ever before. That is not to say that Light has ever NOT been sent. Yet, as we have explained … it is of a different ‘STRENGTH’ … of a 'LIGHTER ENERGY' … a 'MORE INTENSE LOVE' … that is heralding to you.

You of Earth … those of you who have chosen to be aware … are ‘merging’ with this Higher Energy within every breath. The more you are understanding this … the more you CAN FEEL IT WITHIN YOUR BEING.

Within YOU … you NOW KNOW … that you cannot and will not be stopped ... BY ANYTHING.

You KNOW NOW that your intentions to fulfil your purpose of lifting up this planet …


Would you not agree? Would you not say you NOW KNOW THIS INSIDE?

Yes, I do. Sometimes, that FEELING is so strong. AND … unlike before, when I was less aware than I am NOW … It REALLY isn’t about how much time it takes … for there is no time. It is about the KNOWING that within each moment of our LIVING and BREATHING down here … we are accomplishing bringing THE LIGHT IN … and always MOVING on up to meet it. Sometimes that KNOWING is SO powerful and SO uplifting. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DO … TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF WHO WE TRULY ARE … IN ALL SITUATIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES.

And the more of you that ‘GET THAT’ … the more of you that ‘UNDERSTAND THAT’ … enables the ‘CHANGE OVER’ to take place in 'DIVINE TIMING'.

In a sense ... it matters not WHEN It takes place … the fact that it IS CHANGING and HAPPENING NOW … the fact that IT IS TAKING PLACE NOW … is all that is important.



TO HAVE THAT KNOWING … not just to try and HOPE that it is happening.

For the difference in the KNOWING carries a far stronger Energy than the hoping of … as we have discussed before.

We reiterate …

You are very good at that …and I KNOW the necessary reasoning of doing so.


You have asked many times of how you do such a thing? HOW do you find out WHO YOU ARE?

Yet, would you not say you are doing it? You are finding out that LOVE … when you FEEL LOVE in the Highest capacity you are capable of … in any one given time … is WHO YOU ARE.


THE MORE YOU ACCEPT THAT IN YOUR TRUTH … the Higher your vibrational level rises … and the circle continues … on Higher and Higher vibrations … you are FEELING that LOVE.  

Therefore … it cannot do any other than FEEL BETTER AND BETTER! Not only WITHIN YOU … Yet ... ALL AROUND YOU.

Do you begin to see why we find it so difficult to explain sometimes in your words?

When you FEEL that Higher level of LOVE … THAT IS YOU … your heart is bursting with happiness. Even when you are FEELING a little out of sorts … you are NOW able to remember Gratitude and lift yourselves back ‘in sorts!’

Give yourself 'Achievement certificates' on a daily basis! Look always on the accomplishments of the soul self and how you have studied the art of BEING BRIGHTER LIGHTS.

In the worldly vibration that you are ‘caught in’ … how phenomenal are you ... to do what you are doing?

You are SO BRIGHT … you are lifting an entire planet and its inhabitants into a BRIGHTER WORLD.

 Into a HIGHER VIBRATION … You are doing this ALL BY YOURSELVES!

Well, as the Beatles once correctly sang … “I get by with a little help from my friends!’.

To share our knowledge with you … emits great Joy out into the ethers. That which is ours to share … shall ALWAYS be offered freely and in LOVE.

When ALL of your world KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS THIS … you will no longer be residing in the vibration that is present NOW. For when you IMAGINE a world like that … and bring that into its manifestation … the vibrational match of that KNOWING put into action ….has to slip into its rightful place.

Be of GREAT HEART our dear friends.




For it is written in the stars.

Meaning exactly?

Are you not ALL ‘Children of the stars’? Did you not KNOW what you had decided and then came to Earth to put it into place?

Gotcha! Time to go, I know. Thanks so much. This flowed with great ease and I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully … all going according to plan … the next time we speak … in a few weeks’ time, I shall be back home in Australia. There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!

We take leave now from your Energy. Yet, we are never any further than a thought of Love away … from any one. In Love and thanks to all … who are perfectly ‘acting out’ … the GRAND PLAY. Such talented performers … who KNOW their parts extremely well. 

In Love and so much thanks to you also. Bucket loads of it!

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