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November 4, 2011 Thrive

Hello there! I am in an excellent space this morning and looking forward to this chat with you. Leaving all subject matter up to you of course. Fire away ...

You are awaiting the first words to come for you can FEEL us with you ... We are aware of the FEELING that is within you and surrounding you. We are enjoying 'merging' with that and allowing the energies to settle.

I am laughing ... as I did say to you in my mind 'Is 9am' ok?' ... and it's only 8.59am as I write this !!! ... tick tick tick .... and ... we're off!!

In Light of all that is transpiring in and around your Earth plane, we are considering the possibilities of discussing matters anew to those who are interested.

Show me someone who is not?! I am all ears!

It has been discussed and 'mulled over' in 'our quarters' that events are to be given a makeover ... as you would say in your world. It has also come to our attention that due to disheartening procedure that has not proceeded it would be beneficial for those of you who are integrated with the energies that are flowing forth ... to be able to determine that which is about to be diligently discussed. Let us commence ... It has come to our attention that many of you are underestimating the power that you hold regarding that of physical and mental ability. You underestimate ALL that is within your grasp and we are here now to ask you to change that and ... grasp it.

Pertaining to what in particular?

To ALL that is yours to grasp. You are expecting so much to 'reign down upon you' ... yet dearest ones, it is YOU that hold ALL the answers in your hands. They are not in ours and yet you think maybe that this is so. We ask you to consider facts and knowledge that you have accumulated within your mind sets. We ask you to abominate (?) the theories that have been put before you and you have been asked to believe ... without question.

NOW Dearest ones ... NOW is the time when you no longer choose to deliver weakness ... NOW is the time when in your DIVINE strength you are gathering together as ONE and creating an entirely new facet of the human race. You are no longer prepared to put on falsities for the sake of necessity. You have been driven to your furthest point and have nowhere to take this opportunity presented to you ... other than on it's rightful ... Truthful direction.

Could you be a bit more specific as to exactly what 'subject matter' you are directing this toward.

Indeed . We are speaking to you of your New World and your new acquisitions. We are expecting resistance from some who do not understand and yet on the other side of the coin we are acknowledging to you that ... not only do we choose to provide information that shall assist in this great change ... and assist it will ... in a way that will seem 'unreal' to begin with ... but also, we come this day to speak with you regarding the purpose of ALL that has gone before .

Mmm! That sounds a bit delicious ....

That which is to be delivered is consistent with that which we have spoken of throughout our communication. As days and weeks and even years have been moved through ... you have accepted our hearts beat into your hearts rhythm. We have asked nothing of you and yet it would appear that you FEEL we have asked so much ... is this not so?

Let me think about this before I answer. All you have asked of us is to be LOVE ... You have shown us and spoken to us regarding how to achieve this. This ... I do not FEEL is asking too much at all.

However ... what MY heart FEELS 'IS' asking too much ... is not what YOU are 'asking' ... it is what MY hearts' calling is 'saying' when the yearning to be unified with you in a more 'obvious fashion' doesn't take place ... Therefore the FEELING of the waiting sometimes FEELS like it is too much. I FEEL here I need to ensure that you understand that it is not about the "Waiting for you to come and save us' ... It is about the waiting for a dear friend to arrive and the longing for the 'HELLOOOOOOO ' to fill the empty space that lies within ... reserved especially for that meeting.

We thank you for your explanation. We are aware of the 'yearning' energy and is it possible that we 'pick up' also that therefore, the colour we recognize as 'hope/faith' is tainted ... due then to that which you have expressed? ... Rather than that which we assumed to be misunderstanding of wording we had produced.

Maybe so ... I don't see those colours, so only you can be the judge of that. So ... you were saying you wanted to speak about the purpose of all that has gone before?

This we are doing. In order to expel from your minds 'untruths' it is necessary for us to have explained as best as we are able to portray ... given words and language barriers ... that which we consider to be OF TRUTH. It is then for your soul selves to determine that which it considers to be of 'well being' and that which does not serve. In performing such understandings within/through and 'by' the self ... it has allowed YOUR TRUTH ... ONES OWN TRUTH to be discovered. To blindly follow teachings without question would not be of great service to the self ... for the FEELING of TRUTH would have disappeared and automation would have taken over the heart space and prevented that which YOU ARE ... to tell YOU YOUR TRUTH.

This is why we have acted in the way we have on occasions that you may not have found particularly beneficial. We are here to remind you of ALL THAT YOU KNOW. We are not here to reveal it to you ... for you already are aware of it. We simply take the position offered to assist you in recalling why you are here on this Earth plane at this time. More and more of you are 'Getting it'. It may be/seem that you cannot express it fully in your language of words , yet would you not say that your heart KNOWS exactly what is going on?

Well ... yes... my heart FEELS ALL KNOWING ... for want of a better way of putting it ... It just seems to be keeping it a secret from my mind!! My heart FEELS 'a stirring' and 'a glow' and 'an inner excitement', yet if someone asks me what is about to take place ... what is going on with all these new energies ... I seem to resort to offering wisdom such as 'I have no idea!'. I just can't explain to anyone what is going on ... because 'I' don't know .... yet why do I want to ask ''Do I?".

Your unsurity is not coming from the depth of your knowledge ... it is coming from the fact as we have spoken of before of a 'need to know' basis ... on certain matters.

Exactly ... so I don't really have a clue what is going on. With respect ... others in the 'KNOW' seem to be able to explain this whole Ascension process very precisely and knowledgeably. The whole 'moving dimension' thing seems to flow forth from their lips with Grace and ease. I just have to adopt the attitude of 'Lets play it by ear' ... because I really don't know which one of the many given scenarios from Truth-Sayers is the one that is going to actually take place. SO ... should I find myself sprouting rainbow coloured wings from my shoulder blades and levitating ... toothbrush in hand ... waving to those 'down below' as I rise ... shouting 'Cheer ho! See you there' ... I'll say to myself ... 'Ah so this is what Ascension means'. I don't mean this disrespectfully .... it's just ... how ... amidst ALL of the information we have been given ... are we to know what 'ON EARTH' is really going to take place?

Indeed ... It shall be as you said .... 'Taking place ... on Earth'.

Dearest souls .. do you see now why we cannot reveal all? Why much IS of a 'need to know' basis?

In a nut shell ... Nope!

Because that which shall ensue shall be made totally clear to the soul as and when it is happening. The 'orders' that are firmly and securely locked inside of you are done so for a specific reason. IF you were to have them 'displayed' to you now ... YOU WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND THEM. Because that which is to present itself in the future ... that which is to be 'shown to you' cannot be spoken of in this 'space' of your time . If it were to ... IT COULD NOT BE UNDERSTOOD.

So ... what will be so different when it is 'shown to us '? What different space will we be in? What will have changed so much ... in order for us to understand it, when it is here?


Ah ha!! ????????????????????? Yet I 'get ya'. SO ... when whatever 'IT" is ... is here ... our orders ... that are locked inside us and when unlocked ... will let us KNOW exactly what it is we are supposed to be doing regarding this Ascension lark ... will make total sense then ... because of whatever 'IT' is!


And if you were to tell us what 'IT" is now ... we couldn't understand it because ....?

Because you are not there yet ....


In that 'space' that will make so much sense to you when you are. THEN will you KNOW why you wouldn't be able to understand it NOW!.

Okidokey then ........ Clear as mud! I jest .. because a part of me KNOWS what you mean although I have no idea what 'IT' is . But that's cool . Truly ... bit by bit ... the TRUTH will come out. I just LOVE all this intrigue. Adds to the Divine spark of it all. And indeed ... adds to my level of TRUST in you and what you are saying.

Well, I FEEL that's it for today ... I just KNOW when we are done ... and ...the clock strikes 10! Thanks Peeps! I enjoyed it . I'll now read it back and see if it makes any sense. Not always sure the continuity flows smoothly. Yet I simply have to go with the conversation as it comes forth. I must let you get on ... I expect your 'e SO busy charging all those Light Pillars with energy and info!! Love ya!

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Comment from one of our readers:

"I really liked this message !! You questioned and answered them as I feel. THANK YOU. I don't understand alot of what they say is going to happen either. "IT" is very frustrating and discouraging for me when it keeps being postponed and the details are confusing. Everything is for their safety....what about all the years people have been in poverty and dieing down here...Yeah they will say we signed up for this...well I have also read it has been more dark than people signed up for. IF we are from other planets and are from a higher vibration maybe we would like to get back to that vibration sooner rather that later.....we are tired and want to go home wherever that is, PLEASE.
Kat" (November 8, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I thought Blossom's message was very revealing today. "It" is within us. Be patient, have resolve, try not to be discouraged, it comes through time (time is really a dimension). Once it is recognized, one will laugh at how easy it was to find. There is no particular day that some event will occur and then everyone will know. Each person is on their individual journey to discover it.

Think of it this way. We are conditioned to know what we know through our parents and schools and interactions with others who were also conditioned to know what they know. This has been going on since the beginning. Discovering "it" is when one can back out everything that conditioned you to realize who you really are. The journey to discovering this is very close to all. It is within you. No one else has the answer for you. Start to recognize and realize the answers are "locked up" inside of you and will be revealed to you gradually through your experiences (or through time). Seek, and ye shall find.

One must stop thinking of what "it" is and be oneself without "acting" a certain way. Social norms are here to control behaviors and the way in which people are "suppose to think". To some degree they are necessary, but have been perverted along the way. Don't be different or conform is the underlying mantra.

I believe I started getting "it" when I began questioning why to everything I ever learned. Something that slowed my progress was my very active thinking mind and getting caught up in thought which doesn't exist except in my mind only (then again, maybe that's part of the process). In order for more people to get "it", the current systems in place (banking, government, education, health care, most laws, etc.) must collapse. Due to the ways they've evolved into being, the systems are the cancer and the main road block to discovering who you are. For with them in place, many will not be encouraged to discover themselves from within.

Know that the collapse is assured for it is quite impossible to continue for much longer. Everything will be brought down. Know what is important to you and lend a hand to those around you. Coming together in trust and love also gives great insight into who you are. In order to love or trust you must first love and trust in yourself. One cannot give of something that which they do not possess. Maintain calm and peace within yourself and others will feed upon it. One thing you will notice is that it will not drain your energy to support others but will rather energize you. Have fun on your quest and try not to rush it but be in the moment of now. Now is all there really is anyway. I hope this helps someone.

David, Dublin, OH" (November 9, 2011)

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