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Update on Sheldan's recovery


Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Sheldan's recovery has endured many twists and turns with multiple Dew attacks starting back in March of 2011. Just when Sheldan had recovered sufficiently from his back surgery (two years ago) and was successfully writing updates and preparing to present webinars again, he suffered another attack (last November). That's when it took its biggest toll on me, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Because of PAO's community ~ YOU, we have been able to keep PAO going. Miles and I started offering webinars and I continued to send out free newsletters almost daily.

From the fullness of our hearts, we thank you. I've been able to go through hell and come out the other end. As I write that I think it sounds dramatic and yet that is exactly how I feel. I didn't recognize myself for many months. I can confidently say I've recovered and learned many life lessons.

Now for Sheldan. The GOOD NEWS is the Galactic Federation is working more openly with Sheldan as he reconnects many neuropathways in his brain. The GF never left Sheldan (or me), they were only helping Sheldan with his physical journey and would not talk to him about the world. Sheldan was encouraged to do a lot of the healing work for himself. This is how you learn about mastery.

About two months ago, the GF started working more diligently with Sheldan. Every morning now when I walk down the stairs, Sheldan waves at me and exclaims ~ "I REMEMBER EVEN MORE. Amatura and I went over more world history and personal history." It seems to me that they are working in some sort of chronological order with rewiring his brain. That's the best I can explain it.


GLORY BE! About a week ago, the GF told Sheldan it was time to do a "baseline" check on his ability to write an UPDATE! I started crying when he first told me. My Shelly is coming back 100% for sure. He's not there yet, and the GF told him it was a test to give him and them his beginner's baseline. They encouraged him not to get frustrated because it will take some time to be ready to resume his mission.

That's right! I said that Sheldan is beginning to learn how to write UPDATES again. At first he was only able to do the first paragraph then his brain got tired and the second paragraph wasn't very good. Ok. This is your baseline. Like all muscles, you have to work them to get strong.

Sheldan has to relearn how to listen to the GF and type at the same time. (Sheldan has always used only one finger for typing ~ he used to be pretty fast). Sheldan's speed isn't what it used to be and this is one of things that trips him up a bit. When looking for certain letters he loses his concentration. He had to learn how to type all over again. However, that is quickly coming back to him. The GF reminds both of us to be patient and remain positive. Every other day he will sit with them to practice typing while they dictate. Of course, we as mere mortals do get frustrated because we want swift results.

Somedays I wondered if we would ever get back to this point. Even my beloved Supa, (Arcturian Light body specialist) is now helping me in a more direct fashion like she did for so many years. She assures me that she never left. I knew she was there energetically but I could not hear her.

We are asking you, our PAO community, to continue to support us with your loving thoughts, with your healing Light, by attending our webinars, and purchasing our "specials". Continue to see Sheldan strong, vital, perfect and healthy. I don't know when Sheldan actually will be ready to offer free Updates again but I do know that he will sometime in 2020. WOW! My heart expands knowing this Truth. That's a blink away. I know we have all missed Sheldan.

I've been re-activated and maybe you have been also as we read the 8 part series of excerpts from Sheldan's archived updates that Steve Beckow posted on his website ~ GoldenageofGaia. My galactic mission has been revitalized!! Thanks, Steve.

Blessings of Love sent your way,

Update 24 November:

The last update on Sheldan I told you that he was in the process of receiving his new implant. He was remembering more and more that had been erased from his memory from the DEWeapon attacks. We both got so excited. Sheldan's Galactic team warned us it would still take some time. Well, you know how us humans are...now please.

We got excited because Sheldan's Galactic team was working on him and he was making great progress. Then it seemed to slow down. And we were a little sad. His physical and etheric implants take time to integrate with all seven layers of his body. Today they tested the implant again and Sheldan said that he had visuals for the first time. He's always been able to hear his Galactic team and today he experienced, although briefly, visuals along with sound. Shel was ecstatic. They reiterated the process will still take some time and cautioned us not to be impatient. Instead, it is advised that we celebrate every milestone and keep our vibrations UP! Sound familiar?

If things continue as they are we are looking at Galactic updates to resume in the February/March timeframe. We at PAO appreciate your on-going support by attending our webinars, purchasing our specials, your generosity and keeping Sheldan's recovery in your visualizations and prayers. We are blessed with your Love and we are eternally grateful.

Today was a great day for Sheldan and me.

Selamat Ja!

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