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Blossom Goodchild also speaks on the 2012 Scenario Conference

Blossom Goodchild
Some of our visitors may not have heard yet that a very interesting conference is coming up next month in Sedona, USA. Some of the regular channelers on our site and some of our lightworker friends will be speaking there. So if you have the opportunity and the financial means to go there, this is one that you wouldn't want to miss, we think.

Blossom Goodchild: Our 12th Speaker for 2012 Scenario Conference SedonaPreparing for Ascension.

Popular channeller Blossom Goodchild will travel all the way from her home in Australia to speak at the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona in Arizona, USA, on October 26, 27, 28, 2012.

Blossom is the 12th and final speaker to join the line-up of insightful international and local Lightworkers – including Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, Linda Dillon, Wes Annac, Sedona’s Genii Townsend and the entire InLight Radio on-air team – who will present at the conference and which, as has also been announced today, will focus on the one key issue we are all currently seeking answers to: ‘Preparing for Ascension‘.

Blossom Goodchild

“We’re delighted Blossom is now joining us all, but if you’re thinking of coming to the conference yourself, you need to be aware that we will sell out very soon – within days, I would say,” says 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona producer Sierra Neblina, whose The Walk-In Network (TWiN) is presenting the event along with InLight Radio and the 2012 Scenario.

“So, if you are planning to join us all in Sedona, you need to get your skates on and get your tickets today. I don’t want anyone who’s intending on coming to miss out, but it’ll be a case of ‘first come, first served’ from here on in.”

The final line-up of 12 speakers for the inaugural 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension is:

  • Mike Quinsey (UK) – channeller of SaLuSa and host of BBS Radio’s Connecting the Light

  • Suzy Ward (USA) – author of The Matthew Books and receiver of Matthew Ward’s messages, as well as God, Hatonn and others

  • Blossom Goodchild (Australia) – Channel for the Galactic Federation of Light and White Cloud and author of the three books, The White Cloud Trilogy

  • Linda Dillon (USA) – Channel for The Council of Love, author of The Great Awakening and channel for Heavenly Blessings and An Hour With An Angel

  • Wes Annac (USA)19-year-old Pleaidian Walk-in, channeller and blogger (www.aquariuschannelings.com and www.wesannac.com)

  • Genii Townsend (USA) Sedona’s most-loved identity, author of several books includingThe City of Light Sedona and Co-Founder of The Sedona Light Center

  • Steve Beckow (Canada) – owner of the 2012 Scenario and co-host of An Hour With An Angel

  • Graham Dewyea (USA) – Founder and Producer, InLight Radio and host of Heavenly Blessings and Our Galactic Family

  • Geoffrey West (Canada) – Anchor Cosmic Vision News and co-host An Hour With An Angel

  • Sierra Neblina (USA) – Co-host Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond and editor of the 2012 Scenario

  • Dave Schmidt (USA) – Co-host Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond, Director of The Hope Chestand editor of the 2012 Scenario

  • Stephen Cook (Australia) – Host of The Light Agenda and News Editor of the 2012 Scenario

Blossom is delighted to be joining the conference line-up after a series of fortuitous and serendipitous events manifested for her.

“Well, it all happened, to be honest, because a gentleman in America, who has been in contact because of my work, sent me the link about the conference from the 2012 Scenario to say that this was going on and had I heard about it, and I just thought: ‘Oooh, this is SO exciting’!” she explains.

“And I made up my mind, there and then, that I was going to go: just to attend it; to be there in that energy with everybody. I had no idea at all how I could afford it or was going to get there. I just didn’t know how that was going to happen, but I decided not to have one doubt about it.”

A week later she had another email from this same generous gentleman.

“Bless him – he regularly very kindly donates to my site, to keep me up and cooking – and he contacted me to say that he would very much like to pay my expenses for me to get there. I nearly fell off my chair!“

An exuberant Blossom immediately emailed a few of her close contacts, including Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, Steve Beckow and myself to say she was coming to Sedona.

As a fellow Aussie, I rang her immediately and then gently suggested she may like to speak and would this gentlemen mind. She shrieked with excitement down the phone.

“It’s like everything I could possibly have wished for, in a sense, is just happening. I’m just over the moon about it. I feel it will be absolutely amazing. The energy there will lift everybody up and into space, perhaps,” she laughs.

And so, by divine grace, Blossom has joined the now-12 speaker line up, which includes her longtime online friends, Mike Quinsey and Suzy Ward.

“Basically, I can’t take the grin off my face. I’m just so excited to be there and to meet everybody, that, as Mike says, we have been in contact with and in support of each other for so long now, and to actually just have a hug with those people! I think I’m going to have my tissue box at the ready, because I think there will be quite a few emotional tears and with the energy of the actual place…oh goodness!”

“And I just think, as Suzy says, ‘we’re gonna rock!’ Well, I think we’re going to be on fire. So, you know, if somebody could bring the water and the air, we’ll be alright,” she laughed.

And what does Blossom, who says she’s hardly travelled anywhere apart from when she moved from England to Australia, know about Sedona?

“Only that the energy of it is supposed to be really high and the little I do know about it, it has a very high level of UFO sightings there, etc, So I mean, that in itself, and with the conference on and us all being there, we are going to need bricks in our shoes to keep us grounded!!

The 12 speakers will each share their knowledge, insights and personal thoughts on “Preparing for Ascension.” Blossom says she will be sharing with conference attendees exactly what the Federation and White Cloud guide her to say.

“And that is to remember who we are and to be love and by being that love and just enjoying life, that’s how we are raising the vibration and raising the planet in order to help it ascend. And that’s what we are all here to do, so really it’s just about us, and I’ll be talking about us having a laugh and having a bit of fun every day!

“And White Cloud could pop down. I mean, who knows what’s going to happen. Maybe he might pop in and say hello to everybody in the audience. We just don’t know.

“I’m just so excited about it, so I think it’s the whole package of meeting everybody and what I’m going to learn as well – I’m always open to learning stuff from all these other teachers there. Yeah, there’s not one thing in particular I can say that I’m looking forward to that. It’s the whole jolly thing!

“Yes, I think the whole trip, will be ‘a trip’!” she squeals again.

The 2012 Scenario Conference SedonaPreparing for Ascension – will be held on October 26, 27 and 28 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Tickets are available exclusively here on the 2012 Scenario website.


Head here: https://the2012scenario.com/conferences/2012-10/the-2012-scenario-conference-sedona/

Or click on the conference ticket button in the right hand column of on the site’s home page and right throughout the site. All enquiries, click the Conference Contact link, also on the ticket purchase page.

Accommodation in Sedona

Poco Diablo Resort is offering a Special Room Rate for conference attendees who quote “The 2012 Scenario Conference” when booking: https://reservations.ihotelier.com/crs/g_reservation.cfm?groupID=841406&hotelID=73864

Other hotels in the Sedona area you may also wish to stay in include:

Kokopelli Suites http://www.kokopellisuites.com/

Kings Ransom http://www.kingsransomsedona.com/ (close to Poco Diablo)

Sky Ranch Lodge http://skyranchlodge-px.trvlclick.com/Sky (at the Sedona Airport. Apparently there is a vortex at this site!)

Can’t Make It But Still Wish to Support the Conference?

Some people have said they are unable to make the Conference but still wish to support the event. You may wish to donate to assist with the travel costs of getting all our speakers from their homes to Sedona, Arizona.

To do so, please click on The Hope Chest donate button and put the words “Sedona Conference” in the additional information. To avoid any Paypal processing charges, you can even do this direct from within your own Paypal account by sending your generous contribution to Hope_Chest_2012@hotmail.com. Make sure you put “Sedona Conference” in there.

We will be acknowledging ALL contributions in the official conference program and here online in the following way:
Earth Family Friend ($1 – $499)
Galactic Family Friend ($500 – $999)
Celestial Family Friend ($1000 plus)

Update September 18: Due to the fast sell-outof the first conference, the organizers have now planned a second conference with the same speakers right after the first one. Details can be found here.

Conference Poster designed by artist and graphic designer, 2012 Scenario editor, Anthony Morrison.

The 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona

Source: The 2012 Scenario

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