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Update on Sheldan Nidle's situation - November 30, 2022


Dear friends,

We are sorry to hear that Sheldan Nidle, whose channelings we always used to publish until they suddenly stopped on October 2, 2018, still isn't doing very well. He is bedridden.

Below you can find a message that Sheldan's wife Colleen sent to our friend Steve Beckow from GoldenAgeOfGaia.com.

If you can find it in your heart to support them in any way possible, for instance through a small donation, I'm sure they would appreciated it very much. Their website is Planetary Activation Organization.

In love and Light,

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com.


Over the past few weeks, I have received many kind letters inquiring about Sheldan’s health. It always warms me to receive a letter from our PAO community. My heart expands, knowing that you keep Sheldan constantly close to your hearts, sending him healing energies and visualizing him robust and healthy again. We both are grateful beyond words that you continue to support our shared mission – reunion with our Galactic families and Earth’s ascension.

An Update On Sheldan’s Health

Despite some cognitive challenges and significant mobility issues – he is bedridden – Sheldan accepts his situation with grace and is, for the most part, content with life. Like most of us, he has strong food preferences and doesn’t always welcome what he is served at his retirement home.

Sheldan prefers mac n’ cheese, Pad Thai, and brownies best of all, and Susan, his sister, makes sure he receives a few decadent lunch treats twice a week. Susan and I look forward to our frequent individual Face Time chats with him. Sheldan always asks how PAO is faring and invariably mentions the med beds. He believes that they will be his ticket to restored and vibrant good health.

The past 5 years, as Sheldan’s health deteriorated, have been traumatic for me. Just as bad has been their effect on our ability to keep PAO on track. So many times I was distracted, lacking the energy and focus PAO required or deserved. As a result, PAO suffered.

Now, with Sheldan comfortably settled in his retirement home and, having myself recovered from the upheavals of the recent past, I feel galvanized, with Miles’s help, to revitalize the PAO.

In the thirty years I spent with Sheldan, I accumulated a vast repository of galactic knowledge, as did Miles. In this present world, more chaotic than ever, torn apart by such immobilizing fear and misinformation, we both feel that there is an even more urgent call for cutting-edge galactic knowledge and awareness across the world.

What Sheldan built so many years ago we are motivated to carry freshly forward, with topical information and activational Webinar guests, into a new age of awakening souls.

PAO is in transition

Setting a new plan into action in times such as these is precarious. As we hang by our fingernails from the edge of the cliff, we ask you for a foothold to help us implement our inspiring and transformational vision.

Please donate what you can spare to keep PAO alive.

Donate here:

Donations to PAO

Peace and Blessings,


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