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Sananda - The Truth Will Set You Free (Part 4) - Adele Arini - 7 November 2018

Beloved friends,

It is time for all of you to remember who you are. Remember from whence you came. Remember the reason why you are here, in a time line when Earth and most of her inhabitants are ascending. The process of remembering all of this will serve to help you plot a course to your destination. Not only that, it will also help you to become that which you so deeply desired - to achieve the state of complete oneness with your Divine Christ-Self; oneness with God. Your remembrances will lead you to a place of inner knowing and understanding.

However, those of you who have been following our messages here regularly belong to a group of souls who have long walked past those 3 initial stages of awakening.

In fact, most of you here already knew that you had long ago, arrived at the: 'Becoming' phase, and then continued on to the final leg of this ascension journey towards your ultimate goal. Towards the finish line where you can be your Higher Self 24/7, no matter what is going on around you.

Today I am here to announce to everyone that it is way past time for all of you to finally graduate with flying colors! Recognize dear friends, that you are in fact no longer students - diligently studying, learning and absorbing all the know-hows under the guidance and tutelage of those you had collectively labeled as Ascended Masters, such as myself.

It is time for all of you to look down, behind and around you. Truly open your eyes wide to see and face the truth. Through the law of synchronicity, most of you here (who are energetically aligned with the vibrations of this particular channeled message and thus are right now: reading/listening to this) have actually crossed the Finish Line without even consciously knowing that it has recently occurred!

Congratulations beloved Masters! You have finally reached the Mountaintop, the Summit where your dream of complete union and integration with God/Higher Self has always been located.

I know that there are some of you here shaking your heads, not fully believing this. You find it very challenging to believe that you have truly completed this integration process with Higher Self. If you find yourself belonging to this group, this is my message for you:

"Your belief will act as the gateway, as the key that opens the door for your life to then truly take off from this point onward. Your disbelief, on the other hand, will: delay the manifestation of your goals, make your vibrations to remain so easily influenced by the people/the world around you, and, keep you from accessing the immense powers your Soul has. Knowing this, what will you choose to do now dear friends?"

For the past 2 months, ever since her last channeled message on September 7th, Adele had been steadily guided to reach this deep realization, by all of us here in the higher dimensions who love her dearly. The breakthrough she experienced and shared with all of you in her last message by Father God, was actually her reaching the Summit, the Mountaintop, i.e. the destination she had been longing to go to, in many of her past lives. She and many of you here reading this now, have succeeded!

To her consternation, she has recently realized that for the past 2 months after reaching her destination, all she had been doing was admiring the views. Enjoying the permeating bliss, love, joy and peace that can only be found at the Summit. And believe me when I say that this is actually an integral process of your Ascension journey. It is important that all of you recognize and acknowledge that deep within you, there are infinite amounts of courage, strength, endurance, perseverance and endless bravery that had successfully brought you here!

We have a lot of admiration and respect for you, old souls. You have done what you had originally set out to do, by never giving up.

The 'here' is where most of you are now standing tall today. At the Summit where you now have the freedom: to be with God; to declare your magnificence and act as a powerful Light-Being who is always 'One with God', and not having to feel afraid that you are going to be persecuted by the world for it - which had been the ongoing theme for many of your past-life experiences before.

Back then in those lifetimes, it was often considered blasphemous and dangerous for your physical safety, to believe that, or let alone act as if, the Divine is within you. If you had deviated a little, or a lot, off of the beaten path your religions or the ruling class wanted you to stay on, you would be punished for it. Almost every time you let your Divine Light to shine, many stopped you in your tracks.

However, instead of giving up, you had all continued to incarnate here on Earth again and again; equipped only with sheer will and a powerful belief that one day, everything will change. One day, Earth will once again be the paradise she was first created to be. One day, you can display your Divinity, your Mastery and shine brightly with the light of our Creator, and not get in trouble for it!

Well my friends, that day has now arrived. You are finally here to see and enjoy it.

So please do not feel guilty for taking this much needed time out - all is well. There is no right or wrong here. Rest, and take as little or as much time as you need, to process, integrate and even admire the completed picture of the jigsaw puzzle, or the Master Plan, your Higher Self had created for you all when you first began your physical adventures here on Planet Earth.

The path to get to where Adele is today, had been a long, winding road that was often difficult, exhausting, and sometimes even impossibly challenging in every way. And we are not talking about just her current lifetime, but also all of her past lifetimes combined. In order to play the role she is now currently playing, she needed to first play thousands of different roles and accumulate many soul growth lessons coming from those lifetimes. And that is also the truth for all of you, old souls, reading this today.

The who you are today, is only possible because of THE SUM OF ALL whom you had been in the past.

Once you are done admiring the views; when you are ready to move forward in your ascension journey, your next step is to take the time and look around where you are. Not far behind you, there is a majestic gate that will take you to the 'Promised Land'.

See all your loved ones: members of your spirit team, Higher Self, even Father & Mother God are now standing around the front of this fabled, pearly gates of Heaven. These light beings are part of your welcoming committee! They are here to welcome you HOME. Home to where you are one with your Magnificent Self. Home to where you are one with God and with All That Was/Is/Will Be. Behind this gate, duality and the linear concept of time as you know it, no longer exist. Bad vs. good, light vs. dark, no longer exist. All belong to the faction of Light. Past and future will merge into the eternal moment of NOW.

Your Higher Self soon steps forward and asks you two very important questions as listed below. This Higher aspect of your Self goes to explain that before you can enter this gate, you need to first make a final decision once and for all, to permanently leave behind all of your 3-D belongings. You cannot take with you, anything that is 3-D in nature, past the gate. You must let go of everything that is no longer serving you. For this gate acts as a portal to the higher dimensions, and only souls with the highest spiritual maturity and readiness levels can enter. Only souls who are ready to constantly be the Light and Love that are their True Nature, can move forward and take this final step.

There is no faking it, dear ones. Your Higher Self will instantly know whether you are genuine in your intention when declaring your readiness to permanently throw out all of your 3-D baggage and no longer taking them with you. Ask your Higher Self to transmute all of these into Divine Light, and give thanks for all the lessons; the valuable experiences they had given you - helping you get to where you are today.

When you were still in spiritual sleep (before starting your ascension journey, i.e. before starting the climb) you have all been completely immersed in the 3-D Matrix that was Planet Earth. The third dimension and the fifth dimension of consciousness are two complete polar opposites; energetically they are like two magnets that repel each other instead of attract. And this is the reason why the fourth dimension exists.

4-D is the buffer zone for all ascending souls to stay in, whilst they are learning, practicing, releasing all of their 3-D conditioning; their 'shadow selves' - getting ready for their complete & permanent makeover to 5-D. In other words, the journey up to the Mountaintop, represents your awakened Self who is living in the fourth dimensional state of consciousness. When you are in 4-D, during good days you could be flying high in 5-D, and on your bad days, you could revert back to your 3-D reactions/habits to deal with your challenges.

For thousands of years, humanity had been addicted to too much drama. Various 3-D themes such as: fear, suffering, anger, violence, war, diseases, scarcity/lack/poverty, racial discrimination, greed, different class systems, power over others - you had played these 'songs of sadness' over and over again.

Q1: Are you truly ready to let all of these go?

A lot of people reading this will instantly say "Of course Sananda! YES! Without a doubt! Not sure why you have to ask us this question, again and again, over several different channeled messages. I have been ready quite awhile ago. Didn't you get the memo?"

I am here to tell you dear friends, there is a big gap between 'saying that you are ready' and 'truly being ready'. Letting go of your ego & fear-oriented self, can be the hardest thing you have been asked to do. However, letting go, is the ONLY way you can successfully ascend to 5-D.

The famous song below is very much Divinely-inspired; the lyrics perfectly described the Ascension journey of a Soul who is ready to walk past the gates of heaven, and finally embrace Mastery over Life.

You only need to observe your actions, daily habits, patterns of behaviors, your predominant thoughts/words/vibrations, to get to the bottom of your truth. I know every single one of you here reading/listening to this channeled message. I know your True Readiness Level. Humanity's addiction to dramas are very much evident in your daily news. Perhaps you don't even have to turn on your TV to see proof of this everywhere. Look carefully at the state of your life/work. There maybe people around you who can not stand living in peace. They often loved to create drama and tension, to 'spice up' their lives, or to bring more attention to themselves. A peaceful life is perhaps equivalent to a boring life to them.

Are you one of them, loved one? Do you still indulge in behaviors such as: gossiping about others, complaining about anything (e.g. lack of money, the state of your health) and forgetting how powerful you are, consuming low-vibrational foods/drinks that are not aligned with who you truly are, indulging in addictions of all kinds (that distract you from moving forward), etc.

This is definitely not about us being judgmental my friends. If you wish to continue to do all or some of the above, then by all means, do not let us stop you. Your free will is always respected here. We are simply questioning your dedication and commitment levels to your Ascension goals. If you have said that you are ready, then show it to us! We are once again, simply reminding you, that you must do your best to stay in constant and complete alignment with the frequencies of your Higher Self. Simply stay vigilant of
your thoughts, words, feelings and actions - i.e. your vibrations.

Your Higher Self always looks at this world and humanity with loving eyes full of compassion; always radiates Love, Peace & Harmony, Joy and Abundance. So if ever your thoughts/words/feelings/actions do not represent one of these 5 Divine Frequencies of God, then you know, you must be out of alignment. As soon as you realize that this is happening, take the time to rectify this immediately.

This place of constant Discernment: deciding which is the Truth or, Illusion; deciding to react or not to react; deciding to change course or not to change course - is exactly the path where a Master walks upon. A Master is never reactive to people or worldly events - she is always in control. A Master is always able to see the bigger picture in anything and not let anything affect his equilibrium/vibrations. A Master also knows how to use her powerful tools of Creation wisely and never wastes time in a thought, a word, a feeling, or an action, that does not reflect who she truly is. A master never conforms to the opinion/decision of the world and the people around him, unless he has discerned that it is for everyone's Higher Good to do so.

A Master has access to Higher, multidimensional information coming from the Divine - she has a bird's eye view/perspective to all things that are happening around her, and will utilize such Wisdom for the greater good of all. A Master knows, beyond any doubt, that he is fully responsible for everything that occurs in his life. A Master walks confidently upon uncharted territory (that represents her 5-D life from now on - a path she has never before walked on Earth), and never falters nor feels afraid. The Master (just like in one of the photos displayed above), will simply open a map; activate the 'GPS' that is within her heart, to plot a course to where she wants to go!

Q2: Are you ready, loved one, to reach this level of Mastery?

This is in fact the last question your Higher Self will ask you, before you can walk past the gate. You consciously choosing to walk past the gate, and enter the higher dimensions, is tantamount to you making the following declaration to the Universe, and to all of us here in the higher realms who are always listening/observing.

'I AM DEFINITELY READY, to once again be the powerful Creator that I know I am. Bring it on!'

After making such a powerful declaration, the Universe will obey and respond to your thoughts, words, feelings and actions at a much greater speed from now on. You will soon find that your thoughts and words (both positive/negative) will be manifested in your physical reality faster; often seemingly at the speed of light, through the power of synchronicity.

And then what do you think will happen next (in this meditation exercise that we would highly recommend for you to do - only if you feel as though you have reached the Mountaintop/Summit), as soon as you walk past the pearly gates?

Different people will have different reactions. Those of you who are sensitive to energy, will perhaps be able to feel a sudden, explosive energetic release from within yourself. You will be 'flying high'. Some of you may even experience the often-talked-about spiritual phenomena of your kundalini spontaneously awakening. Others may report feeling intense joy, love, bliss, and complete freedom to finally be who you are. Some of you may even cry a river; releasing all built-up tension coming from the weight of experience, you old souls have, after living on 3-D Earth for eons.

You may be wondering what is next, Sananda? Where should I go, after this? That is up to you dear friends. I would highly recommend for you to walk in the direction that gives you the most amount of JOY. If the thought of doing something, or not doing something gives you joy, then follow that guidance coming from your Higher Self.

After walking past the gate, trust me when I say that you will find it even easier to hear the voice of your Higher Self. Your spiritual abilities will be returned at greater speed, and your intuition gets even more powerful. It is a time of massive changes within yourself and you fully embracing your Mastery may take some getting used to. It is time to acclimatize and flex your higher dimensional muscles; to test your abilities in amazing ways!

Did Harry Potter and his gang of friends become powerful wizards/witches as soon as they entered Hogwarts? No, it took them several years of study before they were able to wield stronger magic like the ones done towards the series' end. There is however one big, major difference between you and Harry Potter.

Your magical powers, i.e. your creation and manifestation abilities has now been fully activated! You do not need to attend classes, over a period of many years, to learn how to wield your Higher-Dimensional Powers! Your Soul, a.k.a your Higher Self has access to all the information you will ever need. Stop living within the powerful illusions of linear time, and instead use your power to 'connect/link' your future with your NOW, so that your goals are manifested faster.

All you have to do, is to have a very powerful intention to always stay deeply connected with your Higher Self, AND believe that you already are your Higher Self right here, right now. And not in some distant future.

In other words, immediately BE your Higher Self and act like it!

Ask your Higher Self to give you reminders, or nudges, whenever your vibration drops, so that the situation can be rectified immediately. All it takes is practice. After doing this continuously for at least 30 days, you will find that staying connected/aligned with Higher Self has become super easy to do! It now comes naturally. You are constantly being made aware of everything that is going on within and without, so can you adjust your frequencies accordingly, depending on what you are facing in life.

When faced with life challenges that can still trigger you, perhaps coming from remnants of old, dense 3-D energies within yourself or from the people around you/the world: it is important that the very first thing you should do is to immediately connect with the Divine Spark located within the higher heart chakra - the gateway to your Higher Self.

After having reconnected with your Higher Self, and successfully put yourself out of the fear, basic survival mode, you then need to ask yourself this very important question. 'Acting as the all-powerful Higher Self that I know I AM, what should I do in this situation that I am currently facing?'

The moment you ask yourself this question, it is as if you are 'unplugging' yourself from the 3-D matrix you have spent many lifetimes in, and then 'repluggging' into the higher dimensional, ultimate reality where your Divine, Higher Self resides. You have freed yourself from the dense matrix of Fear, and entered the arena (i.e. tackle the problem) with a completely different approach; with new set of eyes/new perspectives.

You will now be able to look at the challenge and see it for what it is, minuscule and easy to solve, in the face of your Magnificent, God Self!

You will soon come to the ultimate realization, that not only have you become Master of the Matrix (just like Neo was), but you were/are also the Architect of this Matrix. You have constant access to the higher dimensional operating manual called the 'Matrix Architecture' and as such, you know all the ins and outs on how to beat the system. All the keys, the tricks/techniques, the know-hows on how to manipulate and wield the matrix system to bring about your desired results are readily available for instant downloads, at your convenience! And this is when the fun truly begins dear friends!
I truly hope you are getting as excited as I am over this!

You have been awakened earlier than most of humanity, so that you can then act as beacons of light, way-showers or, lighthouses in an awakening planet still filled with so many dramas. It is crucial for you to do your utmost over the next 2 months, and focus completely on your ascension goals; on achieving Mastery, so that you can get ready for a very important year coming up in 2019.

Light-workers and all members of our Ground Crew, the time has come for all of you to step forward, shine your Light brightly and lead! Humanity will need you. Gaia will need you. And in case you still do not know the best way of being the fifth-dimensional leader the world so desperately needs, the answer is quite simple. You lead by example!

You lead by displaying your Mastery over life.

A Master does not have to say a word; he/she can simply walk into a room, exuding unconditional love, joy and peace, and every single person in that room will immediately begin to feel better after sharing the same time/space with the Master, even if it is just for a short period of time. And this is how powerful you are dear friends. The Rainbow Light Body belonging to that of a Master can radiate for miles in all directions - affecting, influencing, awakening, and raising the vibrations of many souls located in his/her energetic range of influence. You will soon have this ability to awaken and remind ALL of who they are, and what they are capable of, wherever you go.

An ascended planet Earth, that is completely filled with Ascended Masters as its inhabitants, will be a planet of Unity, Peace & Harmony, Joy, Love and Abundance for all. This guaranteed future is not that far away my beloveds. It is so very close that you can almost see, touch, feel or smell it. Your hard-working efforts had truly paid off, and Earth and Humanity will successfully ascend (or, has successfully ascended from our Higher perspective). And it all starts with you, our Ambassadors of Light!

Declare and claim your Mastery right here, right now. And then simply aligns with your naturally loving, powerful and all-knowing, wise Self who can always be found within.

In closing, I would like to address a growing concern among my caring and loving Light-workers present here today. There are some of you here who are becoming quite concerned that your growing 'detachment' over seemingly tragic events such as: natural disasters, or the occasional shootings reported in the news recently happening in the US, the death of people you know, or even loved ones through these catastrophes, is not how a Master should feel/be like. Let me reassure you, my love, that you feeling this way - detached from all the dramas - does not mean that you are turning into beings who are lacking compassion.

On the contrary, the entire Human race is turning into a highly emphatic and telepathic race. You will be able to feel, sense and see much more than you have been able to do thus far. And as such, all of you will be able to feel what the other person is feeling instantly, in the near future. When you are able to deeply empathize with another person in this powerful way, you will then be moved to do your utmost to help this person, in a way that serves the higher good of everyone involved in that situation.

These strong feelings of detachment actually represents your awakened 5-D Self who is observing all that is going on with the world, from within you. Because of that, you have begun to be able to see everything that is happening from the 'Ultimate Truth', Higher-dimensional perspective and NOT the 'Illusionary, 3-D Matrix' perspective.
This is a powerful gift that should have given you plenty of reason to celebrate!

This detachment will be able to give you the breathing space, and the time gap, to be able TO CHOOSE how to react, or, IF you should react to what is currently happening. And that is the very definition of Mastery.

A Master does not react the same way the entire world is still strongly conditioned to react. A Master can easily, and masterfully choose to react with love instead of fear, with compassion instead of anger, with understanding instead of giving in to thoughts of revenge; always choosing peace of mind, body and soul.

A Master is fully aware that what happened had happened because all the souls involved in that situation had chosen to work together and made it happen, for reasons known only to the Master and to those in the higher realms. One of the reasons can perhaps be: to trigger massive spiritual awakenings within the people closely affected from such tragedies. A Master has successfully released all attachments to 3-D dramas, i.e. have fully detached from all 3-D illusions, especially the illusions coming from the biggest drama humanity likes to engage in: the dramas associated with death of the physical body.

Death is the ultimate illusion of all. The moment someone passes away, his/her spirit moves on and starts to journey back Home, towards the waiting arms of Father/Mother God. This moment of return to the Unity consciousness; into the warm embrace of Unconditional Love, is actually a very joyous occasion for the returning, often-tired spirit.

However, when faced with grieving family members, who are feeling deeply the loss of their loved ones, simply hold the space for them to heal dear ones. This is why you are here. To give comfort when and where comfort is needed. Send your healing light and love often, so that the grieving period does not become prolonged or debilitating. Guide them (only when asked for) so that they can soon see past their grief and realize that their loved ones had never fully left them. A part of their Soul always remains with Gaia; with their loved ones even after the death of their physical vessels.

You are able to be this beacon of light, comfort, love and strength, by staying detached and not overwhelmed by the same grief. In other words, your detachment acts like a shield, like a barrier, protecting you from sinking under the depths of the many powerful 3-D illusions out there - giving you the opportunity to be a powerful agent of Love & Light instead.

Never fear the opinion of others, beloved Masters! It is now time for all of you to stand tall in your Mastery; fully embracing your powerful, multi-dimensional Selves and shine your Light brightly. Just like the powerful lighthouses, guiding the ships at sea (the still sleeping/newly-awakened souls) back to land (i.e. home to God and their Higher Selves), along the rocky shores (the many challenges ascension brings to this planet).

Believe in the power of your Light and never again fear the dark. The dark must retreat wherever you are shining your Light so brightly. And that is the ultimate truth that many of you, old souls, have forgotten. Fear not! The Kingdom of God is NOW here on Earth, and blessed be all who are in it.

Sending you all much love & joy,

Your brother in Light,


Channeled by: Adele Arini. Copyright 2018.

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