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Blossom Goodchild - May 9, 2015

Here is the link to the audio of this channelling. Listening through headphones is a good call!



Good morning to you. Good to go! Are you?

Indeed we are and we offer Greetings of deep Love and purpose.

That which is offered to you through words in these communications becomes a symbol of WHO YOU ARE. You counteract all that has been of negative thought ... through your intentions of LOVE for all.

You offer out to the world WHO YOU ARE … and that is all that is required to allow the effect of LOVE being received by all those in need.
What one can grasp in these times is the ripple effect caused by these offerings. In days gone by … perhaps many were uncertain of results and were merely ‘hoping’ that these offerings had some effect.

The difference in THESE DAYS is that your soul has grown into the acceptance and KNOWING that this occurs … and through this alone … each thought of LOVE … and Kindness … and Compassion … and Understanding … and Non-judgment … and TRUTH … releases itself by/through you … and that KNOWLEDGE of KNOWING … is NOW making a tremendous difference to the very Vibration of your planet.

Dearest One’s … continue forth in this valiant position. FEEL NOW, the difference in yourselves and the difference in others. Understand that by AWAKENING IN TRUTH TO THE LIGHT OF YOURSELVES … you are so very close now to NOTICING IN PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION all that your thoughts have projected.
Can you not FEEL the change in Vibration? Do you not notice the change in thought pattern that in turn AWAKENS many to the same thoughts of LOVE?
Directly assisting THE WHOLE through EVERY BREATH that is taken … prominently aware that FEELINGS that serve YOU … serve EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.
The connection between Each Life that is lived … be it human form … insect form … plant form etc. … is becoming more and more powerful and with THE INTENT of recognising the ONENESS OF ALL … you are allowing the FEELING … not only of the brotherhood of man … yet, the entire living family EVERYWHERE.
As you connect more deeply to yourself … as you LOVE more deeply … yourself … you are literally LIGHTING UP EVERYWHERE. Not just on your planet … on ALL planets.

This ONEness is not restricted to your Divine Mother Earth.


It involves and includes ALL THAT IS. Therefore, in recognising this fact … you are ‘acting’ on behalf of THE WHOLE … ALL THAT IS … FOR YOU ARE NOT JUST CONNECTED … YOU ARE A VERY PART OF IT ALL.

May we suggest to you of a gathering of souls? A UNITED MOVEMENT that the soul’s intention … is for the lifting up into a Higher level …


A Peacefully conducted Prayer/Blessing that serves to mark a time in your history that became ‘An Historical Event’ due to its very nature.

Are you suggesting I orgnise this?

Yes, if it is your desire.

Well, lets talk about this shall we? Many, many such united movements have often taken place … Which is wonderful. I am happy to play my part and yet, I have to say … I would need guidance from you as to how it should be conducted … for WITH THE GREATEST OF RESPECT … so many are doing these things now, that some folk have become a little disinterested. I KNOW that sounds rather sad.Yet, for me … even with the Highest intention to gather as many as possible … I wonder if such things have become a little too ‘cliché’. I FEEL uncomfortable even saying that … yet, it is fact. So, I am wondering what it could be … that comes from you … that would grab people’s attention to become part of it?

We shall conduct an uplifting scenario that will thrill and delight and connect with the soul’s desire to make a difference.

Meaning what exactly?

Meaning that should all those who care to participate remain in their space of ABSOLUTE TRUTH … we shall offer forth a  Light Show …

Whoah Neddy! With all respect … have a think about what you are saying! A friend and I  … as you probably know ..  conducted a small experiment to see if you could do something like switch all our Lights on and off  … just to let us know you were able. Not a mammoth task , we felt … and for whatever reason … that never came about. So, talking of Light Shows …  well … are we not setting  the stage once again for dissapointment? Oh, how I hate to speak this way. Yet, one lives and learns . I DO LOVE YOU AND I TRUST YOU, yet, I have learned that our words … in interpretation , especially regarding ‘time’ etc  can often cause confusion and doubt.  So … talk to me about this Light Show?


Because you made that suggestion.

And with all our Love regarding this matter Blossom … you instantly knocked down the Vibration of it.

Yes, I did. Because I doubt  such things … due to our past history. Mmm! … hadn’t invisaged this kind of conversation today. Yet, I can only speak my FEELINGS. Ok. Let’s pretend I didn’t question and lower the vibe. Let's pretend I reacted by saying ‘WHOOPEE! A LIGHT SHOW! HOW FANTASTIC! WHEN? WHERE?’

Then we would address you by saying that it would be one of SPECTACULAR VISIONARY DELIGHTS.

Hold on … may I just say for the readers and your understanding … I am not trying to be awkward here … AT ALL. I am asking for clarity on this matter. So, how/why would this be possible, when for so long you have said the vibrations need to be right … or the world is not yet ready … or … or … or? How come this would not be stopped as indeed the Oct 14th 2008 was … by those intending to destroy if it was followed through? I ask these details … because this has to be very clear.

Because a Light Show is more easily rendered and less likely to be sabotaged due to its nature.

Which would be?


So … let’s flow along with this. Are you saying you would like a Prayer /Blessing /Intention to coincide with this?

We are saying that it is now time to consider this as a possibility.

A possibility?  All things are possible …  doesn’t mean they will definitely happen!

And yet … are there not now … so many, many souls who have shifted their belief to KNOWING? Are there not so many … that by walking into their AWARENESS OF TRUTH … are now READY to receive the Blessing of such an encounter?

Indeed. Yes! My heart is beating a little faster  … are you sure you don’t want to send this through a different channell and let them offer it out?

Why is there still so much concern and doubt for you Blossom?

Eh … here’s my shoes … have a walk!

This is indeed an interesting route we are taking. Are you not diligently … week after week … offering out our messages of LOVE? If you doubt us … why continue?

Because your messages of LOVE are … to me … TRUTH … and I FEEL that many FEEL the same. It is the mention of this kind of thing that I doubt taking place … because  we expect … then we wait … then we give up waiting.

Did you not hear from another channel that the vast Pillars of Light had descended? The Pillars carrying Energy to enhance the Vibration of your planet?

Yes , I read that.*  Yet you, when talking of theses Pillars arriving … way back when … said that they would be visible for all to see. I know there are many forms of Pillars of Light … our individual souls included. Yet … none that make sense of that which you described.

Does it matter?

YES! Too right it does!  My point being … if you speak of a LIGHT SHOW and we don’t see one … whether or not it takes place within a Higher vibration that most of us are not on/in … although it serves … it also makes mockery of that which you offer … if the goods are not delivered in the way you say. So … let’s hypothetically carry on.
So, would you send through an intention/blessing /prayer offering … I would put it out there and … queue LIGHT SHOW?


Oh! Then … ?

We would like to offer words to assist in the bringing forth the Intention … we would also, ask the understanding that these words will have greater effect when coming from the deepest KNOWING and heart space.

As the momentum builds … as more and more offer this up … FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL … it creates the correct alignment and Vibrational sustenance for such a thing to occur.

So you are saying it is up to us … not you?

Indeed. It has always been up to you. This is why you came … to follow your heart in such matters and …


Well, it certainly would do that. At the end of the day … what have we got to lose? I am happy to give it a go  … and I TRUST you KNOW my questioning is not one of arrogance … just the search for TRUTH.

This we do understand Blossom. This we accept in total Grace for your quest within that TRUTH.

So what happens next?

What we invisage taking place … is a specific encounter of a magnitude that can be recognised for what it is. We do not ask you to expect this spectacular undertaking to coincide with the offering up of the prayer. We ask the prayer to gain momentum in numbers and sincerity and TRUTH OF HEART.

As this number rises and the Energy builds  … then shall we consider the possibility of its occurance.

Wait, wait, wait!  You are asking us to do this … and then you’ll consider it? Whats that all about?

Our Dearest Beloved Blossom … may we suggest that your ‘doubt’ and ‘fear’ regarding this matter is tainting the words we send and the Vibration upon which we send them. It certainly is not a matter of you playing your part … all those who choose to participate … and then we ‘may’ or ‘may not’ put on such a show. This is not WHO WE ARE and we certainly would not ‘toy’ with you on such a delicate matter. The Intention behind that which we say … regarding ‘we will consider the possibility’, is meant purely … that if the Vibrational pull and Energy is great enough … that indeed … allows it to take place. If it is not … it cannot. Therefore, depending on the impetus … and Energy build up … the consideration of its possibility shall be assessed.

Guys! I am not one to make apologies willy nilly, yet, I hereby apologise for misinterpreting. I guess, as a COLLECTIVE GROUP CONSCIOUSNES  …  If MILLIONS of us offer this up … we can but try. It can only do good … LIGHT SHOW or no LIGHT SHOW. So … ?

We shall close this communication for now and ask for your attention at another given time to offer words that will serve this goal.


We are not saying ‘if you do this  … we’ll do that.’ We are saying ‘should you choose to participate in this experiment  … then we shall … from our side … choose to do as much as pheesably possible to bring forth the outcome … for the Highest Good of all … For the betterment of mankind  … and for the speedier recovery of  Mother Earth and her children to  return  home … having accomplished their mission … having changed that which no longer serves … into that which does. So be it.’

Okidokey then! Got to say … this came out of the blue … as perhaps will the LIGHT SHOW! I will hook up again when it FEELS the right moment to do so … for the offering of words. Many thanks for your patience, tollerence and understanding of who I am and indeed, where I am at.
In Love and thanks!


A Video from THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT. http://youtu.be/MYeqbshjgmA

Here are the words offerred ...


I decree … that the Intention behind this offering is to open up a space from the deepest place within me … to amalgamize all thoughts of the Purest Highest Intention to uplift the Vibration of The Planet Mother Earth … To raise the frequencies of all who live upon this planet … and to allow my Highest Intention of Goodness … Kindness … Understanding … Forgiveness … Humility … and Compassion … which make up the patterns of the Highest Energy that is LOVE.

May I always offer these gifts within every moment of my AWAKENING.

May I learn to understand that in doing so … I become a part of a Vast Divine Plan … that will move this Energy into the exact alignment that it has set sail to meet.
May I find Laughter and Joy in all that I do … In the KNOWING that by doing so … I am allowing Laughter and Joy into the Lives of ALL that is Life.
May I send out thoughts of acceptance to those who may not have thoughts that coincide with mine … and within that acceptance  … KNOW that they … just like me … in Divine Timing ... are opening up to the GREATNESS OF WHO THEY ARE.

Within these thoughts … may I also accept that I came to this beautiful planet to serve the beauty of my soul … and in doing so … serve the beauty of ALL THAT IS.
It is my Highest Intention to move ‘Her’ into a place of Peace. The place where SHE rightfully belongs. A place where ALL rightfully belong.
We have been challenged and confused many a time … Yet, now as we become more fully aware of our TRUTH … let it be so … that we Intentionally abort all FEELINGS that no longer serve the Greater Good.

 Let it be so … that with every smile offered we lift the Hearts of the downcast.

With every touch … we turn that which suffers … into a DIVINE HEALING.


We came here to ENSURE that we would no longer tolerate the heavier Vibrations that have been set within the Earthly grid for so long.
So, we NOW hereby decree … to change the patterns that have become familiar … to recognise that familiarity breeds contempt … and that

NOW … that we KNOW that which we came to accomplish … we do so.
WE KNOW NOW that ALL IS LIGHT exposing itself through different frequencies … in order to AWAKEN our FEELINGS … which in turn, AWAKEN our determination to transpose that which is of  lesser assistance … into that which is of THE HIGHEST.

May we … with every DIVINE BREATH we take … KNOW that the mission here upon Earth is one of LOVE.
 It is only in/as/through/of LOVE that we can BE THE CHANGE we came to BE.

So … in/as/from my HIGHEST soul space … I send out the call to all Humans … to all non-humans … TO ALL AWARENESS OF JOYOUS LIFE ITSELF … TO

As I connect with MY TRUTH … may I FEEL this offering of service to be the HIGHEST OFFERING I have ever made.

That as I do so …
AS ONE … we quickly and with the greatest of ease … uplift the Vibrations in which we reside …
So that Each and Everything that lives … may KNOW LOVE in its HIGHEST PUREST FORM.
The Trust that I have within this KNOWING is full and complete.
I am uplifted immediately by the Energy this blessing carries … and therefore … accept that by BEING SO … I uplift the planet and all who sail in her!
In Love and thanks for the honour of BEING present upon The Earth at this time to bring this transformation … This DIVINE SHIFT into the NOW … and in doing so … we have the ability to FEEL THE TRUTH.
And how I choose to mould the ENERGY OF THIS LOVE determines the outcome.


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