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August 8, 2009

I am feeling excited to connect up with you after a few weeks gap. How are things going ‘up there’? I will let you dictate that which YOU feel most appropriate at this time … so the floor is yours … so to speak.

We are happy to be back in correspondence although the time elapse is manifested differently from that of your scale of time distance.

Regardless of all that has been spoken of, and ultimately choosing quantum barriers to depict linear conundrums we would offer to you a proposal that may appertain to that which we hope shall please both the mind and spirit.

There you go again ... that opening sentence … coming to me slowly word by word and me having no idea what you’re on about.(I have to say … even after the channelling and reading back that opening statement has got me a bit baffled!)  Continue forth oh intelligent ones.

Dearest lady, in measures of forgiveness towards the self destruct mode that those of your planet have pursued for many eons of time, we would like to suggest that a mass ‘FORGIVENESS’ take place. In that … there must be an understanding that what is NOW … has derived from past erosion of the soul self through the need to gratify and satisfy that which is NOW seen to be unnecessary and inappropriate. One gains by accepting forgiveness offered by/from the self to the self, for then the slate is clean … shall we say. Therefore we propose that a general forgiveness to the ALL and the EVERYTHING occur for we understand that this shall enhance the speed of progression to formulate a Higher frequency that shall be easily accessible to blend within your data …

Can you just clarify what you mean by ‘data’ in that last sentence?

Indeed. Within the formula that resides within the energy of each and every individual, indeed, each and every LIVING molecule … there is a formula that exists. A pattern … that allows the frequency in which ‘life’ coerces with ‘life force’ and creates the sum of the whole. If the individual formula of a soul did not have its match within the ratio of the formula that is within the vibrational frequency that allows LIFE to BE then it could not connect to its source in full.  We would in easier terms suggest …

Oh please do!!! ….

that you looked upon it as two pieces of a puzzle having the correct analysis  in order to ‘slot in’ to each other and therefore connecting to the other piece. Then elaborate on this surmise, and see how all the other individual pieces connect up with ‘their’ counterpart … then take that even further and see all those pieces eventually interlocking to form the one picture. Your world … your Universe, is one puzzle … and now we are showing to you of more puzzles being layered on top. You are seeing images of moons, planets etc. We then show you of all those puzzles being placed in a large bag, sealed and shaken up, so that all the pieces separate. All Universes, all frequencies of that from an individual such as yourself, linked with its universal counterpart … to that of the moon perhaps, linked with ITS universal counterpart … all in the one bag. All together as part of the SAME THING. THIS dearest ones is how we choose to assist you in understanding that the puzzle in the bag IS how IT IS. It is not a future event that is awaiting to take place … IT IS HOW IT IS. EVERYTHING IS ONE.

Yet …. We now suggest to you that ALL the pieces in the bag are to be ‘put back together’. But this time they will not be layered one on top of the other … they are to form ONE ENORMOUS PICTURE. ONE UNITED FRONT. The equations of the formulae are BEING reconstructed. A NEW format. And we say to you that this is why so many of you are experiencing such confusion. Such confrontation of the self. Questioning of the very universal laws that are in place. Consider for one moment the enormity of this project. Indeed it cannot be comprehendible in even the mind of the most genius. Yet we say to you … it is taking place. This is also why we speak of ‘THE NEW WORLD’. For your very make up, your own individual formula is being readjusted, rearranged, forming a NEW partnership with a new counterpart, and the connection has to be re-established.

We understand this may seem difficult to grasp. It is difficult too for us to even TRY to explain. Yet we desire to persevere.
Your counterpart in the ‘ether’ has also been adapting to the HIGHER FREQUENCY … therefore changing its formula in order to ‘keep up’. Within that change it is also required to remain the counterpart of the same piece of the jigsaw puzzle that it was connected to before … so imagine what is involved in synchronising this on the scale of EVERYTHING THAT EXSISTS.

And yet … all of this is taking place without us having to do anything?

Not so dearest one. For each souls part in this event is to be played out to the best of their ability.

And knowledge … I suppose. For if they know nothing of it how can they willingly be part of it?

On certain levels an aspect of the Higher self is automatically involved and doing what it should. On other levels … there may be resistance from an aspect of a soul self that does not feel ready for the change that is occurring. Yet we say … it is and shall continue to occur whether one is flowing with its energy or resisting it.

So, for those of us that are willing to lend a hand in whatever way we can, what would you suggest we do?

As suggested in the beginning of this communication, A FORGIVENESS on a vast scale would bring freshness to the deepest part of each soul and to the very core of your MOTHER EARTH.

You are seeing flowers opening; you are seeing the richness of the soil. It would enable regrowth to spring forth. It would allow an awakening of that which is stifled by shame to bloom once again.

It is for each individual who comes across these words to do this for themselves. To take a time in solace and calm and go deeply within the soulself and allow forgiveness of all past misdemeanours for/of the soulself to be set free. Then, it is for the forgiveness to reach into the souls of all others from that soul self and then further into that of the FORGIVENESS OF EVERYTHING of all that was ever in existence that was not coming from the Highest benefit for ALL THAT IS.

If someone asks me to forgive them for something they may have done … my feeling is that there is nothing to forgive … they were merely walking along their journey … experiencing where they are on their pathway at that particular time  …  actually  … as I am writing this I am getting my own answer. As in  … the fact that they have moved to a place where they are asking to be forgiven … is simply a way of showing themselves that they have moved a little further up the ladder of evolvement.

Which … Oh intelligent one … is exactly our point of each individual soul FORGIVING everything. Think of the impact it shall have. You are also picking up that we would like to suggest that when this ceremony takes place for each individual … that they may begin by Lighting of a candle … At the end of the sequence …it would be symbolically strengthening if one was to blow out the candle, wait a few moments as Love is offered out and then to relight the flame …. In the KNOWING and understanding that THE NEW DAWN IS EMERGING.

You are questioning your resistance to doing this on a particular date when all our involved in synchronicity …. And yet we reassure you that its power shall come through each individual being ready within their own space of your time to bring this great nurturing into its fullest creation .

There … beyond reasonable doubt … shall be felt a change within the souls vibrational pull upwards. There will take place a shedding of layers of dust that have been preventing one from shining in their fullest Light. May we also prepare you for the fact that the individual more than likely shall experience the shedding of tears also , to wash away the debris of time and cleanse the heart place of the shadows that have rested there without consent.

We are needing now to depart quite rapidly … OUR LOVE IS YOU …. YOUR LOVE IS US.

Ok … quick or you’ll miss the bus!!! In Love and thanks as always.

It was brought to my attention that I must be ‘thick’ if I needed to look up certain words and that it was all part of my trick! DOH! I have heard of these words obviously … but anyone who knows me … knows such words just do not enter my vocabulary. And for self confirmation I need to check that they make sense within the sentence given. That’s why I am always so chuffed with the accuracy of the explanation of the word and how apt it is. Just for the record!!!

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