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Father God - The Art of Healing Your Life - Adele Arini - 19 May 2018

My children,

I love you all very much. And now is really the time for all of you to love yourself more. It's time for you to fall in love with life. To love your life. To move forward in this grand adventure that is your life, in ways that will bring you the greatest joy, passion, fulfillment and unlimited abundance. All of this should soon be flowing to you with perfect ease, calm and peace. The time of struggling 'to make a living' or 'to make ends meet' is very much OVER! Now is the time for great abundance to flow into all aspects of your life, and all you have to do is open up and allow yourself to be 'in the flow'.

It is time for you to receive 'the proof' of my love for you. Not that I ever felt the need to prove myself to you in any way, but I know every single one of you here. I had heard every single thought, and every single complaint you had ever had about God and/or about Life.

It is time for you to remember one simple truth. Pre-birth, you had volunteered to come here. In other words, You were the one who: wanted and chose to be here. You had chosen your own life experiences. You had chosen your family and friends; the actors and actresses who will play a minor/major role in your life.

This means, NOTHING ever happened by accident. Everything present in your life, is currently there because of your frequencies (i.e. the sum of all your past and present thoughts, words, feelings and actions). You had orchestrated and consciously, or, unconsciously invited people/created challenges and attracted them into your life: partly because of the vibrations you are/were constantly emitting out into the Universe, and partly because of your own Higher Plan.

Planet Earth is just a big playing field; one gigantic stage, for all of you to 'play' the roles you had chosen to play. Some of you had chosen to play the role of someone born to wealthy parents, or to poor parents. Some of you had chosen to be mentally, physically or emotionally disabled. Some of you had chosen to be a success, or a failure later in life (by your own definition). Some of you had chosen the role of someone battling a serious, life-threatening disease. Some of you are here to help awaken the Human Collective and be anchors of higher-dimensional Light. Some of you had decided to help awaken the Human Collective by choosing to be 'victims' of any one of many terrifying events reported in mainstream news. Some of you are here to play the role of someone living in the Dark, or someone who masterminded those horrible events. Or perhaps you are someone who has simply chosen to stay spiritually-asleep and never intended to awaken in this lifetime; in other words, someone who has zero interest in creating/manifesting 5-D Earth.

No matter which time period on third-dimensional Earth you had chosen to be born in, you will always have the free will to choose what you would like to: do, be, have and experience during your physical adventure here.

Prior to being born on planet, it is as if all souls must choose to don either a white mask or, a black mask, to symbolize the eventual life paths you will be walking later on as an adult - when you are old enough to know better; when you are old enough to be held responsible: for your actions and for everything/everyone that is in your life.

In other words, you can choose to 'play' the role of someone living in the Dark in a mostly 'Light-er' time period, or the role of someone living in the Light, in a mostly 'Dark-er' time period.
For those of you who haven't read Sananda's message through Adele, titled 'Embracing the dark', please read it soon to gain a deeper understanding on souls choosing to play the roles of the Dark, and to be truly cognizant of the higher-dimensional wisdom imparted here today.

In all micro and macro 'dramas' that are constantly playing daily on Planet Earth, (between incarnate souls who have chosen the Light versus those of the Dark) none of these dramas ever happened by accident. Everything was planned and agreed to, by everyone involved in that situation. In other words, no one is ever a victim! You are never a victim of your life circumstances.

These perpetual 'battles' (also known as Duality) that transpire between the Dark and the Light in lower-dimensional civilizations, will only end after these souls return back to Source/God. Back to the Oneness/Unity Consciousness with ALL THAT IS. The frequencies of Earth are rising daily, and soon, only the souls who have chosen to return to the Light/Love that is their True Nature will be able to withstand the increasing intensity of Divine Light on Gaia's planetary body.

In other words, only the souls who have chosen to don a white mask for this current incarnation, can remain on Earth as the planet rises in vibrations and returns to its Light-er, Higher-Dimensional body. All remaining souls who have chosen not to ascend (not to spiritually-awaken) in this lifetime for whatever reason, will eventually choose to leave the planet. Their free will is always supported and respected by all in the company of Heaven. Once transitioned back to spirit, these souls can then continue their physical adventures; playing out lower-dimensional roles/dramas on a different planet that has a matching frequency to that of the old, 3-D Earth.

It is time for all of you to return to the Light, to return to Love. To return back to My loving embrace and be HOME again, one way or another. Home to your Higher-Dimensional Light-er body that is your beginning; your true origin and final destination.

I AM the Alpha and the Omega; the Beginning and the End. You came from Me and you will always return to Me, at the end of every single one of your physical incarnations to whichever planet the Higher You, had decided to go. You came from Oneness/Unity and you will return to Oneness/Unity at the perfect Divine Timing that you will always choose for yourself.

Imagine as if God is the ocean. And if someone were to scoop out the sea-water into a physical container, e.g. a glass/a cup, does that make the water in the container less of the ocean simply because it is now contained within a physical vessel? In much the same way, your magnificent Spirit is a different expression of Myself. There is an infinite number of souls I had created into being, so that I can experience different aspects of Myself through every single one of you, my beloved children.

You had all chosen to inhabit a physical vessel in the form of a human body on planet Earth, so that you can experience, create, play, learn and know yourself, as the powerful, divine, creator Gods/Goddesses that you truly are in Spirit.

"I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME; WE ARE ONE" is not just a cliché statement that you have heard so often. It is a literal and energetic Higher Truth that is the basis; the foundation of all Life. There is nothing that is NOT God. ALL IS GOD and this includes all souls currently playing the role of the Dark.

When you have begun to deeply understand the beauty of Creation, the beauty of Duality, the importance of this third-dimensional spiritual 'School' that you have been attending all your life, then you will know that you have come very far in your spiritual evolution.

If you are among those who can: accept, appreciate and be grateful for everything that is happening on planet Earth right now, both the good and the bad, just as they are, then you are very close to becoming your Higher Self in every way. This is an indication that your spiritual awakening process is close to completion and you will soon be the embodiment of Christ Consciousness wherever you go.

In other words, if:

1) you can look at all that is happening in the world right now through the eyes of Love and always without judgment,

2) you can 'be in the world, but not of it';

3) you can see all the dramas through the eyes of an impartial observer (knowing that everything is currently playing out the way it is supposed to be; because the actors and actresses in those dramas have chosen to be involved and have attracted those circumstances into their own lives. Knowing that only they alone have the power to: change their own lives, or, attract better experiences into their lives).

4) you allow nothing to disturb your peace, your calm, your way of being (every moment of every day);

5) you constantly radiate Unconditional Love and Compassion to all, as you move about your days;

then, you will KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT, that you have arrived at your destination.

You have become Master of Life and a very powerful Creator, that all of you reading this, have set out to be. You have been 'enlightened' and successfully reached a high level of spiritual mastery where you know that ALL IS ALWAYS WELL and ALL IS ALWAYS AS SHOULD BE.

The destination (Nova Gaia/5-D Earth) is actually not the reason why all of you have decided to incarnate en masse into this planet. You have come from many different higher-dimensional civilizations. You have all come from Heaven; from the ABSOLUTE REALITY where all is Love, and all is Unity. The reason why you wanted to be physically incarnate on Earth, right now, is because you wish to experience this exciting transition/change/move from your 3-D Self to your 'new' 5-D Self. From living in a 3-D society to living in a 5-D society. You are all very experienced souls; the 'movers and shakers' in this Universe who are here to participate in the massive, exciting challenges that come from the process of: Ascension and creation/manifestation of Nova Gaia.

You all KNEW what you were signing up for. You all understood how challenging this adventure is going to be, to all levels of your being. You wanted to experience the awakening of your Divine, God-Self, and the tests/trials that come with it. In other words, all of you right now, are truly having the time of your life! Experiencing everything that you had wanted to experience, to get to where you are right now in life.

It is now time for all of you to take back control of the plane that is your life, off of the automatic pilot mode (as Sananda had said in His last message through Adele) and do your best to remain flying in the higher altitudes, UNTIL you have reached your destination, wherever it is that you wish to go.

In other words, please STOP blaming: God, the Universe, your parents, your family, your friends, your spouse, your boss, your job, your physical body, lack of money, the state of the world, the society, the government/their agencies, the 'system', evil, negative entities/negative attachments, your religions, your Higher Self, and many more, for the state of your life right now.

The road to: Life Mastery/Spiritual Enlightenment/Embodying your Higher Self, requires that you admit, acknowledge and recognize that you are where you are in life right now because on some level, you have consciously, or, unconsciously, created and attracted EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE that is in your life.

You are THE ONLY and THE ABSOLUTE authority of your own life, and you are responsible for it in EVERY way.

Imagine as if there are two people, Mr. A and Mr. B who have come from exactly the same kind of backgrounds, growing up. They both had a very challenging childhood. Growing up in an orphanage and not knowing who their biological parents are. They were then both adopted into physically abusive families, and went through a lot of sufferings before they reach adulthood. Now they are both well in their thirties. Mr. A has become a highly educated, highly successful businessman and is happily married with children. Mr. B however has often been in and out of a psychiatric hospital because of a mental illness he has developed. And he hasn't been able to have 'a normal life' or a 'normal job' for many years due to this mental/emotional illness.

What do you think happened here? Do you think things turned out this way because I love Mr. A more and Mr. B a lot less, and thus I may be guilty of playing favoritism to Mr. A who is now so successful in both his personal and work lives?

I tell you now solemnly, I NEVER play favoritism. I do not pick and choose from among my children, whom to love and help, and whom not to love/help. I love all of you EQUALLY, VERY deeply, and Unconditionally, without any exceptions.

At some point in his life, Mr. A had exercised his free will and chosen to refuse to accept the status quo. He had chosen NOT to be defeated by the seemingly-impossible-to-overcome challenges he was facing. In the face of his fear (like I had mentioned in my last message through Adele, titled 'The Art of Letting Go'), Mr. A had chosen 'Option 2'. He had chosen to 'Face Everything And Rise'.

To stop the horrible cycle he went through, in the hands of his abusive adoptive father, he ran away from home and managed to find a safer 'haven' for himself. He followed his inner guidance, and worked hard to financially support himself with many different part-time jobs, all the way through college, until one day, he managed to graduate with honors. After graduating and finding a good job, he then worked very hard in that job and managed to save up enough money to open up his own business, and eventually became the successful businessman that he is right now.

In other words, Mr. A took over control of his plane/life, by NOT continuing to give his power away to others, and by committing to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, until he finally reached his destination/goal of having a successful life.

Mr. B on the other hand, had decided to give up fighting and surrendered to his circumstances. He was unwilling to take the necessary steps to change his life for the better. His spirit was so broken as he had become totally disconnected from his powerful Higher Self. He said he wanted to have a happier life, a more fulfilling life, but he was unwilling to do whatever it takes, to take action to change his life for the better. Mr. B didn't want to do any work to heal his life, and chose instead to accept things as they were. He had well and truly given up on life; given up on the possibility that his life can definitely get better, if only he had the courage, bravery and strength to take action to change, shape or mould his life the way he wanted it to be.

I tell you something else now very solemnly, if you keep doing, or being, the way you had been doing/being all these years, you will keep creating/getting/attracting the same kind of experiences/the same kind of people into your life, that you had been getting thus far.

Something has to first change, before your life can begin to change for the better.
And that something is: YOU!

Turning your life around, from one polar opposite to another, may seem IMPOSSIBLE to do, until it is done! In other words, nothing is ever impossible for you to achieve.
No matter what challenging circumstances you may have right now, in your work or personal lives, you have it in you to beat the odds and come out victorious.

All of you are powerful Creators. You are an expression of Me; you are God/Goddess 'donning' the costume of a human body. You all have the abilities to make the impossible, completely possible! You have it in you to prove everyone wrong by being 'the exception to the rule'. You also have it within you to break ALL POWERFUL third-dimensional limitations and be the powerful God that you truly are.

I will finish this message today by asking you these very important questions:

"How badly do you want to heal your life and change it to be better? How ready are you to participate fully in life? Are you ready to be responsible for your own life and stop blaming others; stop blaming the world, for whatever that is currently wrong in your life? Are you ready to reach the highest level of Life Mastery, and be the powerful Creator/Manifestor that you truly are? Are you ready to embrace your Highest Potential? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach your desired destinations/obtain your desired goals? Are you ready to break your 3-D limitations and escape from all restrictions currently stopping you from manifesting those 'seemingly impossible' goals/dreams? Are you now ready to trust Me/trust in my Love completely, knowing that I know all of your dreams/deepest desires, and I am willing to help you get them all?"

I know all the answers to the above questions for every single one of you reading this message today. I know your readiness and motivational levels to take control of your own destiny. And please realize, no matter how positive or negative your responses are to my questions above, the Universe, or I will support you 100% behind those positive, or, negative answers that you have now given Me.

For your free will is completely respected at all times. I love you all beyond measure.

Father God.

Channeled by: Adele Arini. Copyright 2018.

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