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Blossom Goodchild - September 6, 2014

Good morning to you. So, many enjoyed your last channelling. They found it very helpful in ways of doing something practical. Thank you for that.

Warmest greetings of Love to each and every one. It is our full intention to surprize the soul which in turn allows for the sun to shine through it at all times.


We FEEL it necessary to explore circumstances that diminish the soul’s Light and to then in turn … encourage ways for one to emerge from that ‘gloom’ … and bring the soul into alignment with its TRUTH.

So, continuing on from last week … how else? Is there anything else … that enables us to do this? I think most people find that they are able to hold the Highest Vibration possible of themselves, when they can, yet, then may find themselves plummeting from time to time, back into the lower one, the one from which we are trying to move on from!




The thought forms which transpire from conditioning and indoctrination and general social ‘graces’ …  which we FEEL have fallen from grace … is the predicament in which one finds the self, often.


It is not at all difficult to be aware of one’s FEELINGS. For one FEELS them continuously. Yet, to be aware and then act upon them is that which we are asking.
If one finds themselves in the doldrums … if there is a situation which appears to be ongoing and not letting up … and it is a situation that does not please and enthral the soul … we suggest that one concentrate fully on the ‘BEING OUT OF THAT SITUTAION’.

For BEING fully immersed within the vibration of it, only continues to exacerbate it … and therefore, bring more of the same … adding to it … and the cycle continues.

However … if one CHOOSES to allow the thought pattern to FEEL the FREEDOM of that particular situation being over and done with, then … THAT FEELING … automatically raises one out of the lower frequency into the HIGHER.

So many ponder and ponder until one’s mind is in a fuzzy whirl. They search their mind and soul for the way to correct a circumstance … and often this leads only to more despair as one finds themselves travelling deeper and deeper into the maze … and FEELING more and more lost.

We say to you … TRUST THE PROCESS.

TRUST that when you are in alignment with yourself and the Universe … NOTHING shall take place that is not for your Highest Good.

KNOW within … ASK within … for that situation to work through the process it must … and KNOW that the outcome shall be for the Highest Good of all.

When you TRUST … TRUST FULLY in that KNOWING … then the problem is automatically solved … just like that. It may not appear to have gone away immediately … yet, the answer has been achieved and all that is left to be done … is to allow the UNIVERSE to weave its magic.

How often does an outcome arise that was the least expected? Yet, when reviewing the situation and all it entailed … one cannot cease to be amazed at how it has all worked out for the best of all.

It simply is a matter of moving into the space that serves the whole … fully.

You may mark this as ‘time’ … Yet, we KNOW that the energy is simply moving into the Higher Vibration of any given situation.

I guess, for many … they would ‘get this’. Yet, STILL feel swamped by the situation and therefore, STILL find it tricky to BE of a joyful disposition due to that circumstance.

Then we would say that they ‘get it’ … yet, CHOOSE to block the flow … through not having acquired the correct understanding of that which we say. When one is FEELING happy … when all seems well within one’s world … it is so very easy to KNOW that the Universe is on your side.

The plain fact is … THE UNIVERSE CANNOT … DOES NOT … WILL NOT … TAKE SIDES. It simply answers your call. FROM the Vibration that you are asking.
Is it not so, that when one is in tune with Vibrational harmony of a HIGH level, then more and more flows into one’s life that … one can only assume … is of the Greatest Joy?

When one CHOOSES to Vibrate on a Higher ‘resolution’ (?) … then, even when some misdemeanour of a lower one occurs … it cannot interfere … It cannot bring one down … If one CHOOSES to remain on the Higher level when ‘dealing’ with it.

We speak to you many times of FEELINGS and Vibrations.

Your FEELINGS resonate on a Vibration. Your body resonates on/within a Vibration … Your thoughts do the same. Everything exists because of its Vibration.

Nothing could exist if it did not have a Vibrational frequency … because it could not ‘appear in its form’ without it.



ENERGY is a matter of that which it CHOOSES to experience.

Sorry, can you just go into detail regarding that last sentence?


IT IS AN ENERGY OF LOVE … no matter what form it is taking of itself at any one given time.

Even to look at a plant … it can resonate on a certain Energy level when displaying itself in all its glory in the sunshine. Yet, having to weather the storms can leave it dishevelled and depleted.

IT STILL IS THE ENERGY THAT IT ALWAYS WAS /IS … Yet, during / after the storm … that same level of Energy is Vibrating on a different frequency … due to that which it has had to undertake. It is experiencing itself on different levels of Energy … of itself.

 So, I think you are saying … actually … why don’t I leave it to you to say it … you have a way with words.

Imagine say … this particular plant …. BEING OF a certain Vibration … let us call it a ball of Energy that IS and surrounds itself … therefore, BEING WHAT IT IS … a plant. However … within that ball of LOVE Energy that the plant is … there are many levels in which it can reside … OF ITSELF.

It cannot BECOME a Higher level than that which a plant Energy is designed to BE … It cannot become a lower level than that which it is designed to BE … Yet, its level of Energy can alter greatly within that ball in which a plant was created.

It’s making sense to me … and I am FEELING you are about to begin to explain that it is the same for all things … including us.

Precisely. Yet, the human form has obviously a different Vibrational ball of Energy from that of the plant.

We speak of BRINGING DOWN INTO your physical form that which is from your Higher self.

‘Bringing down’ seems incorrect, if you don’t mind me saying. For are we not our HIGHER SELVES within our soul and it is just a matter of accessing that Higher part?

We understand your thought form … yet again, words … words … words. They lack the best way to EXPRESS.

I KNOW … I feel my head is going to blow off in the overall picture of that which we are talking about, and we now need to pick out the format to explain that picture!

Little by little … Fragment by fragment …


Then, consider that the aspect of your soul that has chosen to be within human form at this time, for all its various reasons and proposals … has its own Vibrational ball on which it resides within … in order to function and express within that human form.

This human functional Energy ball, like the plant … has many levels / layers in which /to which … one can resonate and respond.  Yet, it is a more expansive Vibrational ball … than the one in which the plant experiences. That is not to say that the human form does not already have within it the same frequency of the WHOLE of the plants Energy ball. For the human Energy frequency contains /encompasses all that the plant is.

It’s still making sense in my head, but that’s maybe because you are offering to me in my head … I am hoping others are able to follow this track. Yet, if we come from that Highest Purest Energy ball … the very Highest there is … are you saying we cannot access the fullness of THAT ball, because we are in human form, even though we come from it? I thought we could access are Higher selves? Struth … I feel like I’ve just had a fizz bath bomb implanted in my brain! It’s so active … and we are trying so hard to put this entire concept of which you speak into words. I really get how tricky it is for you … it isn’t that simple for me to translate/transcribe just quietly!


Yet, the Vibration of yourself, coupled with the Vibration of your surroundings … and with this we do not mean just your immediate surroundings. We add to that … your region … expanding to your country … expanding to your Earth Planet … THAT PART OF YOU that you are experiencing is a vast Energy ball. The level you CHOOSE to BE in … OF that … can vary at different stages and yet, after a certain awareness occurs … it is as if the lower Vibration of it ‘slithers away’. It disperses … because it has run its course ... served its purpose and is no longer needed.

When this takes place … the ball that is YOU brings in a Higher Vibration at the top end of the scale. So, in this way … one is able to continue to access Higher and Higher levels of the soul self as their awareness allows them to do so. It is like climbing a ladder and as one gets further up the scale … the bottom rungs are removed and more are added to the top. For want indeed, of a descriptional visual of that which we are trying to explain.

Does this happen with plants and other forms?

In a different way. Let us move on to a Tree. It has its own Vibrational resonance. Yet, IT does not have the trials and tribulations of a mindset … IT SIMPLY IS. It resonates within its own Vibration and yet … through mankind’s raising of the entire Planet through Vibrational upliftment … the tree’s Energy ball … through natural progression … automatically lifts with the entirety of EVERYTHING.

One cannot raise one’s own Vibration alone … for all that is done for the self … is done … and affects the WHOLE.

That which we discussed last week regarding giving of /being of/ acting through LOVE at all times … is the key to raising your Vibration. Therefore, the Vibration of the whole.

The system that we spoke of within the ladder explanation … is one that serves throughout. Even though everything resonates within its own frequency … it still has the opportunity to lift ‘THE WHOLE’ of itself … its Energy ball …into a Higher level … that just continues onwards and upwards.

Do you see? Can you begin to comprehend the DIVINE design? The opportunities for growth are undeniable. The opportunity for expansion of soul self, which in turn benefits EVERYTHING  … serves as a miraculous vision that can be achieved … simply though the desire to benefit self … because there is NOW the KNOWING that improving the self … into that Highest vision it can be … SERVES ALL.

Thank you. Thank you so much for that … It all makes sense and is so simple. Why on Earth, we have chosen to make it so complex, beats me.


That is the design through which the Divine Plan flows as its Highest Good … within the Highest Vibration one chooses to FEEL it … in any one given breath … in any one given moment.

We take our leave for today … We have greatly enjoyed this discourse with you.

Oh me too. I can’t believe the hour has gone by so quickly. In Love and in Great Thanks to ALL.

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmsCqVjqSss .

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