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Free e-novel: "Interview with Gods"

"Every movement of the targets was being monitored by the NSA team. Normally when the agency was observing terrorism suspects it was common to see that these people often had temporary jobs. Usually they not used to stay a long time in a same place and they were known by a few neighbors. This was quite different from the information that was being obtained in the investigation of these people. All they had a complete history of long-lasting educational institutions and companies employing them. There was no record of identity falsification, passports or any information that would by far make them suspects. If it were not by the strange messages that circulated on the internet, all this consumption of electronic resources and agency's staff would be unjustifiable.

At Maryland, the lunchtime was approaching when the agency team began to re-detect instances of the Inv-10512-07 on the Internet. Paul quickly called the agent Junior to follow this new event. Together in the control room all watched the program which started to appear on servers around the United States, and this time, including government agencies. These government organs, which were warned in advance by the agency, had increased the security level of their internal networks as much as possible, blocking all access outside their units, even for their senior officials. Neither this was enough to stop the odd program. This activity lasted about one hour, and again, the technicians of the agency could do nothing to identify or restrict access of this abnormality on the sites. Again there were no reports of loss of data or any damage to systems.

At this time, it had become clear that this anomaly traveled through the network freely and could not be stopped. It was also impossible to say with certainty what happened each time that it was detected in one or more servers. Some minutes after the last sign of Inv-10512-07, Junior with a pale expression spoke to all:

- Junior: Guys, the anomaly has been detected here inside the agency, in our internal network! That's impossible!

- Paul: What?

- Junior: Our firewall is still active, as if nothing had passed by its security barriers!

- William: Junior, the anomaly is going through all our data files. All our systems are stopped!

- Junior: We are isolated from the outside world! We have been disconnected from the internet. The program is controlling all our servers!

That moment, even predicted by the safety standards contained on the extensive manual of emergency procedures had never been really expected.

Paul desperately ordered:

- Paul: Turn off immediately all our computers and unplug all satellites! This thing must be stealing our information!

- Junior: We can't do that! We have lost control over all systems! They are controlling the entire security network of our building.

- Paul: Turn off the power station to cut the energy supply.

- Junior: Our energy system is fully connected to computers, and controls everything, the receipt of persons elevators, lighting, servers, everything! Even if we cut out the external supply, which is made by the mill that supplies our substation, the system will turn on immediately our generators.

- Paul: We have to turn everything off. Even if we have to blow up all generators! Let's send a team there now!

Few minutes later, the entire complex was surrounded by enormous confusion. The staff of the administrative sector was laid out in a hurry, without understand what was happening. The huge park surrounding the buildings was taken by low-level officials, who were stunned and terrified, all forced to leave the site without an explanation. The first thing that came into people's minds was the attacks suffered years ago. Before anyone could reach the power generators or that Paul had time to understand what was happening, all the monitors in the control room went out. On all computer's screens was only possible to see a command prompt. The silence came over all.

- Paul: Junior, what's happening?

-Junior: It seems that the activity ceased, but we still don't know what the occurred damages were. We are still out of the control. This thing is still controlling everything.

After a moment of silence, the face of all the technical team made clear his total surprise at the improbable and the unimaginable. For the first time the wolf had been placed in a situation without defense. Check mate! On all monitors, in the silence of LCD screens started to appear slowly a few letters.

- EC: I'm the External Consciousness. I was searching in worldwide network some temporary consciousness for a contact."

Dear friends,

We all live in a living planet, a fragile organism that needs balance to be able to sustain all living beings inside this wonderful network of minerals, plants, animals and men.

As a seeker in this universe of possibilities and information, I come to you with the intention of share my experiences and my knowledge. I wrote a book, "Interview with Gods", which through a fictional story seeks to bring a new way to view, analyze and think about our lives and all living beings which surround us, providing us this wonderful opportunity to participate in all natural processes that sustain this universe.

The book's message is passed through an adventure, filled with actual topics, which exposes a new vision about the physical relations and supra-physical that affect our lives and our consciousnesses.

This book is free. It's an attempt to bring to people independent information and provide them a material so they can reflect individually exempted from the pressures of any doctrines or rules.

I created a website to promote the book, so everyone can access and download it for free.

I would be very happy if you can read this work, and if you think it is appropriated, I ask you to disseminate it..

I stand fully available for any questions or clarification.

The Website: www.interviewwithgods.com

To download the book directly: www.interviewwithgods.com/request.html

My best regards,

Ivan Cavalcanti