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Blossom Goodchild - 2 January, 2014

So, here we are in 2014. It's been a busy time for many of us ... and I have to say I am feeling tired and emotional for one reason or another. So, before I begin, I would like to make it clear that I am not coming from anger in this communication ... yet there are some things that I feel need to be said. You have told me before that it was part of our agreement for me to inform you of how things are going from the point of view of us humans here in the thick density of the Earth ... for you are unable to gauge this fully, being where you are. So chaps ... are you ready? I want to say also, that there will be many an enlightened soul who reads this and will, without question, be thinking 'Oh Blossom, when are you going to 'get it?'. I would like to say ... I GET a lot of things ... much more than some who write in give me credit for ... yet at the same time, I have come to realize that I am able to be a spokeswoman for many of us Earthlings and many it seems, FEEL exactly the same as myself. So ... here I go! From our perspective, first and foremost ... we are tired. Tired of being told we are 'the strongest of the strong' and that one day, all will make sense and we shall be overcome with a LOVING KNOWING OF ALL, due to an Event that is to take place. I KNOW the Event will take place. I don't know when ... yet that is obviously in your capable hands. HOWEVER ... if it is to be that this Event will not show itself for another year or two ... (immanently?) then I am stating quite categorically, that in the interim period we would LOVE to have a display of some kind that will give us the boost we need to carry on. I KNOW you are capable of coming up with something like this and therefore, from all of us down here ... I ask you with all respect ...to pull your finger out and DO SOMETHING! If you have never been upon Earth to live, and you say you have not ... then you cannot possibly KNOW what it is like, as one who is aware of their Light, to have to continually FEEL the pain in your heart of the darkness at work. Yes, we are strong ... the strongest of the strong you say ... yet we are weakening ... because WE ARE TIRED!! Tired of fighting against the dark forces upon the planet. You teach us to BE OF LOVE ... FOR THAT IS WHO WE ARE ... and the majority of us are doing our utmost to change the vibration here into a Higher one. Yet to 'keep on keeping on' as we do, is proving to be very tricky as year after year passes by ... with only, as yet, promises to hold onto ... and we have been holding on for so very long, with many 'promises' that have not come about. SO PLEASE, have a think about this. Give us SOMETHING ... some validation. Not something that we have to question, or that someone can palm off as it being something else ... SOMETHING GOOD AND SOLID to return our strength to us ... to assist our minds to keep on track, because believe me, it is difficult at times to make sense of the suffering that so many have to endure in one form or another. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. TIME TO TAKE ACTION MY FRIENDS ... NOW ... NOT SOON ... NOW. DO SOMETHING ... SEND A SIGN OF SOME SORT ... WE NEED IT ... AND WE NEED IT NOW ! THANK YOU. Over to you.

And so our dearest Blossom, you have spoken from your heart ... and we can pick up on your energy of ... would we say ... frustration? We thank you for your forthrightness and we take on board all that you have said.

And ... ? You seemed to stop there. Are you still about?

Yes, we are and we are taking into consideration how we are to conduct the rest of this communication. For it is not that we desire to 'lead you up the garden path' as you would say in your world.

Yet you KNEW this conversation has been brewing in my mind did you not?

Yes, we are aware of how you have been FEELING. Yet, we do not wish to say 'YES, we shall do as you have asked' ... and then you have to once again 'wait and see'. For this, we feel, shall not assist the situation. However, we shall say that we shall discuss the matter with deep concern for the well-being of 'our crew' upon your planet.

And will you be reporting back? You see the thing is, in my mind ... It would not work well for you to come back to me and say ... 'We have discussed the matter and we shall indeed be giving you something' ... for as you say, we will then be waiting for that 'something'. So, I would suggest we leave the matter there and YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. For years and years we FEEL like we have had a carrot dangling in front of our noses and to be frank ... we donkeys are losing our stamina. So, let's let it be for now and move onto more 'Light hearted' banter if we may? My abruptness in conversation comes from LOVE you understand ... it just needed to be said. One more thing ... you could say that many are not ready to 'see you' and they could leave their body or lose their mind in shock and there may follow much chaos etc. Well, hello! ... Have you zoomed around our planet at all lately? Look at it! So much NEEDS TO CHANGE ... and HAS TO CHANGE ... NOW! So maybe, many thousands will go cuckoo, and many thousand's may choose to leave their Earthly coil ... so what (with all respect)? At least we could then GET ON WITH IT! Many thousands go cuckoo already for some reason or another and souls leave this planet by the second. At least if we had a HUGE sign ... that would prepare many for THE EVENT that is to come! That's why we came here isn't it? ... and to be honest, it feels a bit like phoning a phone company ... We have been put on hold and ripped off for far too long. It is now 2014 ... I DO NOT WANT to be talking over the same stuff for another year and then say ... 'So here we are in 2015 ...WE WANT ACTION GUYS!

We are finding your conversation quite admirable Blossom and we can feel your energy as we have said.

Is my energy blocking the flow ? As there does not seem to be much coming from you.

We were just making sure you had released all you needed to say before we take our turn.

I feel I have ... yet ... you never know. I seem to be on a roll.

We cannot change that which we have already said ... for TRUTH cannot be interfered with from 'our perspective'. So we continue on with the same 'tone' as always. Yet of course that which you have offered this day has indeed come from a different angle of conversation. Yes, we continue to reiterate that YOU ARE LOVE ...YOU ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG. We shall not stop giving you words of encouragement to assist you in the understanding of yourselves. For it is through this that you ARE able to carry on. You say that you are tired now ... and this we are abe to pick up on also. Yet we are aware too, that YOU WILL continue on in your steadfastness. YOU WILL continue to SHINE YOUR LIGHTS. Because your hearts tell you do so.

Your hearts do not tell you to give up ... do they?

Never ... yet they have become so weary.

Yet they also give you moments of LOVE that fill them to the brim.

They also give us moments of despair when so much upon this planet is SIMPLY WRONG! You say you are here to assist ... not to save. WE KNOW THAT. Yet surely ... in the desperate state that our world is in ... is NOW not the time when you show us HOW you can assist ... on a more practical, hands on level? Surely the time is NOW?

Let us offer you a little conundrum. What if we were not in communication with you? What if there was no connection between any one human and any one source from elsewhere ... what would you do about the situation on your planet then?

Exactly the same as we are TRYING to do now ... Change that which is NOT RIGHT!


By doing what we can to become one solid foundation of LOVE. There are so many amazing souls, doing their very best ... in many different ways ... and indeed progress has been made. Yet at 'this rate' ... it would be a very long time indeed before more than just a dent ... more than just a footprint in the sand will seem to make any difference at all ... and we need to FEEL and SEE a difference NOW. Our hearts, although BEING OF LIGHT, sometimes find it very hard to shine as brightly as they should under such conditions. SO ... ONCE AGAIN I REITERATE ... WE ARE ASKING YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE ... WE ARE PUTTING OUT AN S.O.S. ... IN LOVE ... TO OUR STAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS ... OUR FAMILY ... WE ASK FROM OUR HEARTS ... FROM THE CORE OF WHO WE ARE ... THAT YOU UNDERSTAND OUR SITUATION AND 'MAKE PLANS' TO ADHERE TO OUR CALL.

We thank you for your interaction. We thank each one of you upon your planet for doing all that you are doing in the name of LOVE.

We desire to assist ... because WE ARE LOVE ... as YOU ARE LOVE and we do not hesitate to send strength in these words. We offer you upliftment to your weary souls. We offer you words that we KNOW will encourage you to carry on. We do not fully accept that we are unable to persist with our assistance through just words, for we KNOW how our words have assisted many in times of downhearted melancholy. So, if it is still of obliging willingness to pursue our quest ... we ask that you continue to 'speak' with us in this way in the future days Blossom?

Of course! Don't get me wrong ... I am not throwing in the towel or spitting the dummy as I did regarding those 'pillars of Light' ... I am just telling you how it is for us down here ... in the hope that some hope can be given ... in order for those of us whose hearts and BEINGS are struggling to once again get back in the saddle and march onwards! I realize this channelling has been mostly 'me' ... I was hoping you may say more ... yet you appear to be a bit gob smacked!

We only desire to be by your sides and assist in any way we can.

Jolly Dee ... So, there you go then ... I have informed you of how you can. I KNOW ... due to ALL THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR US ... you will do your very best to give us that 'BOOSTER' ... that 'I FEEL' we are ALL so very much in need of. How it affects us is our look out ... I think you may be pleasantly surprised. Yes, not all are ready ... but I reckon millions upon millions are.WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE WAYS OF THIS WORLD ... TRULY WE HAVE. So, once again ... I ask ... If you really want to assist us ... whilst awaiting THE EVENT ... LET OUR WORLD KNOW OF YOUR EXISTENCE AND LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE LOVE ... EACH ONE OF US HAS THE CHOICE TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES HOW WE WILL CONTINUE FROM THAT MOMENT ON.

WE LOVE YOU ... WE THANK YOU ... IN LIGHT ... Blossom Goodchild, an Earthling, your friend! xxx

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