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Blossom Goodchild - July 2, 2017

Welcome once again to my world!

And welcome to you and all who respond to these messages. We are aware there is a question you would care to follow through with, yet, firstly we would like to mention the ‘ongoing upheavals’ that so many are experiencing at this time.

No offence, yet, would it not be to do with the negativity coming up and leaving? Truly, you know I don’t mean this rudely , but this has been going on for ever!

And yet, would you not say that they are rather intense at this time?

That would depend on who you are, where you are at, and what’s going on … for each one. AND … how one is choosing to handle it … meaning, one’s attitude towards ‘it’.

The fact is Blossom, that so many of you now are REALLY feeling the brunt of not just one’s own, but of ‘manys’ clearances! Therefore, the reason that one who has perhaps done much work on themselves to clear their Energies, may still be finding they are ‘still’ scraping the barrel. And wondering when it will ever end.

Please understand and accept that many who have progressed speedily and readily are also, now assisting in clearing the Energies of many who are unaware that this is necessary. This is an agreement made to assist the WHOLE.

Should it not be that one has to wash their own dirty laundry? (So to speak) In the sense, that their soul NEEDS to do it for themselves?

To a degree. Yet, we are speaking of souls who perhaps, have no longer their physical body and yet, have ‘left behind’ debris that needs to be dispersed. We have mentioned before, that there are many ‘places/locations’ that have been left with the mark of much violence and sadness due to war or even circumstances.

These ‘Energies’ can be trapped within areas and many KNOW that it is for them, their work, to set these Energies free.

Others are unaware of what they are doing. They are simply doing it automatically. So, not all that ‘arises’ is necessarily one’s own debris … yet, by breathing through it and sending it away with Love, much damage is Lovingly and gently cleared.

Thanks for that. I must say, yesterday I woke up feeling as if I had been injected with a negativity virus. It was SO unlike my way of thinking. Thankfully, due to wisdom shared by you, I was able to turn my thoughts around after allowing myself to sit within it for a while … and seeing what ‘arose’. Some of my thoughts were so childish, I had to laugh!

The fact is that ALL THIS CLEARING is absolutely reaching its last momentum. All left over debris has to go, in order for those ready to move into a Higher place of ‘living arrangements’.

You are aware of upheaval in so many souls’ lives at this time; you can also FEEL the purpose, can you not?

Yes. I can only assume it is to prepare us for what is to come … and what is to come, even amongst this upheaval, FEELS good. A bit odd really.

Yet … AS IS.

As the Higher Energies settle in nicely to your senses … one can FEEL the difference in self and All.

We take this moment to praise each one in their inner confidence of Knowing that All is well. And acting /behaving accordingly.

Thank you. So yes, the question someone put to you was regarding last week’s channelling and being able to slip in and out of ‘Beings’ … for want of a better way of putting it . There was a concern as to whether another soul might be able to slip into another’s body whilst it was ‘elsewhere’?

No … this is not acceptable.

Yet, is it possible?

It can be attempted. Yet, there are barriers in place. There are laws in place.

Some lost souls ‘TRY’ to slip in to another’s body, when the soul who occupies it is still in there. The lost soul has a desperate need to be in the Light and to take it from another. Yet, again this is against the law! In the sense that one who occupies a physicality is designated that body … it came into that body and it is theirs to keep.

Unless of course …

Which is what I knew this would lead to … the matter of ‘walk- ins’.

Indeed. That is a different matter altogether. That is an arrangement made between souls.

I thought you were going to say ‘two souls’.

No … for a body can be shared by three or four, if necessary. Yet, that is very rare.

Many souls write in to let me know they are a walk-in. I don’t quite get it. Surely, there would be a ‘marked’ difference in personality etc … enough for a Loved one to notice, at least.

Yet, it would not be, if one were to ‘swap’ places.  i.e., a soul that has no physicality, agrees for a soul that has, to change places … it would not be suitable for someone who was totally different in personality to take over that body. That would not be compatible and would not serve a purpose. Yet, there of course, would be slight changes that may be recognized. One might say ’Oh, so and so has never been the same since their accident’ etc … and that is because they are not!

Why would a soul choose to do this? Why would they not just pick their own body from birth and live with that?

For many reasons. It may be agreed before a soul entered the body that it only needed to experience Earth once again for a short time, to complete perhaps a ‘finishing off’ of a circumstance with another … and the same for the soul who entered in at a later date. These matters are not performed hastily, yet, none the less, they can be of great use.

Yet, I thought in order to be able to leave the physical body; one had to have the silver chord cut?

The silver chord that binds body and soul together is not severed in such case. Once a silver chord is cut, the soul leaves the body and cannot return … for the silver chord is the ‘life-line’. Once it is cut, the body lays itself to rest.

So in the case of walk-ins … there is a transference period whereby the two souls involved may occupy the same body for a little while.

Don’t tell me these are what’s known as schizophrenics?

Only temporarily (In this case) … for it can also be, that two or three or four or more souls can occupy the body at the same time … and a lot of confusion takes place in the mind and emotions of those souls.

Well it would. How can that happen? Surely that is a malfunction?

It can be as ‘a war between souls’ …

But, you said earlier that there are laws and another soul cannot take over another’s body without permission.

Yet, it could be that permission was granted.

What on Earth for? Who would choose a life with four of five people in their head?

The souls who chose to experience that. It could have been discussed that the components of each mindsoul/soulmind … when put together, had the ingenuity to create something very worthwhile to benefit the Planet. Yet, when encased in the body … alongside each other … things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Going with ‘everything is possible’ … I’ll go along with that.

To continue on a ‘walk-in’s journey’… the two souls may co-habit the one body for a while as the ‘newer’ soul learns the ins and outs of the whys and wherefores’ of the old soul … and yet, we would say too, that the new soul has been walking alongside the old soul for that life experience since birth.

Why would one not simply just come in at birth and when completing their reason for experiencing life again, just, as many do, arrange a way for them to leave the physicality and let the body disintegrate. Job done! Why would one want to take on another’s?

Because some need to experience their purpose in that which would take place in younger years, and another might only need the experience of that which can only take place in later years.

Can you give me an example?

A soul who is born into the body may, for instance, only desire to experience being a child until the age of eight. Due to the fact that in a previous life time, their childhood up until the age of eight had been a very disturbed one and actually was not experienced as a ‘childhood’ at all. However the rest of the experience of that life time was a fulfilling one.

Yet, wouldn’t they just accept that they had a bummer of a childhood yet, lived happily ever after, after that?

Some may. Yet, other’s may intensely desire that eight years of being Loved and nurtured and needed/wanted to experience it enough to come back just for those eight years, to gain from them, that which the soul required and lost out on last time round.

Then it may be that a soul who has a wonderful childhood up until the age of eight then went on to experience a very unhappy adulthood and there were things that needed to be ‘accomplished’ in the latter years of one’s life, maybe just to experience ‘old age’ in a more satisfying manner … so there is an agreement to ‘share’ the body … It is simply ‘more suitable’ for those souls to do it that way and so the agreement is made.

Can it be that a soul who didn’t have that agreement, decides to allow a walk-in to take over, because they no longer want to be here?

Oh yes. Yet, the soul coming in to take over has to have the same needs that the soul who is choosing to leave may have. For instance … if a soul has an agenda to assist another soul by being/behaving/giving/taking/living in a certain way … then the soul coming in has also to fulfil that role … therefore, not only fulfilling the role of/for the one leaving, and the one who’s soul would be assisted by that relationship … yet, also their own purpose. It works very well in these cases.

It does seem a bit odd to me … yet, each to their own.

There is also the scenario whereby a soul who has prearranged to leave and another take over … decides to stay … or the soul coming in … changes its mind.

Then what happens?

It is then that the soul who was coming in, yet,now can’t … will be allocated another body that would be suitable as soon as one becomes available … so to speak.

And the soul would decide to stay because?

It was having too good a time. They took a course that changed events for them … they felt they would be more useful to another soul by remaining. So many different reasons why.

Could it be that the original occupier of a body, leaves for say twenty years … another ‘borrows’ it for that time, and then the original soul comes back in to finish off that life?

Yes. If that is what is beneficial to all concerned.

There are also, sadly, people who write in to say that someone has taken over their body (without permission) and causing their life to be hell. What’s happened there then?

This goes into matters that are very deep, Blossom. Yet, we would say, that the soul of a body ... the owner of a body … has control over it. Whether they think they have or not. Another may ‘appear’ to ‘take over’ yet often, not always … this can be ‘demons’ of the mind. We would call them ‘fear demons’ that are not really there at all yet, seem very real to the soul that is encountering them. This is not always the case … yet, such a discussion is not on our agenda.

What? Ever?

Not necessarily.  Yet, the mind is a vast Universe, creating all that enters in and when pondered upon … should it be pondered upon enough … to be created.

This is why we teach to focus only on Love dearest ones … Why would one desire to create something that does not serve it?

For the experience?

And so it is.

And so it is indeed! Many thanks. In Love and gratitude for your wisdom shared.

In Love and Gratitude to all those who choose to impart and partake.


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