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Blossom Goodchild - November 14, 2014

Good morning! Straight at it … A few queries from readers have arisen from last week, which I would like to address if I may?

We are happily ready to assist in knowledge, where we are able. Please put these queries to us.

Well, the first one is about our planet being the only one that is unaware of life elsewhere, as you mentioned last week. The sender of this question put it very well, when he said, and I quote …

Imagine our planet is a single grain of sand upon which we human microbes inhabit its surface. Let's say that grain of sand is on your favourite beach on the Sunshine coast. We are unaware of all the other microbes and our eternal relationship with them, on all the other grains of sand on that beach. Furthermore we are unaware of those other grains of sand on all other beaches in Australia. Furthermore we are unaware of all the other grains of sands on all the other countries beaches that are all over the world. We are the only grain of sand on the whole planet where this game is being played out unawares! What are the chances?

And indeed … what ARE the chances?  It seems rather odd that we would be the only one’s unaware of life elsewhere.

First of all, not ALL of you are unaware. There are more now, than you probably imagine, that KNOW of Life elsewhere. In this ‘time frame’ that you are addressing … you are being ‘fooled’ by those whose desires are to thwart any communication with us. Your governments supposedly spend millions of your monies saying they are searching for ‘proof’ of life form elsewhere, and yet, there they are … actually meeting such Beings face to face … and have many times over, made agreements with ‘off worlders’ that they then, refused to honour.

Ok, we will get back to that. So, is it that other planets have direct contact with those not of their world?  Is that what you mean, when you say we are the only planet who are awaiting ‘your’ arrival?

It is KNOWN on all other planets that ‘LIFE’ goes on elsewhere. It is common sense. It is common Knowledge. It is not that ALL planets accept visitors … yet, it is without question, known of their existence. Many planets ‘share’ each other’s bonding of thoughts … and therefore, have ‘friendly interactions’ on the  … what you would call ... ‘physical’… and ‘telepathic’ communication level. Others prefer to ‘keep themselves to themselves’.

We are aware that the other question you were to ask was concerning the governments ... and we FEEL this could all roll into one.

How handy! So, you did pick up on my thoughts? Yes, to clarify … the other question was …

Why the governments, or the elites, or whoever it is who are "stopping the procedure" are given such dominance over the events that we are all hoping will take place sooner rather than later? After all, they are less than 1% of us (to use the popular phrase), and they seem to be able to interfere with our free will, by subliminal as well as overt means, as they wish. Surely given the tiny numbers involved in government their opposition to the expected events should carry little weight?

On other planets … there is not the secrecy that your world portrays. That is not to say that ALL planets are ‘LOVING and GIVING’. Many prefer to keep themselves to themselves and have CHOSEN to do so and remain separated. As we spoke of … there are billions of scenarios to cover billions of life forms. It never ever stops and by this … in this statement in particular … we mean ‘creation’.

You see, Blossom … with respect, there is much that many are unaware of … that goes on ‘within your world’ that would indeed PROOVE to ALL, our existence, and yet, for those involved … and we do not speak of governments here … their life is at stake … were they to share ‘common ground’ knowledge that they have with ‘off worlders’.

Most of you know that the ‘elite’ ... as you choose to call them … are in direct communication … yet, refuse to allow this to be common knowledge. Their guise being … that your world would go into chaos, if they were actually to show footage of what REALLY goes on. This, of course, is not the TRUE reason … for ‘they’ KNOW … that once acknowledgement of ‘other species’ from other planets is accepted, then ‘their’ power … ‘their’ control is over.

So, as in the question asked … why do ‘we’ have to put up with it? Why do these ‘few’ that dominate us get away with it? So many of us know it is going on … yet, FEEL powerless. Why ARE THEY allowed to continue with their atrocities? THEY are ruining our planet. THEY are destroying it, and if ‘something’ doesn’t intervene soon, quite frankly … if they continue on like this … we are all doomed! Surely ‘your lot’ can gauge this? When ALL humans KNOW of this … they would be only too happy for ‘outside’ help to come and knock those ‘controllers’ of their perch. We just don’t understand why nothing is being done to assist this matter in ending?

Again … complex matters. Your ‘controllers’ do not want us around. Plain and simple. They will do anything to make sure this policy remains. Including annihilating most of your planet.

As is, what you said they were prepared to do if you carried out Oct 14th 2008.

They were prepared to do so. They had nothing to lose … because they would have lost everything.

Yet, as I have mentioned over and over … YOU … You folk of vast intelligence … MUST have a few ideas up your sleeve … as to how you could get around this? Yes, THEY may well have ‘plans’ in place to destroy, should you suddenly appear. Or, make you look like ‘The bad guys, coming to take over and eat us!' Yet, you must be able to come up with something to get the ball rolling? Isn’t there something about you ‘not being able’ to interfere?

That depends on the needs, considering now, the slump … in which your world has fallen. Yet, yes, we are reading you Blossom. We have said how much your world … on the other side of the coin … is becoming a much more Enlightened, Brighter place to be.

So, what do your councils have to say about those who are committing such atrocities and wanting to get rid of most of us?  What do 'they' FEEL about popping down for tea and shaking the begeebers out of this entire fiasco?

Tell us this, Blossom … In your heart … do you TRULY believe that these matters we discuss with you … are discussed with our councils? ... Do you?

Gulp! Well, I would like to believe it … otherwise what is the point of me carrying on these discussions with you, If I don’t believe what you are saying to be TRUE? I struggle with this sometimes … my position, I mean. For if it IS True … then Struth … I feel very honoured … yet, at the same time … I’m just me, Blossom Goodchild … travelling through life on this planet as best I know how … just like everyone else. So, in answer to your question … I don’t know if I believe it or not!

Then, we would say to you, that you undermine your position greatly. We need to say to you … that YOU need to consider this carefully. For, if indeed you feel unsure that what we say is ‘not quite as it is’ then there would be little point in carrying on our discussions.

Far out … I consider myself well and truly told off! Yet, I KNOW you are coming from Love and I KNOW you are right in what you are saying. It’s just hard to accept, as I say, that ‘me’ … plain old ‘me’ has this … (what’s the word?) … position? … responsibility? (No, I don’t like that one!)  I mean, really? Do you sit at High Council and someone says ‘Next on the agenda … Blossom Goodchild’s thoughts of ‘The Big Show’ … She wants it now.' I mean really??

Blossom … again we stress … if this is not the case … and we have said it is … why would you carry on our communication?

Well, it’s all sort of light hearted ‘banter’ for me. That’s the way I work with you. It would be different if I actually got taken up and met you all face to face and we sat and chewed the cud and made definite decisions … and dare I say … dates!!!

Why would it be different? Are we not doing this very thing … yet, without the physical?

My point entirely! It’s all ‘head to head’ stuff! Happy to be beamed up any time!

So, we ask you again … Do you believe that we discuss with Council that which we talk about?

The way this is coming through … is making me feel differently about it. I can feel your earnest questioning and its importance.  Oh Lord … and now, I am suddenly crying … full on … a sort of an Awakening … a ‘Dawning’. It just sort of dawned on me, for real. I guess this has been brewing, hasn’t it? Because of my questioning to myself in my head, as to why I am doing this etc. … AND if it is really REAL … AND if it is making a difference … or just confusing some people. I LOVE your teachings … I don’t get, however, the ‘pattern of chat’ sometimes and then it all dying down again. Speaking with you is something ‘I do’. It just happens and feels so easy … that I guess, I perhaps, take it for granted. Much thought needed here … because … Oh I don’t know … just because!! What’s your thoughts?

We had no desire to cause tears. Yet, we had great desire for you to take heed and recognise these conversations in a more ‘serviceable’ fashion.’


In that … it was necessary for you to ‘GET’ your position … in a sense of your soul REMEMBERING this agreement. And for your humanness to let go of its ‘doubts’ about WHO YOU ARE.

I guess that’s the problem … I don’t mean to do the martyr thing of ‘why me’? But really, it’s so huge … I mean … ‘why me?’  I am so … ‘normal’.

The nail has just been hit on the head.

But, then I could say … there are millions of ‘normal’ people.

And millions of normal people volunteered … and you fitted the bill.

Well … this has been a real eye opener / heart opener.  And, I somehow FEEL … although nothing has changed and we will continue our relationship the way it has always been … that, actually a lot will have changed. I can FEEL the shift in my heart.

This was necessary … in order for our progress.

 So then … shall I put the kettle on ... perhaps even buy a packet of biscuits?

We thank you for ACCEPTING this position. You knew before you came … it would not all be plane sailing.

I KNOW it NOW, also! Thank YOU. Unexpected material for thought … yet, I admit … your perseverance was necessary, if I am to continue … and continue I will.

Our Love to each one … Trusting in yourselves to fulfil your hearts mission.

In Love and thanks. Time now … 11.11 … Love it! (I will continue these lines of questioning in my next communication.)

This channelling turned out to be a rather personal one. Yet, I choose to share it, because I feel it important for people to try and understand my relationship with The Federation. I have written a blog post to explain my position and why this particular conversation took place with ‘them’ today. Much needed I feel. Many thanks. http://blossomgoodchild.blogspot.com/

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmsCqVjqSss

* * An Invocation from Feb 14th. Always good to do when you FEEL like it . It all helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqmukxqt2rU

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