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About Sheldan Nidle and Veronica Keen

Dear friends,

Some of you will have noticed that since October of last year, our regular channelers Sheldan Nidle and Veronica Keen seem to have stopped channeling. Of course we have tried to get in contact with them.

From Veronica we got a message back and she explained what's going on, but she'd rather not have us say much about it on our website. But it has to do with her physical condition and the constant attacks from the Cabal that are happening in her personal life. We offered our help, but she says there's not much that we can do.

From Sheldan and his wife Colleen we heard nothing back, unfortunately. We know that he had some physical problems that made him have to go to the hospital. But after that, we haven't received any new information. This message that they put on their website was the last update that we could find. If any of you has some more information, would you be so kind to let us know?

Just like some of you who wrote us, we sure miss both Sheldan's and Veronica's regular messages. Let's hope things will get better for both of them soon, so we can enjoy their channelings again. Sending them positive energy and praying for them would probably be helpful.

In Love and Light,

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com

Update 30 January, 2019:

One of our visitors was so kind to forward us some information about Sheldan that he received from Sheldan's Planetary Activation Organization:


We sent this update out recently before our December Webinar.

An Update on Sheldan's Recovery and the UpdatesMany of you are writing PAO inquiring why there have been no recent updates. Sheldan has provided us regular updates from the Galactic Federation for more than 20 years. Why, you ask, have they stopped? To recap: For just over a year, Sheldan has been recovering from back surgery to help him walk again. He has been doing rehab ever since and now can walk normally again. Unfortunately, the operation triggered the recurrence of a neurological condition caused some time ago by a Dew Weapon.

Sheldan was well on his way to working through those issues when, this past October, he was zapped once again by the DEW weapon. This time, the weapon damaged his Galactic contact implant. Reactivation of this implant requires a neurological upgrade, and this takes time. It must be done slowly, in minute increments, to allow his 3D vibrations to be linked very carefully to the Galactics’ 5D vibrations. Although Sheldan remains in direct contact with the Galactic Federation, the effort required for him to receive updates and Webinars demands tremendous energy. The healing process needed to repair the DEW Weapon damage and allow him to be fully engaged with the Galactic Federation will take time. It may take a while yet before Sheldan is able to provide us with updates.

What can you do to help?

The Galactics would like Lightworkers and starseeds to become more involved in helping them bring about disclosure leading to full consciousness. Each month, Colleen and I are given insights as to the special guests and topics that would be most activational for the PAO’s live monthly Webinars. Our collective energy is vital in setting the stage for abundance, disclosure and landings − all leading to full consciousness. Your attendance at Webinars and timely donations greatly help us to spread the word and expand PAO’s mission."

Update 18 February, 2019:

"In previous messages, we mentioned to you that the DEW attack on Sheldan had made it necessary for him to have an upgrade on his implant. Then, earlier this month, the Galactics were required to further tweak Sheldan's communications implant, which resulted in several temporary health issues. Although the implant enhancements are delicate and must be undertaken in subtle stages, they will enable Sheldan, in time, to fully communicate with the Galactic Federation teams.

The current effect of these upgrades is that Sheldan can only spend a few minutes at a sitting conversing with the Galactics. Because of this, he is still unable to do updates and Webinars.

Bringing Sheldan's neurological vibrational energy to a place that does not overwhelm him will take time. At the moment, we are striving to replace his conventional medications with natural treatments. The alternative remedies that will ultimately heal Sheldan are quite costly and not covered by medical insurance.

Over the months of Sheldan's illness, we at PAO have been consistently overwhelmed by your generosity. We would be most grateful for your continuing support in his cause.

Peace and Blessings,

PAO Team"

Update 22 April, 2019:


"On Wednesday Sheldan and I experienced our first Tachyon Chamber session. When we arrived at our destination, we were greeted by two women. One was Meghan, the Tachyon chamber facilitator and one was a long-time PAO member, Ellen. It just so happened that Ellen was there completing her 6th chamber session. She was hanging out in hopes to meet me and Sheldan. She greeted us with a huge smile and warm hug. She was surprised and happy to see Sheldan walking ~ she thought he was in a wheelchair. (Sheldan does walk without a walker now but he is still unsteady whenever he is in new surroundings.) Then we were introduced to Meghan. She is a warm, considerate and very knowledgeable Starseed. We hit it off immediately.

Sheldan was first. We entered the chamber room. It was completely void of anything but the tachyon chamber which consists of a white board with sacred geometry and a tachyon mattress over it (the sacred geometry looked like it may be Metatron's Cube ~ I'll ask Meghan next week). Then there is a pyramid with crystals. You lay on the mattress and align your second chakra with the apex of the pyramid. You then set your intention, very important, and relax and allow your experience. It will be different for everyone. Sheldan immediately connected with a Pleiadean counselor, E-Lon from one of the seven sisters (Pleiades), Maia. You stay in the chamber for 30 minutes.

Next it was my turn. For me the energy felt like I was being comforted, a spiritual hug. It felt like my body, mind and spirit were being harmonized. That was all for my first session.

We went to dinner and returned to the hotel. We were warned that often people do not sleep the first few times in the chamber. Sheldan and I barely slept all night. I experienced a psychological, heavy emotion (anger) release. My heart was racing and I told Sheldan I felt "possessed" because the angry thoughts I was having and couldn't stop felt foreign. Then that lifted and I felt 10 pounds lighter. I knew I had some anger that needed to be released. After Sheldan was attacked by the DEWeapon again in October 2018, I experienced disillusionment and anger. WHY? WHY? WHY? Of course, I know that asking why doesn't help. I've been working on clearing this anger and have done good work on my own. AND, the chamber released the rest. I truly feel relieved from that" issue in the tissues".

In the morning Sheldan showed me his left hand where his eczema is. Literally it was all dried up and was no longer swollen or red. It still looked cracked but no longer infected. This was amazing. Then I went to wash my face and brush my teeth. Hey Shel, my rosacea is gone too! For the past few months both of my cheeks were red and had clusters of bumps below the surface. I've tried everything to clear it up and nothing has worked. It would start to clear and then return.Yippee! it is gone! I was elated. I am anticipating a total healing.

We returned for our second session in the tachyon chamber. Sheldan went first again. When he was complete he told us he felt stronger emotionally, mentally and physically than he has since his operation about 18 months ago.

My turn. This time I enjoyed a deep meditation and two Pleiadeans came in. Again, I felt completely ensconced in a loving hug. They didn't really converse with me but I felt their Love. During my meditation my body ceased to exist ~ all boundaries of the body gone and I felt one with everything ~ expanded. After my session, my hemorrhoids (which I asked to be healed) seemed to be on fire and I experienced shooting nerve pains for an hour. Then the pain disappeared.

We enjoyed lunch at the Water Front Cafe with Meghan and her husband, Nick. When we returned for our third session, again Sheldan went first. E-Lon came in and told Sheldan he was going to help him shrink his prostate. This made Sheldan very happy because if we can't shrink the prostate, he may have to have an operation and we want to avoid that if at all possible since Sheldan does not do well with anesthesia or doctors for that matter. For the past two nights Sheldan has had vivid, in living color dreams. He told me he starts off in black and white and as he walks in his dream, like in the Wizard of OZ, everything changes to the most unbelievable vibrant colors. He doesn't usually remember his dreams but for the past two nights he is happy to be remembering them.


During my third session, the two Pleiadeans came back and for a short minute conversed with me. They were acknowledging that I am Sirian and very Sirius/Serious! They told me it was time to be more PLEEEAAADIAN and play more...stop being so Sirius/Serious. They thought this was great fun as we all laughed together. They relayed that I need to Lighten up about life on planet Earth. Being an empath my whole life, I've always deeply felt the world. They told me it is not helpful to feel all the pain in the world. Keep your eye on the prize ~ ascension. Continue to raise your vibration so you can manifest your heart's desires. So be it!

Again after the session for one hour I felt intense pain coming from my hemorrhoids. Then the pain dissipated. They are starting to shrink and no longer cause me any discomfort. I was in awe. I am HAPPY!

Sheldan and I drove home in gratitude for the healing we were so fortunate to experience in a mere 24 hour period. Honestly it felt like we were gone longer and so much expansion and healing took place.

The tachyon experience is amazing. When your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies are in harmony magic happens. It is different for everyone and they can't claim if it will heal your personal maladies but when you read the testimonials you understand that it can help many people, however no guarantees, it is an individual's journey.

Sheldan and I will be returning Tuesday/Wednesday for three more sessions. It is recommended that you have a minimum of 6 sessions. After that, due to limited funds, I hope to take Sheldan back but I will have to forgo the treatments (boohoo).

I will write more after our second set of 3 sessions. Keep shining your Lights bright!

Selamat Ja!

Update 6 May, 2019:

After our first 3 tachyon chamber sessions, Sheldan and I returned the following week to Petaluma for our next 3 sessions. The first 3 sessions reaped benefits that we could literally see take place (rosacea and eczema cleared along with my "anger" release regarding Sheldan being the target of a DEWeapon and changing our lives forever).

The second three tachyon chamber sessions were felt more internally. Both Sheldan and I felt a sense of well-being enveloping our bodies, mind and emotions.

Tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they improve our well-being and accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically. We felt our bodies integrating a "higher" vibration but it was very subtle.

Does the healing continue? Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. So far I can report that my nervous system continues to be calmer. Something positive has definitely taken place in my overall health. Sheldan feels the same. We are going back this week for our next 3 tachyon chamber sessions. As I reported before, we are doing everything we can to avoid an operation in June. Keep visualizing Sheldan in perfect health as our Creator intended.

I want to thank the few people who sent donations so that I can partake in the sessions along with Sheldan. It would be a bummer to take Sheldan and not enjoy the time in the chamber as well. My heart overflows with gratitude for the Love you have shown me. ZaZuMa! Sirian for "heartfelt Gratitude".

Selamat Ja!

Note: Here's the website for more information on the Tachyon chambers:


Update 26 May, 2019:

Dear PAO followers:

As we wrote in a recent update, last October Sheldan was once again zapped by a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW). It has taken months for him to heal from the DEW and move forward into a normal daily routine and a fuller re-engagement with the Galactic Federation. Until now, he has been making gradual and significant progress.

However, during his neurological recovery, Sheldan has been struggling with an enlarged benign prostate. For some time, he has required a catheter. To resolve this issue, Sheldan must have surgery in June.

The last time Sheldan had an operation, he emerged from anesthesia with major brain fog. Colleen is very concerned that, if it recurs once he returns home, she will be forced to set aside much of her monthly PAO work to be his 24/7 caregiver. The California medical system, regrettably, does not provide adequate post-op health care assistance.

The relentless routine of caring for Sheldan has gradually taken its toll on Colleen’s health and energy. Sheldan’s upcoming operation and the burden of post-op care he requires will add even more demands to Colleen’s already crushing workload.

How can you help?

By offering some financial assistance by way of donation, so that a part-time professional in-home health caregiver could be hired to give Colleen some relief. This would give her time to carry out her PAO work, as well as necessary household chores and shopping errands, and allow her a bit of personal time to recharge her batteries.

We are very hopeful that, after a few months of post-op healing, Sheldan will be ready to resume his neurological rehab and recovery.

On behalf of Planetary Activation Organization, we send you our wholehearted thanks for your devoted and generous support.

Peace and blessings,

Miles Simons
Webmaster, PAO

Update 2 June, 2019:

Sheldan and I returned home from our 4th set of Tachyon chamber sessions late Thursday night. Today is our third day home and we are still integrating the divine healing energies. Last month when I returned home from the Tachyon sessions I went right to work and did not take the time to integrate. Around the third-fourth day, I was flattened. So I learned my lesson and made sure that this time I took time to integrate.

Many want to know about our experience with the Tachyon chamber. The first sessions we noticed and reported the visible healing that occurred. Each person's experience is different. Sheldan was introduced to a Pleiadean healer, E-Lan. He has been helping Sheldan ever since. During the first two sets of sessions, I was visited (telepathically and energetically ~ I did not physically see them) by three (and four) Pleiadean Light Beings. They worked on my heart, my digestive system and my eyesight. I actually felt them attending to these areas of my body. They gave me some suggestions for healing.

The third and fourth sessions I did not have quite the same impactful visitation and yet the divine, peaceful energy was doing its thing and I was open to receive.

There is more I could share but not right now. I need to honor my third day of integrating. I promised myself three days.

Once again, Sheldan and I want to thank everyone who has sent their support whether it was financial, healing suggestions and/or your Loving, healing energies ~ seeing Sheldan (and me) whole and thriving. And so it is so...

From the fullness of our hearts, we send our gratitude,
Colleen and Sheldan

Update 10 June, 2019:

Sheldan update

Dear PAO Community,

We did what we could with the resources we had to employ as many natural healing supplements, techniques, visualizations, Light infusions, Tachyon chamber sessions, gifted healers, etc to heal Sheldan before time ran out and the alternative is an operation. Sheldan's prostate problem is complicated and in order to avoid further distress to his urinary tract, an operation is in order. As you can imagine, this is not what Sheldan wanted. However, I'm so proud of him. He stayed steadfast in his desire/belief that he could heal himself with the help of so many friends.

Today we talked with Jared Rand. He told us his brother had the same situation and operation as is in Sheldan's future. He assured us that sometimes allopathic medicine is the answer. It was for his brother. Interesting, when we talked with Scott Werner he told us that sometimes "God sends a surgeon". This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Joseph McNamara. So yes, sometimes God sends a surgeon.

We are requesting that you send Sheldan healing energies for the next couple days along with visualizing him sailing through the procedure with ease and grace and that his quick healing/recovery process astounds and baffles the doctors.

We are told this is a "routine" procedure. We anticipate a complete healing. We thank you for your loving service. We know the power of our Galactic community is boundless.

A quick story. About 18 months ago, Sheldan went into the hospital for back surgery. Unfortunately, being an "opiate virgin", Sheldan was severely affected by the anesthesia. After a few days in the hospital, he was still incoherent due to the effects of the medicine. Jared Rand conducted a large scale healing for Sheldan on one of his daily meditation calls. We didn't know that he was doing this healing for Sheldan. Suddenly Sheldan started telling me and Andrea (our dearest friend) that he could see hundreds of faces coming in and they are all praying for me. He continued to bask in the Love that was being showered upon him. His face took on an angelic quality. He was so happy. Andrea and I were thrilled for him. Minutes later we received a phone call from a friend telling us about Jared's healing request for Sheldan ~ 600,000 people sending Sheldan loving healing energies. I will never forget that moment. It was life altering.

Sheldan is scheduled for surgery around 7am Pacific time Tuesday, June 11. We thank you in advance for responding to our healing request. Sheldan and I love you all. ZaZuMa! Heartfelt gratitude. Thank you.

Selamat Ja!

PS While you are wielding your healing Light, send some my way...Thanks. Love, Colleen

Update 14 June, 2019:

Sheldan update

VICTORY! And we could not have succeeded with such success without all of your loving support, visualizations and healing energies. Our Galactic Community rocks!

We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 5:30am. After doing all the preliminary paper work, Shel was taken to the pre-op room. As I turned I saw Dr. Javidan walking toward us. Unexpectedly my heart expanded, I opened my arms and ran to hug him. The look of surprise on his face was priceless and then he hugged me back. I proceeded to tell him that we are ready for the surgery. I reminded him that we are metaphysicians and our community has been praying for Sheldan. Many in our community believe that Sheldan does not require surgery now. So, when you go in, there is a possibility that he will not require surgery or less surgery than expected. He smiled condescendingly. I declared, "We believe in miracles." He started to walk away then he turned back toward me and declared, "I believe in miracles too." Excellent.

Dr. J told me the procedure would take approximately 1 hour and 15 to 30 minutes. He would come talk to me around 10-10:15 am.

My Angel girlfriend, Andrea, came to sit and wait with me. At 9:40 am Dr. J approached. I looked at the clock. He had a big smile on his face and said, "Yes, we finished early. It wasn't as complicated as we originally thought."

YIPPEE!! He took me to a room to tell me about the surgery and what to expect next. He told me that they did not have to "shave" as much of his prostate as originally thought. Also, he didn't bleed nearly as much as anticipated. In fact less than most cases and he thought Sheldan's would be more than average.

I wanted to tell him our "secret" but didn't think it was the appropriate time. Our dear friend, Tazz, told us a story of when Drunvelo had surgery he used a product called Flower of Sunlight. You rub it on the inside of your wrist and it helps harmonize your body. Drunvelo's doctor told him it was amazing that he did not bleed out at all. Aha! Yes, we will use this for Sheldan. And, indeed, we experienced similar results.

Sheldan and I also won over the anesthesiologist. She is Chinese and Sheldan started telling her all about Quan Yin. At first she didn't know what we were talking about but then it clicked and she spent extra time talking to us about Sheldan's past experiences with anesthesia. She truly listened and assured us she will be prudent in the amount of anesthesia she gives him. All worked out well. (This is the part that scared me the most. However, a couple of days before the operation, I realized I was allowing past experiences to cause FEAR so I changed my thoughts/perspective to a more positive outlook and setting it up that we would get the perfect anesthesiologist.)

We know in our hearts that Sheldan's successful operation is attributed to the Tachyon chamber, all the wonderful healing advice/devices and supplements, Sheldan's Love for himself and our Galactic community (YOU).

We were given a narcotic drug for pain. I gave him half of one the first night. Sheldan has not had any pain medicine since. His pain is manageable with meditation. This is how the Sirians help him always. Even after his back surgery and I demanded he be taken off all medication (against their advice), they were amazed that he was not in severe pain...only manageable pain.

Sheldan and I are asking for you to continue with your visualizations ~ Seeing Sheldan strong, vital, perfect and healthy as he recovers from the surgery. Truly, we are so grateful for your loving support. Mere words cannot express our gratitude. ZaZuMa!

More later....Selamat Ja!

Update 4 July, 2019:


Yesterday Sheldan received a beautiful card and message from a long-time PAO member. The heartfelt message brought tears of Love to both me and Sheldan. We have been honored by so many of you during the past months and we want you to know that we appreciate everyone who has supported Sheldan's recovery and who resonates with PAO's mission.

I woke up this morning and Sheldan was at his computer. Inspired by the lovely letter we received, he wrote this thank you to all of you who follow and support PAO and Sheldan's recovery. Strangely, Sheldan's typing has greatly improved since his recent surgery. We won't question it...we will simply welcome it and be grateful.

Forever grateful,


Sheldan update
Welcome friends and fellow Light Workers. This is Sheldan giving you a buzz with a friendly Hello and gratitude for all the support you have shown me and PAO while I recover. Colleen often reads your many letters of praise and gratitude for the role I have played in your lives. This makes me very happy. This has been my mission and I am grateful for your acknowledgement. We are in this together.

My Galactic friends are here also and want to say Hello. I want to bring you some word on where my recovery now stands. It has taken a lot longer than I ever imagined to get as far as I now am. I am finally starting to type better since the DEW attack last October. I wish to sincerely thank all of you for your ever wondrous and most generous on going contributions to my healing. As you know I am not yet back to where I left off nearly a year and a half ago. Whew! What a year it has been for me!

Our Galactic friends tell me that we are getting ever closer to a most welcomed “end of the Trail”. They mean that this 3D reality is coming to a close as we vibrate higher to our 5D reality. Keep your spirits up. Our journey is about to take a quantum leap.

I have future plans for some revised and expanded books and even a return to the weekly updates. What I truly need is a short ride on what my dear Friend, Jared, calls a “Celestial Chamber”. This will leave me fully healed and ready to get back to “work”. At that point, I Intend to upgrade PAO, publish three new books and restart my lectures and videotapes. It feels good writing this to you.

May I end with a simple ZaZuMa! Thank you for your help in expanding my Galactic Mission. Till then it is Galactic Shel signing out and wishing you all much Love and Light.

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